Stephen Lawrenson – Obscuriosity (2013)

STEPHStephen makes quite a pop splash here on his 2013 Kool Kat debut! And to drive home this point, the crack “Pop Squad” of Kool Kat insiders/contributors cheerfully chime in! “Playing every note on the record, he proudly wears his pop influences on his sleeve. Tell me ‘Small White House” wouldn’t pass for a Brian Wilson-penned song. His inner Jeff Lynne pops up on both ‘Pale Yellow’ and the 12-string laced ‘Words To Say’.” – Count Keef “It’s intelligent, well written, and completely catchy. Awesome, just awesome power pop, with loads of great hooks, melodies and harmonies. It rocks. It moves you. A masterful malange of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s guitar rock mixed and matched with no concern for the namecheck. That’s how good this is. Five stars isn’t enough. Six, maybe!” – MR Gomez “What do you think would happen if you threw The Goldbergs, The Beatles, Three Hour Tour, Teenage Fanclub (in their fuzzy period), Big Star, The Posies (circa ‘Frosting On The Beater’), ‘Pet Sounds’ period Brian Wilson, and the Electric Light Orchestra into a giant pop blender? You’d get Stephen Lawrenson, that’s what!”

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Ptarmigan – Eliak and the Dream (2013)

plPtarmigan is:

Sam Gleason: Electric Guitar
Aaron Hoffman: Harmonies, Accordion, Mandolin
Peter McMurtry: Vocals, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar
Brandon Munro: Drums
Sam Whillans: Upright Bas

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Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ In The Moonlighr [The Definitive Remastered Edition] (2012)

HOWLINDigitally remastered and expanded edition including 15 bonus tracks. Howlin’ Wolf was one of the greatest characters and most electrifying performers in Blues history. He was an imposing presence, blessed with a thunderous voice, enormous physical strength, and a pair of lungs that would not quit. Wolf didn’t just startle audiences, he menaced them into submission. In addition to his powerful voice, he was also an accomplished harmonica player. This quintessential collector’s edition contains Howlin’ Wolf’s outstanding debut album for Chess Records, Moanin’ in the Moonlight (1959), one of the all-time cornerstones of the genre. We have also included 15 bonus tracks (gathering a variety of those great sides he recorded between 1951 and 1960), making this the definitive edition of Wolf’s Blues masterpiece.

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Lefty Frizzell – Give Me More, More, More [4 CDBox Set] (2007)

LEFTYWhen Lefty Frizzell launched his recording career in 1950 he struck a rich vein of success, scoring hit after hit with his unique vowel-bending phrasing. His influence, though not immediately apparent, was a major factor in the development of Texan honky-tonk country music. That influence permeated to a host of subsequent artists ranging from Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, through Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, to George Strait and Randy Travis.

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Colwell Brothers – Guilty Pleasures (2012)

COLThis record is old school Blues/Soul/R&B, Cheap guitars, nice guitars, Wurlitzers, Hammonds, Memphis horns, Fender Rhodes, Danelectro bass, scorching blues harp, drums that sound like drums, and lot’s of first and second takes. Bobby said, “Leave the living room in and the warts on it” and we did! Thank God that Howling Wolf, Etta James, Don Covay, Johnny Bristol, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller showed us the way and then drove us home, because none of us would have made it without them. Kick back, turn the Hi-Fi up to 10, and grab your favorite Guilty Pleasure, whoever or whatever that is.

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Ugly Thrash Demon – 2008 (2013)

UGChris Smith – Vocals, Guitar
Philip Eberhart – Vocals, Accordion, Mandolin
Jed Lingat – Bass, Drums
Alec Sieber – Cello
Daniel Smith – Trumpet
Sam Smith – Saxophone
Andy Crumpler – Ukulele
Ryan Coleman – Drums

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Bob Brozman – Fire In The Mind (2013)

BOBThe Professor of Guitars, amazing guitarist and prolific recording artist Bob Brozman, travels the world of guitars on his newest album.Brozman s mixture of American and world-music styles … encompasses old-style folk, jazz, and blues, plus African, Caribbean, Hawaiian, and Django Reinhardt-style swing.

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Roddy Woomble – Listen to Keep (2013)

RORoddy Woomble 3rd solo album Listen To Keep is due on Reveal Records March 4th 2013.


1. Making Myths [05:25]
2. The Last One of My Kind [03:40]
3. Listen to Keep [04:48]
4. Build It to Break [04:20]
5. Trouble Your Door [03:27]
6. Traveling Light [04:07]
7. The Universe is on My Side [03:41]
8. I Know Where I Went Wrong [05:00]
9. Treacle & Tobacco [03:30]
10. Into the Distance on Luck [04:28]
11. Time By Time [04:05]

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Ike Turner – Blues Roots/Bad Dreams (2012)

iDigitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of early ’70s albums from the R&B legend on one disc: Blues Roots and Bad Dreams. Ike Turner’s career has been well documented everywhere and elsewhere, but with his death in 2007, history and critics have started to be kinder to Ike and re-evaluate his style and influence.

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Les Paul & Mary Ford – In Perfect Harmony [Box Set] (2007)

LESFfour CD Proper box featuring 108 tracks recorded by the famed duo. Les Paul pioneered electric guitar design and multi-track recording and along the way invented the synthesiser. He was also a very fine guitarist himself and with vocalist Mary Ford had considerable chart success with songs of varying styles, all included here. Les Paul’s influence as a guitarist is acknowledged by musicians ranging from B.B. King, Jerry Garcia and Eric Clapton to James Burton, Frank Zappa, Keith Richards and Jeff Beck.

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Procol Harum – The Best Of [Victor Entertainment Japan, K2HD Mastering, HQCD] (2012)


01. Conquistador
02. Christmas Camel
03. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
04. Homburg (Single Version)
05. Quite Rightly So
06. Shine On Brightly
07. A Salty Dog
08. The Devil Came From Kansas
09. Nothing That I Didn’t Know
10. Simple Sister
11. Broken Barricades
12. Grand Hotel
13. Bringing Home The Bacon
14. For Liquorice John
15. Beyond The Pale
16. Monsieur R. Monde
17. Pandora’s Box
18. Something Magic
19. Wizard Man
20. Conquistador

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White Iron Band – Damn the Nighttime (2012)

WHITEWhite Iron Band is a high-energy renegade American roots band specializing in foot-stompin, forget-what-troubles-ya music. With energy to blow your face off and enough soul to well your eyes, the band is best taken live with friends and strangers. White Iron shows combine lyrical accessibility and explosive musicianship to produce a rich experience for the head, heart, and legs.

Recommended if You Like:
Kris Kristofferson
Waylon Jennings
Willie Nelson

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