Hotlegs – You Didn’t Like It Because You Didn’t Think Of It: The Complete Sessions 1970-1971 (2012)

Gathering together every track issued in the group s name, including both versions of the album, a couple of non-LP singles and even a US-only remix of The Hit, You Didn t Like It Because You Didn t Think Of It reveals that, notwithstanding that anomalous novelty song, Lol Creme, Kevin Godley and Eric Stewart were master pop craftsmen even before adding Graham Gouldman to the line-up and changing their name to 10cc… Thanks to the novelty hit nature of the million-selling forty-five Neanderthal Man (only prevented from topping the British singles chart in the summer of 1970 by Elvis Presley s The Wonder Of You ), little attention was paid at the time to the other recordings cut by pre-10cc act Hotlegs. That s a shame, because the album Hotlegs Thinks: School Stinks (quickly remodelled and repackaged as Song) was a veritable smorgasbord of turn-of-the-decade studio pop moves that deserves to be considered alongside the heavyweights of the era. With its roots in the aborted 1969 Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon (aka Kevin Godley & Lol Creme) album for Giorgio Gomelsky s Marmalade label, the Hotlegs LP was a daringly ambitious creation, peaking on the White Album-era McCartneyish ballads Take Me Back and Today , the equally beautiful, Beach Boys-inspired All God s Children and the sumptuous, 13 minute song suite On My Way/Indecision/The Return ( our version of Side Two of Abbey Road , according to Godley). Housed in newly-commissioned, more sympathetic artwork, and featuring a new essay on the band, this definitive Hotlegs anthology reassesses their position in the overall scheme of things.

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Mount Moriah – Mircale Temple (2013)

Mount Moriah’s Miracle Temple sports bigger arrangements, louder guitars, bolder vocals, and more soulful rhythms than their acclaimed self-titled debut. Through their artful personal storytelling, the band develops a piercing portrait of a “New South” where progressive traditions are still fitfully breaking free from conservative ones.
Mount Moriah’s cathartic vision for their home and themselves is writ large in their lovingly critical negotiation with romantic, political, and gender identities; geographical perspective; confrontation and forgiveness.

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Devon Allman – Turquoise (2013)

Devon Allman, son of musician Gregg Allman, leader of Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, member of Royal Southern Brotherhood release debut solo album on February 12, 2013.Turquoise was produced and mixed by multi-Grammy winner Jim Gaines and recorded at his Bessie Blue Studios in Stantonville, Tennessee, as well as at Ardent Studios in Memphis.Devon (vocals and guitars) is joined on the new CD in a core trio set-up that features his fellow Royal Southern Brotherhood bandmate Yonrico Scott (drums and percussion), as well as Myles Weeks (upright and electric bass). Special guests include Luther Dickinson (guitar), Samantha Fish (vocals), Ron Holloway (sax), Bobby Schneck Jr. (guitar) and Rick Steff (Hammond B3 organ).

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