The Wild Feathers – The Wild Feathers (2013)

wThe Wild Feathers are a truly American band: their music takes elements of the best of rock, country, folk and blues music and reshapes it in a way that is both unique and modern.


01. Backwoods Country
02. American
03. I Can Have You
04. Tall Boots
05. The Ceiling
06. Left My Woman
07. I’m Alive
08. Hard Wind
09. If You Don’t Love Me
10. Hard Times
11. Got It Wrong
12. How

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Anais Mitchell – The Song They Sang … When Rome Fell (2002)

anThe Song They Sang… When Rome Fell is the 2002 debut release by Vermont-based American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell. The album was made during the singer’s 6-month stay in Austin, Texas, and was recorded in a single afternoon. It consists of Mitchell playing her acoustic guitar and singing with sparse production.

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The O’s – Thunderdog (2013)

osThunderdog was recorded at the famed Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, just along the Mexican border near El Paso, as well as at The Bubble in Austin — it was produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith. It’s the third album for The O’s, but the first to be recorded away from their former label, Dallas-based Idol Records. According to Pedigo and Young, the split was a natural process. Their arrangement with Idol was to record two albums, and it was just time to get rolling with the vision they had developed for themselves.
“At this point,” Young explains, “John and I have so many years of experience in dealing with this [the music industry], and I think we know most of the things that need to be done for a record label, and we definitely know what’s best for our band. Now it’s up to us. If we want to lose our money putting it behind things we think are good, then we’ll do that and hope it all works out.”

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Willie Nile – American Ride (2013)

willieAcclaimed folk-rocker Willie Nile has returned after three years with a new album, American Ride, due to be released on June 25th through Loud & Proud Records
Nile, who attracted a cult-like following among music fans for his punk-tinged take on Byrds-ian folk-rock with his two early 1980s albums, is releasing the follow-up to 2010′s The Innocent Ones after a successful crowd-sourcing campaign on, through which he received the money to record the album and then some.
Loud & Proud Records President Tom Lipisky described American Ride as “the moment that Willie has been working toward his entire career.” “He enjoyed the admiration of the artist community and the media for many years. American Ride, the song and the album, truly define him and his vision as an artist,” Lipisky said.
American Ride features a number of Nile’s frequent collaborators, including his live band (Matt Hogan, Johnny Pisano, Alex Alexander), The Alarm’s Mike Peters, and singer-songwriters James Maddock and Leslie Mendelson.

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Martin Taylor & Tommy Emmanuel – The Colonel & The Governor (2013)

maTwo virtuoso guitar legends, Australia?s King of fingerstyle, Tommy Emmanuel and UK s Jazz phenomenon Martin Taylor come together to record an album of duets titled The Colonel & The Governor. The concept behind the album originated from a simple idea: find songs that Tommy and Martin love and come up with arrangements that could allow both of them to, as Tommy Emmanuel says, fly their own our kites, and have some fun playing together in the process.

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