Larry John McNally – Dandelion Soul (2001)

11261This is the Japanese import version of this CD, printed on beautiful paper. The original domestic pressing is sold out. This collection includes the original version of the song “For My Wedding” that was covered by Don Henley on his release, “Inside Job.” Special guests on this CD include The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Leventhal, Warren Haynes & The Uptown Horns.

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Isaac Graham – Glorious Momentum (2013)


01. Focus Shoes
02. How Much
03. Young Backs
04. Nomads
05. H.T.M.M.
06. Karolin
07. Lori Meyers
08. Jindabyne
09. Potential Energy
10. Hearts Convulse
11. Organs
12. The Man Who Stole The Sky

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Andy Cowan – Sparks (2012)

ANDYThis beautiful acoustic collection will deliver a warm resonance to the hearts of many this winter. With the comforting cohesiveness of the instrumentals that carry the heartfelt narrative; this album will be sure to touch the soul of any listener. His raw, candid lyrics open up a chronicle of nostalgic and rapturous moments that have been captured; collectively painting the picture of the man behind the guitar.
The stunning arrangements of the tracks (courtesy of Luke Moore) pays compliment to each of the amazingly talented musicians involved in its compilation. The album even includes the piano played on the platinum, award winning ‘Parachutes’ album by Coldplay.

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The Wild – Dreams Are Maps (2013)


01. There’s a Darkness
02. New Houses
03. Dreams Are Maps
04. New Bedford
05. Riverside
06. Songs by Heart
07. Cut from the Cloth
08. Five Senses
09. Places We’ve Never Been
10. Come Home

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Mat Riviere – Not Even Doom Music (2013)

matMat Riviere is a 28 year-old musician from London, England. On his new album, Not Even Doom Music, Mat produces dark, tense atmospheres punctuated with dynamic percussion and introspective lyrics.


01. Wool00
02. In ~2 Seconds
03. Salathund
04. Greece
05. Nedm
06. The City Is as Cold as You Want It to Be
07. Summons
08. Coal
09. Warned
10. The Garden

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Billy Joe Green & The Inglorious Bluez Blasterz – Swingin’ Tomahawk (2013)

Billy Joe Green is well respected in Canada’s blues community and is a superstar in Manitoba as the original Nish Bluesman! The combination of Aboriginal culture and popular blues music lays down Green’s roots of where he came from and who he is. On Swingin’ Tomahawk, that hasn’t changed though Green takes the boldest production and creative choice of any release he’s made by jumping into the future with an intro-track called Visitor at Neechie Radio Station, NDN-FM.
Here, Billy responses in an electronically altered voice to an Neechie radio interview to let us know Green’s music is qualified for the space age. But the Ninja Turtle like cover art should have been a clue of his bold perspective. This album is the most confident and fun album of Green’s career delivering the culmination of his musical talent on a selection of songs that goes from traditional electric gritty blues, such as the call and answer No Way Home, to some of the most fun country roots on Out In The Country. Blues had a baby and they called it rock n roll and Green clearly isn’t too old to rock as he delivers some classic rock melodies on the songs Great Big World or I Ain’t Always Wrong. Green isn’t all grit and shows his soft side on Rock and Roll Bug.
Throughout it all, Green exercises catchy classic and original guitar licks and goes on to make a statement that he may very well be Hendrix experienced by including a cover to end this album, with the classic Bob Dylan song, All Along the Watchtower. In the music world, a guitar is often referred to as an axe and some may claim a tomahawk is also a type of axe but on this release, clearly Green & his Inglorious Bluez Blasterz are out Swingin’ the Tomahawk to its full potential leaving no prisoners to reclaim that Billy is indeed the godfather of Neechie rock and blues!

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Van Morrison with Georgie Fame & Friends – How Long Has This Been Going On (1995)

VANThroughout his career, Van Morrison has incorporated jazz phrasing and techniques into his singing, so it was only a matter of time before he released a full-fledged jazz record. Recorded with his longtime pianist Georgie Fame, How Long Has This Been Going On is Morrison’s jazz album, and it is a muddled affair. Alternating between standards and reinterpreted originals, the album is too casual to be a pop album and too restrained to be a jazz album. Fame’s charts aren’t particularly original or compelling, but Morrison deserves a fair share of the blame as well — he mistakes jazziness for jazz.

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