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If you’re a fan of Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers then you’re bound to love this band. Indie rock/folk quintet Accents. Blending together a mix of soulful melodies and soaring vocals with impressive instrumentation, this remarkable band have created a diverse set of songs that speak with both honesty and passion.

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Harmonicadave (aka Dave Hunt) is back with his great new album ‘Box Full of Blues’, a collection of Southern blues anthems, cool swamp tunes, and harmonica driven rockers. This 10-track album was produced by Andy Littlewood, and features guest musician spots by Mick Simpson, and The MEP Collective.

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Could there be a less enticing phrase than Snow Patrol side project? At least with Little Matador, guitarist Nathan Connolly doesn’t sound too much like he’s making music that mum can buy dad for his birthday. This debut album’s a half-hearted attempt to sound dangerous, with the Nine Inch Nails-go-folktronica stomp of ‘Gimme All You Got’ and the sleazy guitar grunts of ‘The Night’. ‘Liar Liar’ even recalls Idlewild at their punkiest, but there’s a shallow, souped-up steeliness surrounding each song that stinks of a songwriter trying too hard to seem edgy and failing. ‘Little Matador’ is a ballsy rock record for people who’ve never heard Queens Of The Stone Age.

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