Kan – Sleeper (2012)

kanSleeper is the title of the most recent album by Kan, a contemporary Celtic music band based in the UK. Kan features some of the finest musicians in the current Irish and Scottish roots music scene. The musicians describe their act as “a homogenous quartet of lead instruments.”The four musicians demonstrate admirable skill as instrumentalists and perform highly creative music. Kan composes original material that combines traditional music from Great Britain and Ireland with Asturian jigs from Spain, Breton dances from France and modern jazz elements. Although the interplay of flutes, whistles and fiddles are in the forefront, rhythm, specially drums, plays an essential role in Kan’s music with inspired drum kit work and expert tempo changes.

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Tex Smith – A Wayfarer’s Lament (2012)

texRelease in December 2012, A Wayfarer’s Lament is a chapter on lifes beginnings, endings, and the hope that shines through it all. Uplifting honest songs that go deep. Simple arrangements create a beautifully sparse room of sound and soul. Featuring many of the same musicians as on Tex Smith, and To a Bird Singing Woe, A Wayfarer’s Lament follows the first two like Part 3 of a story. All original songs, written and produced in Austin Texas by Tex Smith along with Brother Machine. A great follow up to his first two records, you will want all 3.

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Erin McKeown – Hundreds of Lions (2009)

ERHundreds Of Lions was crafted over three years – an unprecedented, luxurious amount of time that allowed Erin to nurture new songs to life, and gave producer Sam Kassirer the freedom to produce a watershed, modern Erin McKeown album, with her voice as its center. Sam and Erin retreated to a farmhouse studio in rural New England and experimented. They squished acoustic sounds through synthesizers. They programmed electronic squiggles to mingle with orchestral strings recorded in a country church down the street. Brass and woodwinds, traditionally last, were recorded very early on so they built the core of the record instead of just being layered on top.The result is a record fit to bookend the first ten years of a dynamic career of a unique American artist.

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Grassmarket – You Are For the Ocean (2012)

GRNew,Grassmarket second record, You are for the Ocean, is a collection of twelve intimate songs featuring the band’s trademark mix of deftly played old-time and electric instruments. The songwriters, Penelope and Dan, share their searingly honest explorations of raising a young family, of life by the sea, and of the kind of grief that tears you open and leaves you that way. From the peppy first notes of “Beach Week,” a wry ode to a holiday ruined by hurricanes, through to the final soaring harmonies of “Loose Ends,” a heartbroken lullaby, the theme is clear: our lives our brief, messy, and precious.

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Sera Cahoone – Sera Cahoone (2006)

seraIn the vein of such inviting indie folk crooners as Iron & Wine, Laura Veirs, and the seemingly hundreds of folks attempting to be the next Elliott Smith without the unpleasant end, Sera Cahoone’s self-described goal in her official press kit is to be seen as “a musical love child of Buck Owens and Cat Power.” Raised in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, Cahoone began playing drums at the age of 11 and spent her teenage years in a succession of local bands, often in the company of Roger Green (later of the Czars) and future fellow indie folk singer/songwriter Patrick Park. Landing in the Pacific Northwest upon leaving school, Cahoone joined the artsy indie rock outfit Carissa’s Wierd, despite their egregiously misspelled name. The group developed a cult following over the course of several increasingly baroque and accomplished records, but split up in 2003 when leader Jenn Ghetto left to concentrate on her solo project S. While occasionally playing drums with another Carissa’s Wierd offshoot, Band of Horses, Cahoone wrote and recorded her self-titled solo debut in 2006.

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Fleetwood Mac – Rumours: 35th Anniversary Edition [3CD](2013)

flFleetwood Mac celebrate the 35th anniversary of their 1977 masterpiece Rumours with an expanded and deluxe reissue via Rhino Records.

For those looking for something a little smaller, a new expanded edition CD set will feature the album plus the two new discs from the box – so, if you’ve got the 2004 edition, you’re not paying for the same bonus material plus more, which is decent.

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The Stray Birds – The Stray Birds (2012)

STRThe Stray Birds, has been called the one of the finest young bands on the folk circuit and NPR named their debut record one of the 10 best folk releases of the year.New bands seeking to make a lasting impression on a nationwide audience are often inclined to lay it all on the line from the get-go. Unleash the full throttle of your instrumental gifts through intense solos and voice-stretching vocal performances, and perhaps folks will have no option but to listen.There’s more grace and artfulness, though, in exercising restraint, as The Stray Birds do beautifully on their self-titled debut.

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Steve Dawson – Nightshade (2011)

sDawson is justifiably an in-demand producer for such roots-based artist as Jim Byrnes, Kelly Joe Phelps, Old Man Luedecke, the Sojourners and the Deep Dark Woods. He also finds time to run the Black Hen label and put out solo albums pretty regularly. His fine 2008 effort, Telescope, was all-instrumental, based around his pedal steel playing. On Nightshade, he delivers a more conventional roots rock record, but one that’s equally charming. There is nothing particularly distinctive about Dawson’s voice, but his relaxed, languid delivery proves a fine complement to this tuneful, well-crafted original material. Dawson shines on acoustic, electric, steel, national and weissenborn guitars.

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Various Artists – Greetings From Georgia (2004)

The Greetings From… series anthologizes classic Country & Western performances (and a few pop folks thrown in for good measure) by legendary artists who were popular in the golden era of the 1950’s and 60’s. Each volume in the series features songs written about a particular state as a music theme… . Includes tracks from Don Gibson, Lefty Frizzell, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim & Jesse, Flatt & Scruggs, Pat Boone, Chet Atkins, Dean Martin and many more.

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