The Baptist Generals – Dog (2000)

baCrafting lo-fi, acoustic indie-rock that draws comparisons to artists like Roky Erikson, the Band, Will Oldham and Howlin’ Wolf, Denton, TX’s the Baptist Generals feature main members singer/guitarist Chris Flemmons and drummer Steven Hill. Originally named the Poor Bastard Sons, the group formed in the late ’90s and mixed folk and country sounds and song structures with an indie-rock attitude. Flemmons was a drummer for eight years before switching to guitar (teaching himself to play on a largely plywood model he bought at a pawnshop) and brings a raw, percussive emphasis to his playing; likewise, Hill’s minimal kit — a snare, floor tom and bass drum — keeps their sound on the simple side. The Generals’ penchant for recording on 4-track adds extra grit and authenticity to their sound, particularly on early releases like the 1998, cassette-only collection In Excretio: The Difficult Years and 2000’s The Dog EP. After adding bassist Jeff Helland, the band signed to Sub Pop upgraded to 8-track to record 2002’s Void Touching Faster Victuals EP and the full-length No Silver, No Gold, which arrived in early 2003 on Sub Pop.

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Emmy Lou And The Rhythm Boys – Bye Bye Baby (2013)


Fantastic ’50s style Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly from a girl with a great voice for rockin’ music.Her band The Rhythm Boys feature a saxophone along with the standard guitar, upright bass and drums.They keep things pretty authentic, but are not afraid to blast it out – which really suits Emmy Lou’s vocal style.A good mix of originals and 1950s cover songs making for a great rockin’ release.
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Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – Tweaker Two (2013)

HIndiana based college-rockers Hypocrite in A Hippy Crypt – still the best named band of the last 10 years – have announced that they’ll be dropping a new Lp, Titled ‘Tweaker Two’. Cousins, a lilting acoustic ballad, launches an assault on tropical paradises and is incongruously bitter considering its melodic charm.

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Ana Egge – 101 Sundays (2000)

ANASaskatchewan-born, Brooklyn-based folk troubadour Ana Egge isn’t your run-of-the-mill alternative-country singer. Using unique production and rock-based chord progressions, Egge has made a name for herself as a Gillian Welch figure with a rocker attitude, which once prompted Lucinda Williams to call her “the Nina Simone of folk.”

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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Wild Child (2013)

TYIntroduced to the world in rock photography documentary Rock Prophecies, Honey Grove, Tex.-bred blues guitarist Tyler Bryant has been turning heads with his impeccable skills for the better part of five years. In concert, Bryant is a scorcher of an axe man and, at 21, he puts men thrice his age with entire careers under their belts to shame. Wild Child, Bryant’s proper studio debut with his band The Shakedown, offers 12 cuts of blues-rock that easily explain why he got the seal of approval from the likes of Jeff Beck and B.B. King. Produced by Kevin Shirley, Wild Child is beefy with a coating of southern BBQ crunch. Bryant may not be the most original songwriter, and his ideas are a bit all over the place (Cold Heart sounds like a re-up of CCR’s Proud Mary), but he plays like the real deal.

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Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde (1966, MFSL 2013)

BThe story of Blonde on Blonde is almost as compelling as the music within. Dylan, frustrated with how initial attempts fared in New York, relocating to Tennessee and pairing with Nashville’s top session players as well as members of what would become the Band, feverishly chasing perfectionism while also arriving at an on-the-fly feel that remains a reference point for recorded music. The Bard sweated over lyrics, demanded his band get the exact sounds he heard in his head, and limited most takes to a handful at most. A majority of songs were recorded long after midnight, the post-A.M. vibe reflected in the nocturnal aura, woozy optimism, inversion of intervals, and spiritual soulfulness of the playing.

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John Grant – Strongroom EP (2013)

jThe run of this years’ surprise releases continues apace with the unveiling of the Strongroom EP, an accompaniment to John Grant’s outstanding album Pale Green Ghosts (Bella Union). The EP is a collection of super stripped back vocal/piano versions of tracks from the album and listening to the songs represented this way showcases Grant’s unique blend of honesty and delicate bleakness.


01. It Doesn’t Matter To Him
02. Vietnam
03. Glacier
04. You Don’t Have To

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VA – Heart Of Texas Duets (2012)


01 Pop A Top – Johnny Bush & Jim Ed Brown
02 Odds And Ends – Curtis Potter & Justin Trevino
03 Lily Dale – Darrell McCall & Willie Nelson
04 Don’t Call Me From A Honky Tonk – Tony Booth & Amber Digby
05 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Joe Paul Nichols & Norma Jean
06 Gold Watch And Chain – Justin Trevino & Jan Howard
07 You And Me Time – Georgette Jones & George Jones
08 Mr. Right And Mrs. Wrong – Landon Dodd & Amber Digby
09 I Think We’re On To Something Good – Bobby G Rice & Dottsy
10 What My Thoughts Do – Kim Murray & Tony Booth
11 Ashes Of Love – Norma Jean & Wanda Jackson
12 Slippin’ Around – Floyd Tillman & Dolly Parton
13 Put Me In Your Pocket – Frankie Miller & Mona McCall
14 The Rio Grande Runs Red – Johnny Bush & Johnny Rodriguez
15 Somewhere South Of San Antone – George Hamilton IV & Tony Booth
16 I Miss My Mind The Most – Joe Paul Nichols & Curtis Potter
17 Big Blue Diamonds – Rance Norton & Justin Trevino
18 Run Woman Run – Amber Digby & Georgette Jones
19 Pictures Can’t Talk Back – Darrell McCall & Johnny Paycheck
20 We Talk About The Weather – Justin Trevino & Dottsy

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