Religous Knives – Smokescreen (2011)

relThe core duo of Michael Bernstein (gtr, synth, vox) and Maya Miller (organ, vox) began their careers together as the extreme noise act, Double Leopards. By 2005, they had left the industrial noise realm for the somewhat mellower pastures of Kraut explorations. Their last album on Ecstatic Peace was highly acclaimed and co-produced by label owner Thurston Moore. Like SB label-mates Moon Duo, or the recent Chilean signings of Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple, Religious Knives draw from a well of pounding rhythmic drums and psychedelic drones with heavy organ and synth landscapes.

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The Sun Sawed in 1/2 – Elephants into Swans (2013)

SThe neo-psychedelic pop outfit the Sun Sawed in 1/2 was formed in St. Louis in 1990 by bassist Ken Rose and his guitarist brother Tim; filling their roster with singer Doug Bobenhouse, keyboardist Dave Farber, guitarist Jeff Bartholic and drummer Bill Yaeger, the group debuted with the LP The Happiness and Other Short Stories, issued on the BeeHive label in 1992. Hot Feet for Monkey God followed a year later, and when the Sun Sawed in 1/2 resurfaced in 1995 with Mind Flip, Farber, Bartholic and Yaeger had all exited, replaced by keyboardist John Holt and drummer Steve Bunck. Neither lineup addition was long-lived, however, and as of 1997’s Fizzy Lift, the Sun roster included drummer Matt Martin. The album was recorded for the Not Lame power-pop label, which also issued the 2000 follow-up, Bewilderbeest.
The Sun released their new album, “Elephants into Swans” in 2013 featuring 12 new tracks.

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Billy Walton Band – Crank It Up! (2012)

biOn “Crank It Up!”, apart from Billy Walton on lead guitar and vocals, the band comprises: William Paris (bass), Rich’The Taz’Taskowitz (saxophone) and Johnny D’Angelo (drums) – and what a fine outfit they are.

Walton is a fine singer and guitarist, with a very capable band, and it’s easy to see how UK audiences have taken to him and the band, and his prowess live has been admirably captured here in the studio on “Crank It Up!” Definitely an outfit worth checking out, be it live or recorded.

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V.A. – The Enlightened Family-A Collection of Lost Songs (2005)

 ISVoodoo-EROS is a Brooklyn-based label founded by CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady.
To celebrate the birth of her new venture, she has collected a series of previously unheard
songs from friends, both famous and unknown. The Enlightened Family features two tracks from
a sixteen-year old Devendra Banhart, a 1968 recording from British folk legend Vashti Bunyan,
an instrumental recorded by Patrick Wolf on a desert island, two tracks from Diane Cluck, an
old forgotten piano track from Sierra Casady, and two of the sisters’ side projects,
Metallic Falcons and Island Folk Lore.


1. Berry Metal– Metallic Falcons
2. Houses – Devendra Banhart
3. Why Am I Still Sucking Your Dick?– J.H.T.
4. Of Gentle Blood – Sierra Casady
5. You’ll Never Know– Nomi
6. Real Good Time – Diane Cluck
7. Rock N’ Roll– Spleen & Zen
8. Kissing Without Lips – Jana Hunter
9. Sex with a Shark– Island Folk Lore
10. Night Train – Patrick Wolf
11. Song of a Wishwanderer– Vashti Bunyan
12. Happy Birthday! – Devendra Banhart
13. Nothing But God – Diane Cluck

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Mogwai – Les Revenants (2013)


1. Hungry Face
2. Jaguar
3. The Huts
4. Kill Jester
5. This Messiah Needs Watching
6. Whisky Time
7. Special N
8. Relative Hysteria
9. Fridge Magic
10. Portugal
11. Eagle Tax
12. Modern
13. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
14. Wizard Motor

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Randy Houser – How Country Feels (2013)

randyWith “How Country Feels” now Top 10, Randy Houser has successfully transitioned to his new record label home Stoney Creek Records. on January 22, 2013 Randy will release his first album for the label. Titled How Country Feels, the album is Randy’s third releases over all and the title-track lead single is his second Top 10 hit single after the #2 hit “Boots On.” Seven of the 15 tracks on How Country Feels were co-written by Randy Houser, who has penned hits for other artists including “Ladies Love Country Boys” and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” for Trace Adkins and “Back That Thing Up” for Justin Moore. The new album features a duet with Broken Bow Records artist Kristy Lee Cook and was produced by Derek George.

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