Ollie Vee – Lonesome Girl (2013)


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Ollie Vee emerged out of the wild swamp lands of Southern Ontario a couple years ago and since then they have created a pretty good name for themselves.The band’s sound ranges from rockabilly to country to Americana all with a kool 50’s/retro vibe .

Maggie Reilly – Heaven Sent (2013)

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Celebrated Scottish singer Maggie Reilly will release her new studio album, ‘Heaven Sent’, on 14th October 2013 on Red Berry Records.An eclectic mix of contemporary songs and classic pop, with several nods to her Celtic background, ‘Heaven Sent’ is Maggie’s first album since 2009’s ‘Looking Back, Moving Forward’.

October Gold – Bridge Of The Sun (2013)

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October Gold, an alt-folk duo based out of Montreal, is the latest collaboration of singer/songwriter Kit Soden and his partner in music (and life), violinist Aliza Thibodeau. This marriage of Soden’s folksy roots and Thibodeau’s classical sensibilities has created a unique sound described as “painting your imagination with song.”

The Dead Daises – The Dead Daisies (2013)

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What do you get when you combine Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake), Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), David Lowy (Mink/The Angels), and Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses)? The answer….you get The Dead Daisies.  The Dead Daisies sound is created around the tracks written by Stevens & Lowy which is based on the music they both love – classic late ‘70s early ‘80s hard rock, in that soulful Bad Company meets Foreigner via The Faces kind of vibe – big choruses, powerful melodies, and strong hooks.

Kate Maki – Moonshine (2011)

Moonshine is the fifth record from Kate Maki, substitute teacher and Canadian singer-songwriter. With a long-running desire to record an album in her basement, Maki invited a cast of friends from Cuff The Duke, The Pinecones, Fembots and The Minotaurs to her home to record around one microphone.  Over two snow-filled days during one of the coldest weeks in history, Maki and company recorded Moonshine with a raw, organic sound that can only be made by a group of friends playing around a fireplace. The album’s friendly feel creates a carefree playfulness that causes it to flow freely while remaining focused and maintaining interest. Shaped by drums, upright bass, guitars, pedal steel, piano, organ, accordion and harmonized vocals, it’s Maki’s soft, rustic Gillian Welch-like vocals that stand out. And, like squares on a cozy winter quilt, each instrument, harmony and note on Moonshine are sewn together to produce a delightful piece of homespun art.

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Christy & Emily – Gueen’s Head (2007)

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Brooklyn label the Social Registry deliver the goods yet again with this fantastic and startlingly fully formed debut by Brooklyn duo Christy & Emily. “Gueen’s Head” finds the high harmonies of ’80s stalwarts the Cocteau Twins and Throwing Muses, and the twee primitivism of the Raincoats, mingling with a folk sensibility and a touch of the compositional avant-garde.