Don Walker – Hully Gully (2013)

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Mixed by Joe Henry in Pasadena, Hully Gully was written by Don and recorded over several years and studio sessions with his band The Suave Fucks featuring Glen Hannah, Roy Payne, Garrett Costigan, Michael Vidale and Hamish Stuart. The first single from Hully Gully is the dream song Young Girls that drifts and drives a pair of new lovers towards a paradise they know lies somewhere North.


O’Hooley and Tidow – The Hum (2014)

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Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow are a remarkable couple, matching exquisite harmony vocals with increasingly original songwriting. This new album is their most experimental to date, with O’Hooley’s fine piano and accordion work (first heard when she played with the Unthanks) now matched against a gently startling array of sounds provided by producer Gerry Diver, who adds everything from fiddle, guitar and percussion to electronics. Their last album was concerned with the fragility of life, but here the themes are more varied, but equally universal. There are thoughtful, inventive songs about industry, migrant workers and war alongside a sturdy tribute to Pussy Riot; an exquisite lament about motherhood and sacrifice; a mystical love story about a fox who becomes a woman, and a haunting treatment of Ruins By the Shore, the Nic Jones song of time and decay. Surely one of the albums of the year.