The Prog Collective – Epilogue (2013)

PRThe second Prog Collective project holds a series of intrigues for fans of Yes, as still more final recordings from the late Peter Banks surface. Another track features a partial reunion of the Going for the One-era lineup of Yes, with bassist Chris Squire and keyboardist Patrick Moraz. Elsewhere, Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes and Tony Kaye join producer Billy Sherwood, himself a member of the band in the 1990s.
Long time followers still stung over Peter Banks’ sudden death likely would have been thrilled to have heard his contributions to “Tomorrow Becomes Today” without the distractions of a lyric — Sonya Kristina is the featured singer — yet the track still provides a few glimpses of what the late Yes co-founder brought to every project: His guitar floats over the proceedings like a cerulean question mark — only to brilliantly switch gears, as Banks unleashes a torrent of fire-kissed interjections. Larry Fast rounds out this track’s all-star lineup.
Jordan Rudess and Steve Morse share lead duties on the propulsive “Adding Fuel to the Fire,” with a lead vocal by Fee Waybill. “Shining Diamonds,” a moment of fun math-pop, finds Squire and Moraz joining guitarist Steve Stevens and vocalist Alan Parsons. Nik Turner and Downes join Sherwood for “In Our Time.” “Memory Tracks,” another in Sherwood’s examinations of the way technology has transformed our private lives, showcases Roye Albrighton on vocals. “Just Another Day,” which features both Sherwood on vocals and Tony Kaye on Hammond, sounds the most like their on-going collaboration as Circa:, with a smart assist on guitars from Gary Green.

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J.J. Cale – Breezin At The Cafe (2013)


01. After Midnight
02. The Old Man and Me
03. Deep Dark Dungeon
04. Drifter’s Wife
05. Cocaine
06. Call Me The Breeze
07. Money Talks
08. Everything Makes Me Nervous
09. Detail
10. Temptations
11. Crazy Mama
12. 13 Days
13. Hard Times
14. Magnolia
15. Cajun Moon
16. Sensitive Kind
17. Lies

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Elton John – The Diving Board (2013)

ELThe Diving Board is the first studio album from Elton John for seven years, and his 30th in total. The album was written by John and Bernie Taupin and produced in Los Angeles by The Union producer T-Bone Burnett, and is the seciond since 1979 not to include any of his regular band members.

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Katie Melua – Ketevan (2013)

kKatie Melua releases Ketevan, her sixth studio album, ten years after her chart topping debut album Call Off The Search . The album title is Katie’s Georgian birth name. Ketevan see’s her songwriting and working with long term collaborator Mike Batt and two new collaborators, Mike’s son Luke (who has co-produced the album) and Toby Jepson.

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Jack Johnson – From Here to Now to You (2013)

jackWith his sixth studio album From Here To Now To You, the Hawaii-based artist reclaims his role as a maestro of surf Folk-Rock while expanding and strengthening his songwriting craft. Written entirely on acoustic guitar and brough to life with lush yet rustic instrumentation, From Here To Know To You finds Johnson refining his gift for storytelling that’s both refreshingly down-to-earth and enlightening. Recorded in Hawaii at Johnson’s own Mango Tree Studio, From Here To Now To You marks a reunion with Mario Caldato, Jr. (the producer of Johnson’s biggest-selling release, 2005’s In Between Dreams) and Ben Harper (the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who played slide guitar on Johnson’s first-ever single “Flake”).

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Timo Gross – Landmarks (2013)


01. Infected
02. Homesick
03. You Don’t Love Me
04. Walk Through The World With Me
05. Driftin’ Blues
06. I’ll Make Love To You Any Time
07. Word Up
08. I Thank You
09. Be Good
10. Alphabet Street
11. Sweet Baby James

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Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963/2013)

BOB copyIt’s hard to overestimate the importance of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, the record that firmly established Dylan as an unparalleled songwriter, one of considerable skill, imagination, and vision. At the time, folk had been quite popular on college campuses and bohemian circles, making headway onto the pop charts in diluted form, and while there certainly were a number of gifted songwriters, nobody had transcended the scene as Dylan did with this record. There are a couple (very good) covers, with “Corrina Corrina” and “Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance,” but they pale with the originals here. At the time, the social protests received the most attention, and deservedly so, since “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Masters of War,” and “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” weren’t just specific in their targets; they were gracefully executed and even melodic. Although they’ve proven resilient throughout the years, if that’s all Freewheelin’ had to offer, it wouldn’t have had its seismic impact, but this also revealed a songwriter who could turn out whimsy (“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”), gorgeous love songs (“Girl From the North Country”), and cheerfully absurdist humor (“Bob Dylan’s Blues,” “Bob Dylan’s Dream”) with equal skill. This is rich, imaginative music, capturing the sound and spirit of America as much as that of Louis Armstrong, Hank Williams, or Elvis Presley. Dylan, in many ways, recorded music that equaled this, but he never topped it.

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Brothers In Blues – Tailshaker (2013)


01. Waiting For The Devil
02. White Angel
03. Black Sunday
04. Flying V
05. Sabotage
06. Mr. Blind Man
07. Tailshaker
08. Monkey On My Back
09. Get Your Buzz On
10. Blue Bed
11. Cant Get You Back
12. I Dont Care Anymore
13. Mountains To Climb
14. My Car
15. Rain

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