Directorsound – I Hunt Alone (2013)

diDirectorsound is the recording and performance alias of Nicholas Palmer, last seen in a Second Language context as a member of The A. Lords, as a key multi-instrumentalist protagonist on Mark Fry’s I Lived in Trees opus (and a major constituent of Mark’s stellar live band).
I Hunt Alone is the first Directorsound longplayer on 2L (Nick has previously recorded for Domino/Geographic and Tona Serenad). It was recorded over an intense period during the summer of 2011 as an attempt to produce “a cohesive, narrative-driven folk horror symphony”; the sounds and tone of the album inspired by a holiday in Transylvania the previous year. Unused to being abroad without a suitcase full of instruments, Nick instead captured the sounds of the locality to later feed off and incorporate into the album. Thus, field recordings of a rattling train journey across the plains into the heart of Transylvania and the bells of several church towers in the walled citadel of Sighisoara, birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, find their way into the music.
Recorded in the marginally less Gothic environs of Nick’s native Dorset (and partly in Mark Fry’s rural Normandy home), the album title refers not only to the folk-horror theme but also reflects upon the sense of aloneness Nick felt as a ‘one-man-band’ touring musician “on the road with my suitcase of accordion and bells. This is where the album was born.”
I Hunt Alone features an all acoustic instrument line up, including guitar, piano, accordion, harmonium, clarinet, trumpet, recorders, bouzouki, balalaika, banjo, ukulele, autoharp, bass, belldalabra, percussion/drums and a vast collection of bells collected from around the world. Guest musicians include Chris Cole of Third Eye Foundation, Matt Elliott’s ensemble and Many Fingers, and Ian Holford of the Nectarine no.9 and The Sexual Objects.

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The Wiyos – Twist (2012)

WThe Wiyos made it the hard way. Named after a 19th-century New York Irish street gang, they started out in Brooklyn nine years ago, and developed their slick, rhythmic and unpredictable style as they travelled across the States. They spent time in New Orleans and busked on the streets when they couldn’t get gigs. Now, after a personal invitation from Bob Dylan to join him on tour, they look set to become celebrities of the Americana scene. Based very loosely on The Wizard of Oz, their new album is their most adventurous to date, a collage of ragtime, vaudeville, blues and jazz, with a dash of close-harmony vocals, scat, twanging surf-guitar work and tuneful pop balladry added in. This is (mostly) old-time music played with contagious enthusiasm and given a contemporary twist, with most of the songs switching between different styles. Mary mixes stomping harmonica-backed blues with a scat workout, Penny Arcade matches quirky balladry with a brassy New Orleans stomp, and the theatrical Mama is an accordion-backed psych-folk horror tale that shows off their fine harmony vocals. They are touring here next month and should be worth checking out.

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Opal – Early Recordings Vol. II (1990)

opalearlyvol2They were never released on any official Opal project. The sound quality is less than perfect, having been taken from various tape sources, but this set contains some great tracks, songs like “Sailing Boats”. Also Kendra’s take on the Leonard Cohen song “Sisters of Mercy” is a must-hear.


My Canyon Memory
Sisters of Mercy
Sailing Boats
Lisa’s Funeral
This Town
Freight Train
Little Bit of Rain
What You’ve Done
Cherry Jam
Indian Summer

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Luke Winslow-King – The Coming Tide (2013)

Cover frontBloodshot Records is very excited to announce the signing of New Orleans-based artist Luke Winslow-King. Luke initially caught our ear with his unique style, emerging from the ashes of Delta blues, New Orleans traditional jazz, ragtime, and pre-war American folksong. After being transfixed watching Luke and singer/washboard player Esther Rose perform gorgeous duets at a noisy college bar in Chicago we were straight up hooked. His amalgam of sounds is full of culture and texture, and respectively Winslow-King’s knowledge of music history and attention to detail are nearly as captivating as his impeccable song compositions, guitar technique, and warm voice.


Luke Winslow-King – vocals, guitars, organ
Esther Rose – vocals, washboard
Cassidy Holden – bass
Ben Polcer – piano, trumpet
Rich Levinson – drums
Rick Trolsen – trombone
Chris Johnson – alto sax
Bruce brackman – tenor sax
Tom Saunders – bass sax
Earl Scioneaux III – organ

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Billy Joe Shaver – Greatest Hits (2007)

bKnown as the ‘outlaw Poet Laureate’, Billy Joe Shaver has had his songs covered by an impressive list of performers including Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson, to name a few. Throughout his career, Shaver has release 15 albums. His latest, The Real Deal, garnered some of his highest critical praise to date including appearances on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air,’ DBS’s ’60 Minutes,’ ‘Imus in the Morning’. Greatest Hits features `Try and Try Again,’ Shaver’s fervent reminder about the power of persistence and the previously unreleased ‘Melody,’ which was produced by roots music producing legend R.S. Field. A best of collection of Shaver’s songs wouldn’t be complete without his biographical roadhouse romp, ‘Georgia on a Fast Train,’ and his message of redemption, ‘Old Chunk of Coal.’ Greatest Hits is a perfect primer for new Billy Joe Shaver fans and a must have for lifeline devotees.

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Dave Mason – Alone Together -1970 (Japan Remaster Edition – 2006)

DAVEAlone Together was the debut solo album by former Traffic member Dave Mason.


Dave Mason – guitar, vocals
Michael De Temple – guitar
Delaney Bramlett – guitar, backing vocals
Eric Clapton – guitar (last solo on “Look At You, Look At Me”)
Leon Russell – piano
Don Preston, John Simon – keyboards
Carl Radle, Chris Ethridge, Larry Knechtel – bass
Jim Capaldi, Jim Gordon, John Barbata, Jim Keltner – drums
Bob Norwood, Bonnie Bramlett, Claudia Lennear, Jack Storti, Lou Cooper, Mike Coolidge, Rita Coolidge – backing vocals

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