Dig – Girl Star (2014)

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Bone crushing guitar riffs, original vocals and great songs that have a new and classic feel, make up dig’s new cd (Girlstar). winner of the earnie ball band contest, with hits like burn, bleed and pour, make this cd a special moment in time!!

VA – Uncut ~ Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2003)

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1. Adam Masterson – Same Sad Story
2. Daniel Lanois (With Bono) – Falling At Your Feet
3. Damien Jurado – Texas To Ohio
4. Vic Chesnutt – Stay Inside
5. Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up
6. Kathleen Edwards – 12 Bellevue
7. Matthew Ryan – Happy Hour
8. Jeff Finlin – Sugar Blue
9. Tom Russell – Bus Station
10. Jeff Klein – California
11. Kelly Joe Phelps – Waiting For Marty
12. Mark Eitzel – Western Sky
13. Brendan Benson – What
14. Jesse Malin – Brooklyn
15. Caitlin Cary – Please Don’t Hurry Your Heart
16. Tim Easton – Watching The Lightning
17. Willard Grant Conspiracy – Beyond The Shore

Shelby Lynne – Revelation Road (2011)

Virginia-born Lynne seems unable to settle on a place for her considerable vocal gifts. Since escaping Nashville’s production line a decade back, she’s tried on the roles of Americana songwriter and rock chick and cut a Dusty Springfield tribute. On the self-produced Revelation Road she’s gone minimalist and acoustic, most of its songs documenting the pain of lost love, veering between southern soul (“Even Angels”) and MOR country (“The Thief”). The title track is a rolling, Dylanesque commentary on religious fervour, while the stand-out, “Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road”, addresses an early trauma when her father murdered her mother before killing himself; a courageous, arresting piece.

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