November 21, 2013 - It Rock And Roll

Day: November 21, 2013


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On the title track of Honky Tonk Bastard World, Casey James Prestwood offers imagery straight from the best country-and-Western tradition: The tune is all about gettin’ high, fightin’ with the missus and drinkin’ whiskey on the weekends. The rest of the album maintains that vintage C&W charm. Anchored by top-notch lap steel guitar from John Macy, subtle harmonies from Jeremi Hanson and tight playing from the rest of the sextet, the album will delight fans of ’50s- and ’60s-era country music.

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Howl is their first release with Readymade Records (produced by Brendan Benson).
The Howling Brothers play a variety of styles, all more or less related somehow.  From down right dirty blues, to hard driving fiddle romps, to stompin’ honky tonk while flirting with dixieland.

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