Jimmy Rosenberg feat. Bireli Lagrene & Angelo Debarre – “The Alternative…” (2013)

jimmyJimmy Rosenberg : guitar
Angelo Debarre : guitar
Birli Lagrne : guitar
Svein Aarbostad : contrabass


01. Blue Bossa
02. Groovin’ High
03. Blues For Ike
04. Coquette
05. Embraceable You
06. Troublant Bolero
07. Donna Lee
08. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
09. Wasso’s Waltz
10. Limehouse Blues
11. September Song
12. It Don’t Mean A Thing
13. All Of Me

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Skye Wallace – This Is How We Go (2013)

SKY“Skye Wallace, a prodigiously talented multi-instrumentalist, makes a charmingly experimental brand of, what can best be described as, folk Canadiana. Just as this great country is vast, so too is Skye’s sound. Her enchanting voice is complimented by an array of instruments, some of which are highly unusual. Her music will make a worthy addition to any record collection.”
– Vincent Jones

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BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet – From Bamako to Carencro (2013)

beauFor their first studio release in four years, and the 25th in their 37-year career, BeauSoleil teamed up with Nashville-based roots music label Compass Records. The band named the new album From Bamako to Carencro, a title which alludes to the cultural and migratory connection between Bamako, in Mali, West Africa, and Louisiana (symbolized in name by the Lafayette, Louisiana suburb of Carencro), a connection that draws a sonic bloodline back to BeauSoleil’s roots.

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Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) – The Low Highway (2013)

STEThe 15th album from the Americana/Alt-Country singer/songwriter, the highly anticipated follow up to 2011’s Grammy Award nominated album I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive. The Low Highway features his live band and was co-produced by Earle and Ray Kennedy (whose production partnership known as the “Twangtrust” was behind Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels On A Gravel Road). Between the opening title track and the reflective closing of “Remember Me,” The Low Highway is very much Steve Earle’s road record, and one that has seen many miles. The Low Highway features “Love’s Gonna Blow My Way” and “After Mardi Gras,” two songs Earle co-wrote with Lucia Micarelli, his co-star in David Simon’s original HBO Series Treme. Earle played a recurring character, Harley, a street musician who mentored Micarelli’s character Annie during the first two seasons. The songs were written specifically for the series and an additional song written by Earle for Treme, “That All You Got?” was performed by Micarelli’s character with the Red Stick Ramblers during the third season premiere.

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Sophie Zelmani – 3 Original Album Classics (2011)


CD1: Time to Kill 1999

1. My
2. Losing You
3. Nostalgia
4. Time To Kill
5. Why
6. Happier Man
7. Dreamer
8. On Your Way
9. I Don’t Know
10. Gone So Long
11. Fire

CD2: Love Affair 2003

1. September Tears
2. Maja’s Song
3. To Know You
4. Memories
5. Truth
6. Keep It to Yourself
7. Grand as Loving
8. Dream Gets Clear
9. Fade
10. Hard to Know
11. Your Way
12. Stay with My Heart
13. Lost in Love

CD3: Memory Loves You 2007

1. Wait for Cry
2. Memory Loves You
3. Broken Sunny Day
4 . I Got Yours
5. Sorrow
6. How Different
7. Love on My Mind
8. Travelling
9. Now You Know
10. Shades

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Wild Leaves – Wind & Rain (2013)

wThe hazy, washed out Americana of Wild Leaves was one of our favourite discoveries of 2012 with their demo release of Sister. Now they have a debut EP coming out on the 26th March titled Wind And Rain, and the lead track from it is To Be Free. It builds on all the promise that Sister showed, and simply put, it is absolutely brilliant. If you have Low Anthem or Phosphorescent records in your collection, you will find much to love here we promise you.

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Dallas Moore – Blessed Be The Bad Ones (2013)

DAThe Dallas Moore Band has once again recorded a great album. Their mix of Outlaw Country music, southern rock, and classic country, is medicine, to this old outlaw’s aching ears! With the “cookie cutter” pop country music, that comes out of Nashville, these days, it is so refreshing to listen to this new CD. These boys have shared the stage with some of any favorite musicians, including – Willie Nelson, Shooter Jennings, David Allan Coe, Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, and many more.

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Jesse Winchester – Talk Memphis (1981)

JESSEHaving rushed to make Nothing but a Breeze and A Touch on the Rainy Side and getting his two least impressive albums for his trouble, Jesse Winchester spent two and a half years woodshedding before returning to the record racks with Talk Memphis. For the album, he returned to his hometown and worked with producer Willie Mitchell, best known for his Al Green records. It wasn’t as unlikely a matching as might be imagined; Winchester had always had a soulful, flexible voice as ready as Green’s to take off into the upper registers to express emotion. And Memphis-style R&B had always been an element, along with country, folk, pop, and gospel, in Winchester’s sound. On his early albums, his lighthearted style had been in the service of an embattled vision, but gradually that darkness gave way, to the point that he began to seem lightweight. Talk Memphis put his effervescence and musicality to good use, resulting in his first Top 40 hit, the catchy “Say What,” and the rest of the album was just as easy on the ears, with the title track providing a suitably gritty Memphis-soul sendoff. But that wasn’t enough to break the album beyond the bottom rungs of the charts, and after seven albums in 11 years, Winchester left the world of major-label record-making.

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Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards – Blindspot (2013)

 DANRecorded between stints of touring with I Am Kloot and Phosphorescent, and scoring his first feature film, ‘Blindspot’ is a subtle reflection on what is left in the peripheries; the title ‘Blindspot’ referring to the unknown and what we didn’t account for, even though it is only just out of sight and understanding.
Though ‘Blindspot’ retains much of the sparse and bareboned intimacy of its predecessor, there are moments here when songs swell to bursting point with Cellos and French Horns, almost celebrating victory , before recoiling to expose Michaelson’s voice again.

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Alan Jackson – Precious Memories Volume II (2013)


01. Amazing Grace
02. He Lives
03. Just As I Am
04. Love Lifted Me
05. O How I Love Jesus
06. Only Trust Him
07. There Is Power In The Blood
08. Precious Memories
09. Sweet Hour Of Prayer
10. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
11. Wherever He Leads I’ll Go 4:06

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Bob Manning & The Honky Tonk Roadshow – All Night Radio (2013)

bAn even mix of that hardcore, steel guitar heavy, Texas dancehall music & the electric twang of the Bakersfield Sound describes this album pretty well… but it’s the lyrically rich, Traditional Country ballads that will turn you into an instant fan.

The  record  that  really  woke  the  rest   of  the  world  up  to  Bob  Manning  and   The  Honky  Tonk  Roadshow  was  “Just   What  I  Wanted”  a  couple  of  years  ago.   With  hypnotic  walking  basslines,   heaps  of  steel  guitar,  late-­night  blues-­ inspired  guitar  licks,  a  cinematic   quality,  and  a  laidback  sound,  as   well  as  a  lived-­in  gruffness  to  his   vocals,  Bob Manning  has  taken  all  his influences and distilled them into an instantly recognizable & unmistakable   sound  of  his  own.
Duncan Warwick (Editor of Country Music People Magazine) 

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The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Damn Right Honey! (2013)

Cover‘Damn Right Honey’ features two distinctive guest singers joining them for duets. Rockabillynstalwart Paul Ansell, the chosen vocalist of Scotty Moore, contributes to the single ‘Flying High, Moaning Low’. And Sparky Phillips returns to duet with Emanuela on ‘Northern Crown’. For the first time they’ve engaged a brass section, and are also aided and abetted by BJ Cole and Geraint Watkins amongst others. The album is again produced by Greg Townson of US bands The Hi-Risers and Los Straightjackets, and was recorded at Goldtop Studio in Tooting, South London.

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Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon (2013)

THThom Chacon has garnered a worldwide fan base with his poignant blend of Americana and rock. This dark cowboy is a natural storyteller. The twelve songs on his new album traverse themes of gritty redemption and hard times, over a lush backdrop of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Bob Dylan’s rhythm section (Tony Garnier, George Recile).

‘…I was instantly transported to a lowly barroom in southwest Colorado listening to the heart and soul of one of the most promising songwriters of our time…I detected the influence of Bob Dylan, but then my ear picked up on influences like John Prine and Steve Earle’ – Joe Mack, Currentland

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Rodriquez – Cold Fact (1969)

rodThere was a mini-genre of singer/songwriters in the late ’60s and early ’70s that has never gotten a name. They were folky but not exactly folk-rock and certainly not laid-back; sometimes pissed off but not full of rage; alienated but not incoherent; psychedelic-tinged but not that weird; not averse to using orchestration in some cases but not that elaborately produced. And they sold very few records, eluding to a large degree even rediscovery by collectors. Jeff Monn, Paul Martin, John Braheny, and Billy Joe Becoat were some of them, and Sixto Rodriguez was another on his 1970 LP, Cold Fact. Imagine an above-average Dylanesque street busker managing to record an album with fairly full and imaginative arrangements, and you’re somewhat close to the atmosphere. Rodriguez projected the image of the aloof, alienated folk-rock songwriter, his songs jammed with gentle, stream-of-consciousness, indirect putdowns of straight society and its tensions. Likewise, he had his problems with romance, simultaneously putting down (again gently) women for their hang-ups and intimating that he could get along without them anyway (“I wonder how many times you had sex, and I wonder do you know who’ll be next” he chides in the lilting “I Wonder”). At the same time, the songs were catchy and concise, with dabs of inventive backup: a dancing string section here, odd electronic yelps there, tinkling steel drums elsewhere. It’s an album whose lyrics are evocative yet hard to get a handle on even after repeated listenings, with song titles like “Hate Street Dialogue,” “Inner City Blues” (not the Marvin Gaye tune), and “Crucify Your Mind” representative of his eccentric, slightly troubled mindset. As it goes with folk-rock-psych singer/songwriters possessing captivating non sequitur turns of the phrase, he’s just behind Arthur Lee and Skip Spence, but still worth your consideration.

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Holly Renee Allen – Red Dirt Soul (2012)

hLucinda Williams meets Janis Joplin–Holly Renee Allen is a fiery, country/blues siren. And she smokes and smolders through her new album, Red Dirt Soul. Sounding like a southern fried Susan Tedeschi, Holly moves effortlessly between country, blues and gospel like Bonnie Raitt in her prime.”
Family Reunion Country
“She’s a natural! Raw edge with a southern soul. She can turn a phrase with the best of them.”
Johnny Sanlin
“Charlottesville gal, Holly Renee Allen is kicking it good with her new Red Dirt Soul CD. A soulful blend of flavors from the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Bonnie Raitt–Yes, Holly Renee Allen’s got soul, and plenty of it!”
Greg Tutwiler, Americana Rhythm

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VA – The Unbroken Circle – The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family (2004)


1. Worried Man Blues – George Jones
2. No Depression In Heaven – Sheryl Crow
3. On The Sea Of Galilee – Emmylou Harris with the Peasall Sisters
4. Engine One-Forty-Three – Johnny Cash
5. Never Let The Devil Get The Upper Hand Of You – Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives
6. Little Moses – Joe and Janette Carter
7. Black Jack David – Norman and Nancy Blake with Tim O’Brien
8. Bear Creek Blues – John Prine
9. You Are My Flower – Willie Nelson
10. Single Girl, Married Girl – Shawn Colvin with Earl and Randy Scruggs
11. Will My Mother Know Me There? – The Whites with Ricky Skaggs
12. The Winding Stream – Rosanne Cash
13. Rambling Boy – The Del McCoury Band
14. Hold Fast To The Right – June Carter Cash
15. Gold Watch & Chain – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Kris Kristofferson

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Brad Dunn Band – Gravy (2013)

FrontThe Brad Dunn Band was formed in Austin, Texas in 2009. Since the band’s demo, Evidently, was released in 2010, they have been invited to open for Reckless Kelly, Micky and the Motorcars, Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Tracy Lawrence to name a few.”Gravy” is the second release from this Texas powerhouse. This release features some of the best players in Texas and includes the track “Barstool” which features Texas Legend Cory Morrow on vocals. David Grissom, John Carroll, Brendon Anthony, Clayton Corn, Jeff Moore and Carol Ann Moore also add their talents to this project.

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Jeremy Porter & The Tucos – Partner in Crime (2013)

JERA rowdy blend of catchy bar-rock, old-school power-pop and whiskey-soaked alt-country/Americana with influences ranging from Hüsker Dü and Cheap Trick to Uncle Tupelo and Gram Parsons -there’s no shortage of hooks and energy while keeping some twang and heartache in there as well. Jeremy Porter & The Tucos are a Detroit band playing original Rock And Roll. They love their power-pop but they re influenced by Gram Parsons, Uncle Tupelo and Waylon Jennings as much as Cheap Trick, The Replacements and X. It makes for an interesting, hooky blend of energy, melody, distortion and twang.

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