James Wallace & The Naked Light – More Strange News From Another Planet (2013)

JAMESAt first glance, More Strange News From Another Star, folk singer-songwriter James Wallace’s debut with band The Naked Light, is an incomprehensible artifact, mainly because it hails from a time that does not exist. Looking at its baffling lyrics and its scope of references, it has one foot set in 1821 and the other in 2118. Even Wallace’s music is a far cry from the earnest campfire reveries we’ve come to associate with the genre of folk music, transparent about its mishmash nature and drawing from psychedelic, surf-rock, jazz and blues with gusto. The record captures a distinct vintage quality channeled from some non-existent music period from decades past, rich with storytelling-folk arrangements.  James has often compared to Paul Simon in vocal range and his use of textured percussion, and the comparison is appropriate as his songwriting showcases a love of African music and Gospel harmonies.

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Indigenous – Vanishing Americans (2013)

indVanishing Americans combines the best elements of past Indigenous CD s, with some rootsy influences from artists like Jr. Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside yet retaining the retro blues rock edge of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Cream. Indigenous songs are powered by lead singer/lead guitarist Mato Nanji who is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive blues rock players/singers on the circuit today.

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John Fogerty – Wrote a Song For Everyone (2013)

johnJohn Fogerty is one of the most respected songwriters in the history of Rock and Roll. On his new album “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” Fogerty produces a masterpiece, drawing from his classic songbook of hits and collaborating with some of the biggest superstars in popular music. Alongside these stellar collaborations, Fogerty has also penned two brand new original songs for the album. 14 songs, 16 special guests, one songwriter, and one amazing album.


01. Fortunate Son (with Foo Fighters)
02. Almost Saturday Night (with Keith Urban)
03. Lodi (with Shane Fogerty and Tyler Fogerty)
04. Mystic Highway (John Fogerty solo)
05. Wrote a Song for Everyone (with Miranda Lambert feat. Tom Morello)
06. Bad Moon Rising (with Zac Brown Band)
07. Long As I Can See the Light (with My Morning Jacket)
08. Born on the Bayou (with Kid Rock)
09. Train of Fools (John Fogerty solo)
10. Someday Never Comes (with Dawes)
11. Who’ll Stop the Rain (with Bob Seger)
12. Hot Rod Heart (with Brad Paisley)
13. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (with Alan Jackson)
14. Proud Mary (with Jennifer Hudson feat. Allen Toussaint and the Rebirth Brass Band)

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Anaïs Mitchell – The Brightness (2007)

anInfused with the restless, worldly perspective of a real troubadour. Over the course of 11 songs, listeners are transported to Bethlehem and the Virginia countryside; they bathe in New Mexico moonlight and hear the world whizzing by from the inside of hobo’s train car. Recorded with producer and long-time collaborator Michael Chorney and Handful of Vermont-based artist, The Brightness in anchored by sparse, unpretentious arrangements, whether it’s the charming backwoods banjo of ‘Shenandoah’ Chorney’s warm lap-steel playing, or Mitchell’s acoustic guitar work, which is almost harp-like in its soft, economical beauty. On the rare occasions when the production gets richer, it’s instantly memorable especially the wave of vocal harmony that washes over the chorus of ‘Your Fonder Heart.

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The Quiet American – Wild Bill Jones (2013)

QHusband and wife duo Aaron and Nicole Keim, collectively known as The Quiet American have come up with a neat concept on their album Wild Bill Jones. While it’s not as well known as similar songs such as Stagger Lee or Long Black Veil Wild Bill Jones is a staple of the old time country songbook telling the tale of Jones being caught in flagrante delecte and shot dead by his lover’s lover. The album takes this song and weaves a back story around it creating an artefact that works on several levels. Taken at face value it’s a superb selection of songs and tunes that showcase the Keim’s virtuosity as they deliver a collection of traditional and self penned numbers along with a few selected covers. With guitar, banjo, ukulele, lap steel, keyboards, percussion and glockenspiel at their disposal (along with assistance on fiddle and harmonica) they conjure up an old time feel that is sepia toned and reeks of authenticity. Delve a little deeper and the storyline emerges, almost a screenplay as they inhabit the protagonists in this fatal love triangle and add an audio backdrop that lends colour and veracity to the story.

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Cowboy Junkies – Miles From Our Home (1998)

CWorking with producer John Leckie on Miles from Our Home has enlivened the Cowboy Junkies’ trademark lackadaisical style somewhat. Replacing the group’s calm, minimalist sound with a polished production, Leckie manages to make the record sound unlike anything else in the band’s catalog. That’s not to say that there’s no trace of the old style — he has simply updated their sound, bringing it in line with adult alternative pop that they played a part in establishing in the late ’80s. If the results aren’t as magical as The Trinity Sessions, they’re far from disappointing. Margo Timmins’ voice remains as enchanting as ever and her brother Michael Timmins’ songs are sturdy.

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