July 10, 2013 - It Rock And Roll

Day: July 10, 2013


01. Amsterdam
02. Saint Valentine
03. Second Chances
04. Living Proof
05. Time Will Tell
06. O City Lights
07. Astronaut
08. California Open Back
09. The Universe
10. Suitcase Full Of Sparks
11. Honey, It’s Alright
12. All Shades Of Blue
13. She Always Takes It Black

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41 years after releasing his last solo album, and 46 years after Elusive Butterfly briefly made him a star, Bob Lind has unexpectedly returned with a new album.More than four decades after his retreat from the spotlight, Lind’s music sounds at once fresh and familiar the lyrics have the same elliptical, poetic bent as his work of the ’60s, and most of the time they’re just as pleasantly cryptic as you recall, but the melodies and arrangements suggest Lind has been making a real effort to keep up with the times. If the results sometimes sound like an oddball fusion of ’70s soft rock and benign new age meandering, at the very least, you can’t say he’s trying to mimic the folk-rock of his best-known work.

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wHow best to describe the sound of Wille And The Bandits on ‘Breakfree’? Swampy, very, very swampy. The foundation of the band’s groove is the blues but with one hell of a dollop of new age surfer roots mixed in. Yet despite being set firmly on the same beach as Xavier Rudd and John Butler, their penchant for new age whimsy is mercifully lacking.
‘Breakfree’ is the band’s third release and is their most varied album yet. Gone is the naivety of debut ‘Samsara’ and the more immediate bluesy grunt of ‘New Breed’ has been softened somewhat. Yet despite the occasional dreamy quality the album never loses the hard edged, sun baked, saddle sore and weary groove of a band that is constantly on the road.The album has a mix of styles that only the surfer bands seem to be able to get away with, swaying as it does from the new age roots of opener ‘Chillout’, through the reggae/calypso of ‘Power Of A View’ and ‘Blue Skies’ with its nice simple blues picking to the driving roadhouse grunt of ‘Get Up’ and the grungy ‘Plastic Fame’.

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Eight Years ago Sherrie Austin decided to step away from her artist career to focus on being a songwriter. In that time she’s scored cuts on albums from artists you may have heard of before; The Oak Ridge Boys, George Strait, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins and Tim McGraw.  Other singers to record her songs include Tim Rushlow, Danielle Peck, Tammy Cochran, Trick Pony, Karli Whetstone and Ronnie Milsap.With her desire to be out front of the fans once again, Sherrie went to work to record some new music and the results of that labor is this, her first independently released (on her own label) album Circus Girl. The title track has an energizing melody that just screams to be played over and over. Written with Charity Daw and Will Rambeaux, the song’s lyrics tell a story of a “lost boy” and “circus girl,” two people with personalities that are too big for their hometown and how they live in a different ‘world’ than most people. The words are really a metaphor for living your own life to your own beat of your drum and not living for other people.

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mattMatt was born in Conselve 14/03/1983, began playing the guitar for the first time at the age of 15 years in the aftermath of a family bereavement, the loss of his father, which brings Matt to take shelter in music to try to fill the enormous lack created within the family. Wanders by himself for more than five years learning the basics of music and experimenting in the first band formed with friends in those years. In April 2010 the publication of his first EP “Fall and Rising” with his band (MININGTOWN) contains five songs written and arranged by the same Matt, EP that is well received by music critics. Following an intense tour that reaches the maximum data rate of visibility during the ITALIAN TOUR of Neal Casal, reputable American songwriter with 13 albums in assets, excluding collaborations with the Cardinals, where NEAL band juggles the electric guitar. In March of 2011 Matt released his first solo album “Amnesia,” an EP of five acoustic tracks self-produced music that broadens the horizons of the leader of Miningtown into the future and a possible full album all solo. Shortly after the release of “Amnesia” Matt has a way to even compare himself in AUSTIN (Texas) to the largest population of musicians that a city has to offer in a year! Brings his music to the famous SXSW Festival and at last knows what his real homeland music  is. In September 2012 he released his first full lenght solo album “Oktober” wich sees him collaborating with many important musicians: Caitlin Cary, Kevin Salem and Reto Burrell.

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1. Rosanne Cash – Tennessee Flat Top Box
2. George Jones – I Got Stripes
3. Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Morning Coming Down
4. Dailey & Vincent – Daddy Sang Bass
5. Gary Morris – Wind Beneath My Wings
6. Rosanne Cash – Pickin’ Time
7. Rodney Crowell – After All This Time
8. George Jones – Same Old Me
9. Kris Kristofferson – Me And Bobby Mcgee
10. Rosanne Cash – No Memories Hanging ’round
11. Gary Morris – Hallelujah
12. Dailey & Vincent – When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
13. Rosanne Cash – I Still Miss Someone

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MAR…. Few artists can match Marshall Lawrence’s solo Acoustic presentation. A gifted translation of Delta blues expression, played with the tenacity of fidgety bluegrass and a lyrical folk fervor, Blues Intervention should cement Lawrence’s reputation as a neo-Delta visionary….- Living Blues Magazine
“… Marshall belongs to the group of artists such as Taj Mahal, Roy Bookbinder and Corey Harris who just like Marshall knows how to put new life into the old traditional Delta Blues style with an injection of raw energy and boundless enthusiasm … “- Rootstime Magazine

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prPrefab Sprout are of the most under-appreciated pop groups of all-time. Any self-knowing music fan should acknowledge Two Wheels Good, From Langley Park to Memphis, and Jordan: The Comeback as absolutely essential albums, ones containing extraordinarily witty lyrics and lushly infectious chord changes — trademarks of idiosyncratic frontman Paddy McAloon. McAloon has been selective with the band’s releases as of late, averaging an album or two per decade — most recently with 2009′s Lets Change the World with Music.  McAloon’s health issues have led to impaired vision and decreased hearing, which has left some to wonder how ably the talented songwriter can currently create new music.
Regardless of McAloon’s current works, an excellent new Prefab Sprout album surfaced over the past week. The ten brand new tracks were uploaded by an anonymous user back in March, with the album titled as The Devil Came A-Calling. The Prefab Sprout fanbase just recently realized the album’s existence online a few days ago, so they’re still in the process of digesting what many consider to be McAloon’s best work of the decade. The glitzy siren-aided infectiousness of “The Best Jewel Thief in the World” compares to McAloon’s greatest pop epics, while the somber jazz-inspired guitar stylings of “Grief Built the Taj Mahal” show his penchant for metaphorical whimsy and engrossing historical narratives. Overall, The Devil Came A-Calling sounds like one of the year’s best — and probably the best Prefab Sprout album since Jordan: The Comeback.

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