Diana Jones – Museum Of Appalachia Recordings (2013)

DSinger-songwriter Diana Jones brings the inspiring sounds of old-time Appalachia music to her new album, recorded at The Museum of Appalachia in Clinton, Tennessee. Featuring 11 original songs recorded live with two musicians and a crackling fireplace in the background, ‘Museum of Appalachia Recordings’, due for release on the 8th July, harkens back to a day when music was played and recorded live, and not adorned with the latest tricks in recording technology.
Accompanied by fellow musicians Matt Combs and Shad Cobb, Diana Jones offers an astonishing set of original material. Widely known for her songwriting expertise (Pony, Henry Russell’s Last Words), Diana Jones’s storytelling reaches new heights as she explores timeless subjects that are as relevant today as they were in the last century. And her singing is that rarest of gifts: a pure and original voice that is unmistakably her own.

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Pity Sex – Feast Of Love (2013)

PIPity Sex’s long-awaited debut full-length album, “Feast Of Love,” has arrived just in time for summer. Following the impressive work on the Dark World EP that some consider as the revival of emo, this midwestern indie band has been on theradar for the past year.
“Feast Of Love” is like the anticipated conversation that follows after an inexplicable mental breakdown. This album calls for no moshing— instead, turn off the lights, sway to the rhythm and lose yourself inthe sound. There is a sense of subtlety— the dismal lyrics are spoken softly behind dominant guitar shredding and pervasive drumming. Every song hits you with emotion, setting the mood in the darkest and brightest of atmospheres. Pity Sex attempts to balance the light with the heavy, and they do it well. And where there is angst, there is also an underlying sensation of passion that should not go unnoticed.

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Don Peris – The Old Century (2013)

DONDon Peris is the long-time guitarist for the innocence mission- a band that he created along with his wife Karen Peris in the late 80s and with whom he has released 10 full-length albums and a handful of EPs.  Don has also released 4 albums on his own, The Old Century being the third issued through the long-time support of Badman Recording Co.’s instrumental label Jemez Mountain.
His latest release, The Old Century, is a tranquil, melodic, heartfelt collection of songs without words, composed for guitar, and beautifully recorded in his home studio in Lancaster, PA.

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Blaine Gillespie Band – Blaine Gillespie Band (2013)


“This was the first time that I got to see Blaine Gillespie. Big Jim Russell had been talking to me about this young man and his talents. Brother, you were not lying or exaggerating! All I have to say about this young man is: watch out, this kid’s gonna go far! There’s a gold mine of talent in this young man. With the proper management and guidance, there’s no telling how high this young man’s stock will rise. You can tell he’s still learning and perfecting his talents and skills, but like I said, he’s a rare quality with massive potential. One of the covers that he did that was really neat was Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”. He definitely did a great job! ”

Mike Cheney – Mike Cheney
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Blueperro – Just People (2013)


1. Looking For The Present
2. Everybody Loves You
3. Taxi Cairo
4. My Mood
5. Just People
6. Keep On Trying
7. Where The People Go
8. Time After Time
9. R2
10. No Worries

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Dixie Desperados – Dixie Desperados (2013)

DIThe 11 song disc from the Dixie Desperadoes features new compositions from the
original band members penned in the same classic style that they have delivered to fans
since 1976. The album was recorded and produced by Stan Lynch (Tom Petty & The
Heartbreakers, Don Henley/Eagles) at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, FL.

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Frally – Apis Mellifera (2013)

frA mix of both confessional reflection and spiritual observation — all rendered with one of the most achingly lovely voices —  Frally Hynes’ exquisite 2010 album The Light prevailed as one of our favorite albums of the year, one that we described as an “inspired masterwork of sensitive, sensual songcraft.” New long-awaited April album, the self-released Apis Mellifera (Latin for “honey bee”), is another rare gem. Working again with multi-instrumentalist/producer Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainwright), Frally again taps into themes of redemption, relationships and renewal, Hill and a superb band adding subtle backing — and an occasional buzz of electricity — to songs that span chamber pop grace (“Peace”), melancholic mood pieces (“Devil”) and tender folk ballads (“Take Your Time”). Tracked live in the studio, “California”is a glorious country-tinged campfire classic, Teddy Thompson adding vocals and sweet harmony to a slow dance of pedal steel and acoustic jangle. DC exclusive stream “By Chance” kicks off the album with the tension of frayed electric guitar riffs sustaining an interesting counterbalance to Frally’s vulnerable vocals and the chiming piano notes in the bridge.

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The Doors – Behind Closed Doors – The Rarities (2013)


1. Moonlight Drive (Version 1)
2. Moonlight Drive (Version 2)
3. Indian Summer (8/19/66 Vocal)
4. People Are Strange (False Starts & Dialogue)
5. Love Me Two Times (Take 3)
6. Albinoni’s Adagio In G Minor
7. Not To Touch the Earth (Dialogue)
8. Not To Touch the Earth (Take 1)
9. Not To Touch the Earth (Take 2)
10. Celebration of the Lizard
11. Who Scared You (Recorded At Elektra Studios, 1969)
12. Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Version #1) [Recorded At Elektra Studios, 1970]
13. Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Version #2)
14. Push Push
15. Touch Me (Dialogue)
16. Touch Me (Take 3)
17. Talking Blues
18. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 1-3)
19. Roadhouse Blues (Take 6)
20. Carol
21. Roadhouse Blues (Take 1)
22. Money Beats Soul
23. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 13-15)
24. Peace Frog (False Starts & Dialogue)
25. The Spy (Version 2)
26. Queen of the Highway (Jazz Version)
27. The Changeling (Alternate Version)
28. Love Her Madly (Alternate Version)
29. Cars Hiss By My Window (Alternate Version)
30. L.A. Woman (Alternate Version)
31. The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) [Alternate Version]
32. Been Down So Long (Alternate Version)
33. Riders On the Storm (Alternate Version)
34. She Smells So Nice
35. Rock Me
36. L.A. Woman (Take 1)
37. Crawling King Snake (Run Through and Studio Chatter)
38. Love Her Madly (Take 1)
39. Changeling (Take 9)
40. The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) [Instrumental]
41. Orange County Suite
42. (You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further
43. Breakn’ a Sweat
44. L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
45. Hello, I Love You (Adam Freeland Fabric Mix)
46. Maggie M’Gill (John Densmore/FredWreck Remix)
47. You Make Me Real (2Manzarek2 Remix)
48. Roadhouse Blues (Crystal Method Remix)
49. Hello To the Cities (Live On the Ed Sullivan Show, 1967 & At Cobo Hall, Detroit, 1970)
50. Hyacinth House (Demo) [Recorded At Robbie Krieger’s Home Studio, 1969]
51. Queen of the Highway (Alternative Version) [Recorded At Elektra Studios, 1969]
52. Hello, I Love You (Demo Recorded At World Pacific Studios, 1965)
53. The Soft Parade, (Live On PBS Television, New York, 1970)
54. The Woman Is a Devil
55. Someday Soon (Live At the Seattle Centre, Seattle, 1970)
56. Roadhouse Blues (Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, 1970)
57. Break On Through (Live At the Isle of Wight Festival, England, 1970)
58. The End (Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, 1970)

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