David Olney – Eye of the Storm (1996)

DAEvery once in a very long while, songwriters come along who become regarded as classic. The rivers of their many influences flow clear and clean through their work, but what comes out is something wholly original. Their songs sound at once timeless and fresh, with shimmers and shades from many influences flowing seamlessly into something new, something free of the fickle stamps of time and style. A perfect hybrid, a new breed unto itself. David Olney is one such writer, a defining if not definitive example of the contemporary folk-based singer-songwriter. For years, he has been a legend among his peers, revered for his keen craftsmanship, vivid emotional color, sweet sense of space and sturdy melodic grace.

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Judee Sill – Judee Sill (1971/ 2005)

juJudee Sill’s debut album (as well as the debut of the Asylum label) heralded a major new talent in the airy, contemporary folk world of the early ’70s. The album employed the production skills of Sill’s ex-husband Bob Harris, as well as ex-Turtle, ex-Leaves Jim Pons, and Graham Nash (on the album’s sole single, “Jesus Was s Crossmaker”). Judee Sill featured all original compositions, many of which relied on Sill’s own brand of cosmological Christian imagery to make their point. By turns spare and lavishly orchestrated, there is still a cohesive feel to all of the album; her lyrics are exceptionally poetic (to the point of being almost flowery) and her voice is smooth enough to bear heavy overdubbing with itself, giving every song a shimmery feel. The essence of the music is folk, the execution pop: the songs feel like a comfort blanket, a statement of hope from a troubled soul.

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Shannon McNally – North America Ghost Music (2011)

shShannon McNally follows up her aesthetic and critical breakthrough, Geronimo, with a live record on Backporch. First off, the title is interesting in how it relates to the set itself. Basically, she’s reliving her own ghosts with five tunes from the aforementioned recording and two from her major-label debut, Jukebox Sparrows. In fact, she opens with a raw, completely supercharged reading of “Bolder Than Paradise,” singing it with a rasp and burning guitars, pulling it out of the past and putting it in front of a crowd as something that has been shape-shifted out from under the production team’s hands. This is the way the song should have always sounded. It’s immediate, lean, wild, and barely contained inside her throat as she all but spits out the lyrics as the band rides high behind her.

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Chris Daniels – Better Days (2012)

CHA new Americana songwriter’s album featuring Sam Bush, Richie Furay, John Magnie, Mollie O’Brien and an amazing group of musicians.
Chris records and travels with a big band. He mixes blues, jazz, western swing and even bluegrass in a Colorado made blender and comes up with his own style of music. A couple years ago he was stricken down with cancer but now he’s back with this new record – it’s titled Better Days.

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Bella Hardy – Battleplan (2013)

beBella Hardy’s new studio album battleplan, the brooding follow-up to the award winning Songs Lost & Stolen.
On battleplan, traditional ballads are re-imagined from a female perspective, and personal experiences are reflected against fairy tales and folklore. Allowing the old and the new to mingle more than on previous albums, Bella has chosen to record some of her favourite traditional songs; songs which would be familiar to many had they not undergone a fair amount of repurposing, amalgamating and, in some cases, entire tune transplants ? as is essential to the folk process. In Hardy’s hands, songs some hundreds of years old could’ve been written yesterday, while those from her own pen have the echoes of history behind them.
Produced by Mattie Foulds (responsible for recordings by Karine Polwart, Alasdair Roberts, Lau and many more), Bella is backed on battleplan by her band The Midnight Watch, featuring the top drawer talents of Mattie himself on drums, Anna Massie on guitar & banjo, Angus Lyon on keys & accordion, and James Lindsay on bass.

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Malcolm Middleton – Sleight of Heart (2008)

B00B0DE9B2Sleight of Heart’, which is the former Arab Strap guitarist’s fourth solo album, is, however, at least in some ways a very different work from ‘A Brighter Beat’. While ‘A Brighter Beat’ toyed with electronica and was a noisy pop record that tipped occasionally into psychobilly, ‘Sleight of Hand’, the sessions for which were recorded at a later time, is a much quieter offering, played largely on acoustic rather than electric guitars, and owing a seeming debt at points to the likes of the Field Mice and Felt.The opening ‘A Week Off’ begins with fluttering guitars, and , then under the auspices of Middleton’s fine recording band, which includes Mogwai’s Barry Burns on piano, the Delgadoes Paul Savage on drums, Arab Strap bassist Stevie Jones, and the Reindeer Section’s Jenny Reeve on backing vocals, is worked up into a stop-starting waltzing jig. It has Middleton lambasting himself as he suffers another dose of writer’s block and an inability to write. “I’ll write a good song/Just give me more time/It’s easy hating yourself/It’s hard making it rhyme”, he sings in his thick Falkirk brogue.

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Dudley Taft – Deep Deep Blue (2013)

B00C31C1C4Dudley Taft has yet again proven his staple in today’s blues rock scene with his upcoming album, Deep Deep Blue. After several projects came and went, Taft formed a band under his own name in 2006. His current album builds on his debut, Left For Dead, with countless hit after hit. Taft’s classic rock approach garners uncanny comparison to past greats. Taft embodies the eclectic bluesy style of a Clapton or Beck, with the edgy vocals of a Billy Gibbons. Deep Deep Blue is one hell of a ride, start to finish.

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Tim Lee 3 – Devil’s Rope (2013)

timAll over the map. Literally and metaphorically, that s the phrase that might best describe Devil’s Rope, the newest release from Tim Lee 3 on Cool Dog Sound. Following in the tradition of their first two full-length recordings 2008 s good2b3 and 2010 s sprawling double-wide Raucous Americanus TL3 traveled to 3 studios in 3 states to capture the 13 songs that comprise Devil’s Rope. That approach was appropriate considering the tunes were written in various locations, from south Georgia to Arizona and New Mexico, from Texas to principal songwriters Tim and Susan Bauer Lee’s east Tennessee home, and points in between. Recorded in Knoxville, Austin, and Tucson, the new record contains the same rock n roll stew that defined previous TL3 releases a heady mixture of power pop, garage rock, psychedelia, punk, blues, Americana, and swamp rock.

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Michael Stanley – The Ride (2013)

micBefore veteran rocker Michael Stanley released The Ride, his eighth album in ten years, he gave the heads-up that this would be a different sounding record. Sure enough, The Ride contains several pleasant surprises but all in all there is one thing that long time fans won’t be surprised to discover…that Stanley has once again created a gem of an album.The Ride isn’t entirely immersed in the blues however. There are a few pop style tracks from more familiar Stanley territory including Michael Stanley“Lucky Again” and “I Can’t Wait.”  And then there is, in my opinion, the best song on the album and quite possibly one of the best songs that Stanley has ever recorded…”To Love Somebody.”  Stanley’s cover of this Bee Gee’s classic is my hands down favorite.  What begins as a stripped down version of the song with just Michael and a guitar, builds into a dramatic piece with powerful backing vocals provided by Don Dixon, resulting in an instant classic cover of…well, a classic.

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Lynn Miles – Downpour (2013)

lLynn Miles is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. With twelve albums to her credit, the winner of multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and a 2003 Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year, she has certainly found her strength over time.
Through a career that has seen her move from Ottawa to Los Angeles and back again, with stops in Nashville and Austin, she has always written music with unbridled feeling and vulnerability. Miles has consistently been unflinching in putting herself out there. Now with her twelfth studio offering Downpour, the voice of her experience has truly elevated her songwriting to its richest depth of emotion.
While her melodies undulate between traditional country and folk roots, on Downpour, it’s her sensitivity to the human heart that pours itself directly into Miles’ music to make it stand out.
Her astute observations of life, its trials and triumphs, are the hallmark of sincerity in her music. The gritty honesty of her music never falters – neither does her unshakeable ability to make even the most melancholy lyrics sound as if they are brimming with hope and grace.
Lynn Miles is a musician in the rarest sense of the word, an unmistakable talent, an eye for both the subtle and sweet that can only be unearthed with experience.

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Rykarda Parasol – Our Hearts First Meet (2006)

B002R76FOEWith vocals both unsettling and sublime, Rykarda Parasol beckons us to share her place overlooking the whistling, barren Texan plains at dusk in her promising debut release. Comparisons to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave are commonplace and inevitable, though Parasol lends a distinctly delicate quality to her weighty, blues-inspired compositions both lyrically and vocally. “Lullaby for Blacktail” and “How Does a Woman Fall?” showcase Parasol’s mastery of combining whisky-tinged masculine vocals with those more distant, soothing and feminine. A highlight is the haunting “Hannah Leah”, which serves as a creepy introduction to the album with swooning instrumentals as accompaniment. Perhaps the clearest example of Parasol’s penchant for the blues, and certainly the sultriest vocals, can be found in the Langston Hughes-inspired “Lonesome Place”, which chugs by as a ghost-train in the desert. If no other song induces chills, this will.

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Andrew Bird – Soldier On (2008)

andThe most remarkable track on the EP is the one that kicks it off, though. “The Trees Were Mistaken” is something new for Bird, and really quite good. It takes the looping technique he’s perfected over the years to a new level, throwing blankets of sound over a programmed beat, with dabs of pizzicato violin and splashes of electric guitar splattered across the surface. Bird joins the layers of texture with his voice, riding the song’s swelling pulse into a thorny den of oscillating violins and eerie whistling. The cover of Dylan’s Oh Sister is way cool .It’s a track that makes this compilation more notable than your average side release-in fact, Soldier On is exceptionally good for a quick collection of rarities, a must-have for fans and a genuine expansion of his range.

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Bad Braids – Supreme Parallel (2013)

badBad Braids (a.k.a. Megan Biscieglia) released her bewitching new full-length album, Supreme Parallel,via Austin-based indie label Haute Magie.


Megan Biscieglia- Guitar, Vocals, Toy Piano
Paul Christian- Guitar, Vocals, Cello, Drum, Singing Bowl
Mike Bruno- Banjo
Cameron Vance- Drum, Percussion
Jesse Sparhawk- Harp
April Heliotis- Vibraphone
April Heliotis- Flute 

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The Dubliners – The Essential Collection (2001)


01 Seven Drunken Nights.
02 The Galway Races.
03 The Irish Navy.
04 I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool.
05 Zoological Gardens.
06 Rising Of The Moon.
07 Whiskey On A Sunday.
08 The Dundee Weaver.
09 Seven Deadly Sins.
10 The Leavin’ Of Liverpool.
11 Maids When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man.
12 Dirty Old Town.
13 Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel).
14 Black Velvet Band.
15 A Pub With No Beer.
16 Peggy Gordon.
17 Net Hauling Song.
18 Nancy Whiskey.
19 Instrumental Medley: Paddy’s Gone To France-Skylark.
20 Tibby Dunbar.
21 Go To Sea No More.

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Cold Satellite – Cavalcade (2013)

coldWhat a complex experience this is, modern poetry set in the back seat of a roaring rock ‘n’ roll muscle car. The effect, as Cavalcade unfolds, is at first very visceral and then deeply illuminating.
Cold Satellite leader Jeffrey Foucault has given over the lyric writing to contemporary poet Lisa Olstein, whose latest collection Little Stranger will see concurrent release on Copper Canyon Press. Yet Cavalcade — due May 21, 2013 from Signature Sounds — couldn’t be further away from the hippie-dippy expectations that follow such high-concept projects.
Instead, Foucault and a lean, tough group that includes Billy Conway (of Morphine) on drums and David Goodrich (of the Chris Smither group) on guitar play with a direct, bloody-knuckled fury. It’s not until the initial two tracks — “Elegy” and “Necessary Monsters” — have blown your hair straight back that Cold Satellite stops for a quick exhalation in the form of the title track and “Careless Flame.” Even there, however, the songs are hardened, countrified ruminations in the style of the Rolling Stones’ Exile period.

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Buffalo Tales – Roadtrip Confessions (2013)


01. Intro
02. Whispering Willow
03. Amsterdam
04. Interlude 1
05. Crazy Heart
06. Puppet Strings
07. Please
08. OH! My Kingdom
09. Interlude 2
10. The Flame
11. Take This Waltz
12. Tricks To Magik
13. Interlude 3
14. In My Time Of Dying
15. Waiting For You
16. Diamonds
17. Blood & Bone

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Doug Balmain – Troubled Mind (2013)

DOUGDoug Balmain is a singer/songwriter from Wyoming who expresses his music through a combination of red dirt country, rock ‘n roll, and blues with his own Americana influences giving him his very own unique sound.This album is a refreshing collection of genuine music. His music covers a wide range from up beat dancing songs to slower lyrical pieces, as well as an acoustic number,a mix with Mumford and Son, Old Crow Medicine Show, Rolling Stones and others and we listen to it through out the day. It is a great album to have and listen to no matter if you’re driving, around the house, or relaxing in the evening.

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US Rails – Heartbreak Superstar (2013)

B00CK3KV40With the release of their third studio LP “Heartbreak Superstar”, the band finds itself a stronger, more bonded collective than ever.

Recommended if You Like:

The Band
Traveling Wilburys

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I See Hawks in L.A. – Mystery Drug (2013)

SEEOn ‘Mystery Drug’ The Hawks explore the hyphen separating Alt. and Country, often lazily described as Americana. Their ability to anchor themselves in traditional musical forms while simultaneously exploring unexpected territories makes them different from the norm.
The L.A. based band make every lyric and nuance count, mainly via Rob Waller’s trad-  country baritone which often disguises perceptive and humorous lyrics to make them sound like a cowboy song. Conversely MOR country songs find new layers of substance and meaning via rich harmonies and delicate instrumentation.

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