Tim McGraw – Tim McGraw & Friends (2013)

TIMTim McGraw has a long history of recording with his Nashville buddies, and sadly, the majority of these tunes dont end up on his albums. They are scattered throughout the vast musical landscape. This collection puts a couple hands-full together, as a last gasp for Tim’s former record label. Shameless as it may be, it’s right on the money. There are some real staples here like “It’s your Love” with his nearly equally famous wife, and the Country Strong duet with Ms. paltrow, “Me and Tennessee.” But where this one really shines, are the more rare gems, such as the brilliant Texas Swing number with Kenny Rogers, “Owe Them More Than That,” and the old school Honky Tonker, “Middle Age Crazy” with Jerry Lee Lewis. We are also treated to the rowdy love-gone-wrong song, “Cant Hurt A Man,” with the legendary Randy Travis.

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Clem Snide – Songs We Made Part 2 (2013)

CLAMThis collection is the second batch of songs Eef Barzelay has co-created with his fans over the last couple years.

01 Jesus Price
02 Suzy
03 Hillary
04 Amy II
05 Nina
06 Alison
07 Marceline
08 Mia
09 Yvette
10 Nicola

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The Grass Cats – The Mountains My Baby and Me (2012)

grassThe Mountains My Baby And Me is the eighth New Time Records project from this North Carolina quintet. The CD opens with the title track and first single. Written by band members Russell Johnson and Rick Lafleur, the songs fiery instrumentation and seamless harmony weave together for some high octane top shelf bluegrass. Over half of the songs on the CD are originals including Gary Whitt and Johnson’s song Life In The Mines. This foreboding minor composition warns of the risks and dangers of working in the coal mines. The imagery created as the story unfolds may leave you feeling as if you can hear the “cold steel a ringing” and feel the “shaking and the rumbling as the timbers are a crumbling.” The Grass Cats give the bluegrass treatment to several songs from American popular music. Russell’s soaring lead vocal and the lush harmonies of Tim Woodall and Chris Hill combine for a heartfelt version of Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In The Wind and Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart sounds as if it could have been a bluegrass song from the 1950’s. Two gospel songs compliment this 13 song offering.

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Cabinet – Leap (2012)

cabComprised of JP Biondo (mandolin/vocals), Mickey Coviello (guitar), Pappy Biondo (banjo/vocals), Dylan Skursky (bass), Todd Kopec (fiddle) and Jami Novak (drums), the band reworked many classic tunes that hard core fans will recognize from tour rotation, as well as unleashed some songs not previously performed before. A jam juggernaut, part bluegrass, rock and country, Cabinet features a distinct variety of lasting flavors that even the most distinguished music connoisseur will find something new in their sound. Leap is an assemblage of quality songs that harken back to the older times, where each song’s monster melody and gyrating groove segues into the next, leaving one consistently satiated after each cut.Although naturally compared to similar acts in the genre like Yonder Mountain String Band, Railroad Earth and Cornmeal, Cabinet’s music jumps out with a flair and texture all its own. Intricate fast tempo and toe-tapping tracks like Susquehanna Breakdown and Eleanor further establish Cabinet as possessors of impressive instrumental chops that they weave among layers of distinctly professional musicianship. The songs are filled with luscious harmonies, grand and euphoric in scope and sound, the depth of which are accentuated with the powerful banjo picking by Pappy and finesse fiddle mastery by Kopec. With descriptive and soulful lyrics delivered with the exquisitely clear and comfortably haunting voice of JP Biondi, a world of moonshine and playful mayhem develops from track to track.

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Jehro – Cantina Paradise (2011)

jehroContinuing to develop the Latin and Caribbean-inspired acoustic pop sound that earned him a Prix Constantin nomination for his 2006 self-titled second album, Marseilles singer/songwriter Jérôme Cotta, aka Jehro, delves into the worlds of reggae, calypso, bossa nova, and beachside folk-pop on his summery third solo effort, Cantina Paradise, which features nine English and two Spanish-language tracks (“Venga,” “Caminando”), including lead single “Tonight Tonight.”

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The Black Lillies – 100 Miles of Wreckage (2011)

blThe Black Lillies turn this to their advantage on their second album, 100 Years of Wreckage, a stunningly crafted and often inspired tour through country, bluegrass, folk, blues, and soft rock that largely ignores genre distinction in favor of top-notch performances and understated professionalism.

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