Jesse Winchester – Rough Ideas

roughideasfrontRough Ideas is a collection of the original demo versions of a dozen songs. They were recorded in my home studio to be played for producers and artists looking for material. Thanks to a multi-track recorder and my gift for performing adequately on several instruments, I am accompanied by The Band of My Dreams: ten imaginary virtuosi in purple suits who wait quietly while I figure out how the song goes, play and sing all night for free, and whose tastes and habits correspond precisely with my own. When you remember how difficult just one real musician can be, you will see why I love The Band of My Dreams. I re-recorded most of these songs in a Nashville studio for the Sugar Hill CD, Gentleman Of Leisure, this time with The Real Band of My Dreams – Jerry Douglas and his friends. But I still like these rough ideas.
– Jesse Winchester

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John Martyn – Bless the Weather (1971) (Remastered – 2005)


Remastered reissue of the 1971 album features the 10 original tracks plus the 7 bonus tracks.


John Martyn – vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Richard Thompson – guitar
Smiley DeJonnes – percussion
Beverley Martyn – guitar, vocals
Danny Thompson – double bass
Tony Reeves – double bass, bass guitar
Ian Whiteman – keyboards
Roger Powell – drums

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Robert Plant – Greatest Hits [2CD] (2011)


01. Burning Down One Side
02. Moonlight In Samosa
03. Slow Dancer
04. Like I’ve Never Been Gone
05. Other Arms
06. In The Mood
07. Horizontal Departure
08. Big Log
09. Sea Of Love
10. Pink And Black
11. Little By Little
12. Sixes And Sevens
13. Heaven Knows
14. Ship Of Fools
15. Tall Cool One
16. Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes ON You)
17. Liars Dance

01. Calling To You
02. 29 Psalms
03. If I Were A Carpenter
04. Promised Land
05. I Believe
06. Colours Of A Shade
07. Wonderful One
08. Most High
09. Skip’s Song
10. Morning Dew
11. Darkness, Darkness
12. Song To The Siren
13. Shine It All Around
14. Tin Pan Valley
15. Dancing In Heaven
16. Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
17. Angel Dance

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I Am Kloot – Play Moolah Rouge (2008)


1 One Man Brawl
2 Chaperoned
3 Ferris Wheels
4 Hey Little Bird
5 The Runaways
6 Down At the Front
7 Someone Like You
8 Suddenly Strange
9 Only Role In Town
10 At The Sea

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Cyanide Pills – Still Bored (2013)

cyComplete with names seemingly straight out of the pages of Maximumrocknroll, the five-piece rock & roll lineup of Cyanide Pills re-create the sounds of late-’70s U.K. punk in their music. If it sounds like a tried-and-true formula, that’s because it is. But the trick to their success is that they are very good at their craft. Vocalist Phil Privilege delivers catchy Buzzcocks hooks with snotty affliction, sounding hoarse and squeaky but tuneful, while the guitar tag team of Alex Arson and Si Pinkeye have not only named themselves with aliases nearly as cool as Johnny Thunders and Rat Scabies but they beat out barre chords with the same raw, energetic attitude. Drummer Chris Wrist and bassist Alarick “The Trick” never slow from their excitable “one-and-two-and-one-and-two” rhythm, and like their heroes, the Dickies and the Damned, they never wear out their welcome by playing for much longer than three minutes, keeping the songs short and sweet (or if you prefer, quick and nasty). Lovers of the first album will be pleased to find more of the same action-packed, classic-sounding ditties. They may claim to be Still Bored on their sophomore album, but they sound like they had a lot of fun writing and recording this one. Some of the best moments come midway through, when they change up their style slightly and flirt with power pop. Check out the “whoa oh ohs” in “I Let You Down,” the jangling open chords and handclaps of “Outta Nowhere,” and the sweet harmonies of “Formica” for signs of a possible new direction. It only seems logical to trace rock history and move closer to new wave by mirroring the Records and the Plimsouls once you master the art of British punk. Of course, they imitate this style perfectly too.

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