Carsie Blanton – Idiot Heart (2012)

CABefore recording her latest offering, Philadelphia-based Carsie Blanton told producer Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) that she wanted to make a record that married Elvis Costello with the Band. That’s not quite what we have—it’s a more interesting example of contemporary songwriting, more informed by the New Orleans jazz Blanton clearly loves (she dedicated the album to the city as well as to producer Wood) and Wood’s own deft touches as producer, arranger and for the track “Little Death”, co-writer.Idiot Heart’s 12 songs are funny, heartbreaking and evidence of a remarkable talent that’s about to come into full bloom. Witness the fun and freewheeling titular track “Backbone”, which seems tailor-made for a Nashville audiences with its sassy bass lines and unadorned delivery from its author, or the Rickie Lee Jones-meets-Billie Holiday closer “Honest Truth”.A refreshing record from a refreshing talent poised to become a major musical force.

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Krill – Lucky Leaves (2013)

krSome bands this year will release good records, and a very small number will release excellent ones. But Jamaica Plain, Mass.-based trio Krill has accomplished something exceedingly rare by fabricating — in a breathtakingly brief 10 hours of studio time — a whole and quirky sonic universe all its own. A universe that, we imagine, has the same fidelity to perspective and logic as an episode of “Ren & Stimpy.” Indeed, the threesome’s sophomore collection Lucky Leaves boasts 11 clever and patient compositions, but each is a crooked house of cards, each adheres to an off-world gravity tugging steadily on wiry and sparkling guitar lines, rubbery bass and drumming that approximates the collective cadence of a few wind-up toys running concurrently but intermittently. The sum of all this is a rock critic’s dream record, one that boasts a singular world-view from a charming coterie, complete with smart-guy time signatures, syncopation and instrumental interplay, nuance and dynamics, all beholden to a masterful economy. While some bands succeed by doing a few things right, Krill surpasses whatever expectations anyone might have had by doing Everything right.

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David Gogo – Come On Down (2013)

daDavid Gogo has done it again! As one of Canada’s hardest working and most prolific blues virtuosos he has crafted a new album that not only honors traditional blues but also gets you dancing with some good old gritty rock and roll. The aptly titled Come On Down features twelve diverse tunes; six reinvented yet classic covers and six originals inspired by his recent pilgrimage along the ”Blues Trail” in Memphis, Mississippi and Alabama. Gogo has invited some seriously talented friends to join him on these songs. Come On Down takes you to a place where Robert Johnson meets the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac meets Ray Charles.

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Homemade Jamz Blues Band – Mississippi Hill Country (2013)

homeMississippi Hill Country” strongly represents the Hill Country style of Blues that is credited to the kingpins of the genre…. Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside.


1. Buy One Get One Free
2. Red Eye Flight
3. Heartless
4. Times Are Changing
5. Nothing Stays The Same
6. Let You Go
7. Mississippi Hill Country
8. If Home Is Where The Heart Is
9. So Many Tears
10. Ain’t No Sunshine
11. Doing My Thing
12. Hooks
13. Love Doctor (Acoustic)

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Shelley Segal & Adam Levy – Little March (2013)

shSoulful, expressive, intelligent songs from Melbourne-born singer and songwriter Shelley Segal and guitarist-songwriter-singer Adam Levy, guitar player for Norah Jones, Tracey Chapman and Ani Difranco.Presenting the exclusive Sydney appearance by Shelley & Adam, whose eight song  collaboration entitled ‘Little March’ , is an exquisite example of the art of songwriting and singing. Bespoke songs that traverse jazz, folk and blues with tender affection and great artistry.Shelley’s vocals are cut through with a rich, edgy knowingness, Adam’s guitar playing spare, cool and elegant. Then they’ll swap roles, Adam singing one of his own compositions with backing by Shelley. A beautiful symbiotic partnership, hand-made immediacy wrapped in a sophisticated urbanity. Shelley’s voice can be fiercely upfront, as heard on her previous release, ‘An Atheist Album’, and its sheer power is never far from the surface on these new songs. But in keeping the mood tender and restrained for the most part, Shelley and Adam create a sound-world of tension and occasional release that weaves an enthralling spel.

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Flipsong – A Touch of Magic, a Drop of Pop (2013)

flFlipsong is a French band that sings in English (with some exceptions) in a very pop record, so The Beatles.


01. Intro
02. Life in the Arctic
03. Magic Fingers
04. Gone Gone Gone
05. Les Sextoys
06. A Place Called Home
07. Blood Red Leaves
08. Bye Bye Beautiful Baby
09. Nobody Needs Your Songs
10. En Quilibre Instable
11. Waves of Hate
12. Bad Seed
13. The Dust Has Covered the Fingerprints
14. In a Perfect World, I’d Own a Record Shop

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The Greak Theatre – Lost Out At See (2013)

greek theatre

Few records effortlessly ooze a natural embodiment of their influences like the new album from The Greek Theatre. Sounding like an undiscovered early seventies West Coast classic the group envelop Americana bleached with LA psych and Surfs Up Beach Boys.
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Bruce Springsteen – Collection: 1973 – 2012 (2013)


01.- Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
02.- Thunder road
03.- Born to run [04:28]
04.- Badlands (2010 Remastered Version)
05.- The promised land (2010 Remastered Version)
06.- Hungry heart
07.- Atlantic city
08.- Born in the U.S.A.
09.- Dancing in the dark
10.- Brilliant disguise
11.- Human touch
12.- Streets Of Philadelphia
13.- The ghost Of Tom Joad
14.- The rising
15.- Radio nowhere
16.- Working on a dream
17.- We take care of our own
18. – Wrecking ball

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