Camper Van Beethoven – La Costa Perdida [Repost](2013)

CAMPERCamper Van Beethoven’s delightfully irreverent and musically scatterbrained 1985 debut, Telephone Free Landslide Victory, played like a Dear Abby column for the “Why so serious?” faction of the ‘80s indie scene. Lose track of your friend Bill? They had theories. Got a lawn full of skinheads? Grab your bowling shoes. Nearly 30 years later, not all that much has changed. On La Costa Perdida (The Lost Coast), their first album in eight years, CVB explore their old California stomping grounds and stumble upon a perfect mix of middle-aged nostalgia and youthful yee-haw.
All the uniquely Camper elements find their way onto La Costa Perdida. Standout rocker “Too High for the Love-in” – a tale of mystery kitchen birds and vipers in Sweden – blends pop melody and absurdity with a straight face and marches out on frontman David Lowery’s command, “Bring to me the anti-venom / And make me a sandwich.” Jonathan Segel’s trademark violin pierces through swashes of guitar and percussion on the hypnotic “Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out” and duets with Lowery’s vocals on several cuts.The band rip through “Peaches in the Summertime” – the album’s lone pulse-raiser – revisiting their classic countrified ska-punk style. And for those who still like a little message in their music, Lowery may just have a nugget of wisdom or two left in him. “Know who you are deep in your heart / Before you step into the nebulae,” he offers on gentle, ocean-side closer “A Love for All Time”. It beats a fortune cookie any day.“So strike up the band / Cuz it’s a love, a love for all time,” sings Lowery in the final moments of La Costa Perdida, a sentiment with which listeners will undoubtedly agree. Bill has likely been found by now, and the skinheads probably long ago let their hair grow out, but three decades on, Camper Van Beethoven still remain easy to love.

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TW Walsh – The Soft Drugs (2013)


01 The Pitch
02 Defending the Paint
03 Brand New Name
04 Don’t Sweat It
05 Broken Truces
06 Borrow My Vibe
07 I Need Space
08 Kill My Dragon
09 Let It Be
10 Build Me a Ballpark (Bonus Track)
11 Drop the Bomb (Bonus Track)
12 Something Real (Bonus Track)
13 Pawn Shop Guns (Bonus Track)
14 Family of Four (Bonus Track)

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Alasdair Roberts & Friends – A Wonder Working Stone [Repost](2013)

ALThis month sees the release of a new album from Alasdair Roberts & Friends titled ‘A Wonder Working Stone‘ which will definitely rank amongst his most ambitious releases to date as he continues his interpretation of the tradtional music of Scotland and beyond with the help of some of finest musicians about. Included amongst his ‘friends’ are half of Scotland’s most interesting band Tatties Toes in the form of Welsh violinist extraordinaire Rafe Fitzpatrick and drummer Shane Connolly. Also joining them is the inventive guitarist Ben Reynolds as well as a number of other fine musicians. The talented Olivia Chaney also makes a special guest appearance.Robert’s finger style guitar and vocals are unmistakeable from the opening but what takes place around the steadfast helmsman exemplifies the radical nature of the man and his freespirited approach. The opening ‘The Merry Wake‘ strides out in confidence with guitar and fiddle, not untypical, but all is soon transformed as Ben Reynolds steps in with electric guitar announcing a metamorphosis into a jazz inflected chorus and then back with tasty rim tapping rythmns from Connolly…when you think it’s over a deft guitar solo announces a new phase and duet with Chaney. This is by no means a formulaic album there are unexpected twists and turns but Roberts manages to keep hold of that tradtional sound, how he does it god only knows but the word genius springs close to mind.

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The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri – Indescribable (2012)

CHOn Indescribable, the group’s sixth album (not counting Gospel compilations they’ve appeared on alongside the likes of Johnny Cash and Alison Krauss), the band once again showcases its fine lead singer, Terri Argot Gore, and depends on solid bluegrass instrumentation and vocal harmonies to produce a highly listenable album that doesn’t compromise when carrying the message of the Gospel. This time, however, the band has gone a little more contemporary by covering the works of such Christian acts as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and British praise and worship songwriter Stuart Townend.Casting Crowns members Juan and Melodee DeVevo make guest appearances on dobro and fiddle respectively, and multi-instrumentalist James Pennebaker (Lee Roy Parnell, T. Graham Brown) contributes fiddle on three tracks to complement the mandolin and guitar of Mike Richards and Bob Stangenberg, while Gore’s husband Ricky, a onetime rock drummer, holds down the bottom on upright bass. The song list includes Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” and “Enough” and Townend’s “How Deep Is the Father’s Love for Us,” as well as the band’s own “Are You Prayin’ Hard,” a song as good as anything out there in any genre.

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The Cornell Hurd Band – Drop In On My Dream (2012)

coWhat’s the secret to 35 years of longevity for the Cornell Hurd Band? No one does what it does. Self-proclaimed “Country Music’s Worst Nightmare,” the 13-member juggernaut blasts through swing, rock & roll, and teary-eyed ballads, all fortified with Hurd’s seriously twisted lyrics. Despite sustaining major setbacks recently when two of its prime movers, “Mayor of South Austin” rubboard player Danny Young and guitarist Paul Skelton, passed on, CHB soldiers on with ace recruits like keyboard-tickler T Jarrod Bonta. Populated with hell-raisin’ gals (“Whiskey Drinkin’ Women,” “The Bad Girl I Keep in My Heart”), a Springsteen-like anthem (“The Long Goodbye”), and the CHB boss man crooning his best George Strait (“Out Past Abilene”), this album isn’t for country music purists. For the band it’s standard fare perhaps, interchangeable with much of what’s been recorded these past 15 years, but still, these Dream merchants remain singular.

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Various Artists – Spaghetti Western Vol.1 (1995)

spBesides Ennio Morricone’s Legendary Italian Westerns compilation, this is easily the most essential audio document of the spaghetti western genre. The two CDs include no less than 67 cuts, spanning the years 1966-1981, going heaviest on the late ’60s and early ’70s; about half of the tracks have never been released anywhere, let alone in the U.S. If you like this peculiar and fascinating style, you’ll find this essential: it has excerpts from well over a dozen films that are virtually unknown (as are the composers) to non-aficionados. The weird trademarks of this music — galloping rhythms, tear-jerkingly sad melodies, overwrought melodramatic vocals, low twangy guitars, indescribably oddball orchestral flourishes of mariachi trumpets, lonesome harmonicas, tinny organs — are often present. But be cautioned that this is not in the same league as the work done in the style by the master, Ennio Morricone (who has only one selection on this compilation). Some of the cuts are cheesy without much redeeming musical value. Others are linked to the genre only by virtue of their inclusion in an Italian Western soundtrack; some sound like more-or-less typical adventure soundtrack music, some sound more like Hollywood western fare than spaghetti western dishes, and some even verge close to folky singer/songwriter territory.

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VA – You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970 (2012)

LEEPart of the sheer joy of Light in the Attic’s excavat- ion of Lee Hazlewood’s back catalogue has been exploring the output of his own, late ‘60s label, Lee Hazlewood Industries, which issued dozens of long forgotten 45s and LPs. Whether acid-folk, country- rock, pop-psych or soul, LHI artists were united by the patronage of the underdog hero of 1960s music, the moustachioed maverick Lee Hazlewood.The best of these have been now collected in You Turned My Head Around, 3000-edition box set of eleven 45s, featuring such LHI favorites as Suzi Jane Hokom, Honey Ltd., Ann-Margret, Kitchen Cinq, and of course the undeniable Mr Lee.

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