Robin Trower – Roots and Branches [[email protected]] (2013)

roIt’s been 40 years – give or take a month or two – since Robin Trower left Procul Harum. Since then, he has been far from idle and has nearly 30 solo albums to prove it. He has also worked with other artists, most notably with Brian Ferry (as both player and producer).Roots and Branches features a number of new songs which happily rub shoulders with covers of blues and R’N B classics. Initially, the album was conceived as an all-covers affair, as Robin confirms: ”I started off thinking I would do a complete album of covers. I wanted to get as far away from the originals as possible. I came up with half a dozen arrangements, which I felt were different enough.”
Then the project escalated. ”I ended up writing some new songs as well. I have tried to make the new songs be influenced by what I have done with the classics, so the album blends together.”

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds – On The Verge (2013)

fabouMaking their Severn Records debut, the Fabulous Thunderbirds mark a new beginning with On the Verge, a departure for the blues rockers as they explore their soulful side. Front front man Kim Wilson notes, ”we’re defining our own genre.” With On the Verge the T-Birds have crafted a fresh sound, one that’s sure to satisfy diehard fans while bringing new blood into the fold of the band’s faithful legion.

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Paal Flaata – Wait By The Fire (Songs Of Chip Taylor) (2012)

paalChip Taylor is the American singer songwriter who wrote Wild Thing and Angel In The Morning before he started out as a professional gambler. Paal Flaata is the Norwegian singer songwriter who was the perfect voice in Midnight Choir before he went solo. Now Paal has made a CD with Chip Taylor’s songs.  Wait By The FIre contains 10 songs by Chip Taylor, some new and some old. The last song on the album, This Darkest Day, was written in Halden, Norway the night after July 22. 2011 as a comment to the atrocities at Utoya and in Oslo that same day. It blends well with the rest of the songs, also old favorites like Angel Of the Morning, which has got a stripped down arrangement that suits Pall Flaata’s voice well.

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Jimbo Mathus – Blue Light (2012)

jiJimbo Mathus has traveled a strange and convoluted musical journey since his 1967 birth in Oxford, Mississippi. As a member of Johnny Vomit & The Dry Heaves, he was part of a punk rock band. He was a founding member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, who combined Delta blues with New Orleans jazz. His solo albums have explored the blues, traditional country, folk, and even some string music.Blue Light is his ninth solo release and when you add in nine more albums by the Squirrel Nut Zippers, you have a lot of music and styles. His albums are always an adventure and Blue Light is a journey worth taking with him.

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Yarn – Leftovers Vol. 2 (2012)

YARNBrooklyn-based Americana/Alt-Country band Yarn’s sound owes as much to Gram Parsons and Earl Scruggs as to Jerry Garcia and Exile On Main Street-era Rolling Stones. Following in a fine tradition that includes forward thinking roots bands like The Flying Burrito Brothers and New Riders of The Purple Sage, Yarn weaves roots music idioms into a fresh sound that turns on hipsters and fans of country music alike, with technically impressive song-crafting and universal tales from the road of life.

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Air Review – Low Wishes (2013)

AIRLike the comparable Arcade Fire, Air Review have sought to present themselves as symbols, but there’s a key difference: Arcade Fire were already symbols, and The Suburbs was a commentary on their “people”, if you will. Low Wishes is more of a suggestion of representation than a commentary. Air Review, somewhat miraculously, manage to pull off their label debut with such poise that there’s not even a hint of arrogance or pretension to be found however. Take the meditative chorus of “America’s Son”, probably the album’s highlight, as an example: “I am America’s son / and I’m not the only one / I am America’s son / and I’m so inclined to run”. There’s a universality to Low Wishes that also manifests itself in their musical style to a certain extent. Low Wishes generally sounds like your stereotypical, 2010’s indie rock record, but they manage to pull it off so confidently that it’s not worth criticizing them for it.

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Bourbon Boys – Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle (2013)


01. Beast Of Bourbon
02. Rattlesnake
03. Hellfire
04. Hillbilly Heart
05. Pour Some Bourbon On Me
06. Bowhunting Song
07. Cormorant Blues
08. Country Highway
09. Rock ‘n’ Rollin Man
10. Moonshine Boulevard
11. Drinkin My Woman Away
12. Road 99
13. Bonus: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Woman and Booze

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Beth Hart – The Best Of (2013)


01. Your Heart Is As Black As Night (4:59)
02. One Eyed Chicken (4:52)
03. Over You (4:20)
04. Soul Shine (4:32)
05. I’ll Take Care Of You (5:12)
06. Baddest Blues (4:47)
07. Bottle of Jesus (3:18)
08. Better Man (3:46)
09. Caught Out In The Rain (7:12)
10. Lay Your Hands On Me (4:12)
11. With You Every Day (3:03)
12. If God Only Knew (3:46)
13. Monkey Back (5:37)
14. Am I The One (10:44)
15. Chocolate Jesus (2:38)
16. Mama (4:25)

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Tim McGraw – Tim McGraw & Friends (2013)

TIMTim McGraw has a long history of recording with his Nashville buddies, and sadly, the majority of these tunes dont end up on his albums. They are scattered throughout the vast musical landscape. This collection puts a couple hands-full together, as a last gasp for Tim’s former record label. Shameless as it may be, it’s right on the money. There are some real staples here like “It’s your Love” with his nearly equally famous wife, and the Country Strong duet with Ms. paltrow, “Me and Tennessee.” But where this one really shines, are the more rare gems, such as the brilliant Texas Swing number with Kenny Rogers, “Owe Them More Than That,” and the old school Honky Tonker, “Middle Age Crazy” with Jerry Lee Lewis. We are also treated to the rowdy love-gone-wrong song, “Cant Hurt A Man,” with the legendary Randy Travis.

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Clem Snide – Songs We Made Part 2 (2013)

CLAMThis collection is the second batch of songs Eef Barzelay has co-created with his fans over the last couple years.

01 Jesus Price
02 Suzy
03 Hillary
04 Amy II
05 Nina
06 Alison
07 Marceline
08 Mia
09 Yvette
10 Nicola

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The Grass Cats – The Mountains My Baby and Me (2012)

grassThe Mountains My Baby And Me is the eighth New Time Records project from this North Carolina quintet. The CD opens with the title track and first single. Written by band members Russell Johnson and Rick Lafleur, the songs fiery instrumentation and seamless harmony weave together for some high octane top shelf bluegrass. Over half of the songs on the CD are originals including Gary Whitt and Johnson’s song Life In The Mines. This foreboding minor composition warns of the risks and dangers of working in the coal mines. The imagery created as the story unfolds may leave you feeling as if you can hear the “cold steel a ringing” and feel the “shaking and the rumbling as the timbers are a crumbling.” The Grass Cats give the bluegrass treatment to several songs from American popular music. Russell’s soaring lead vocal and the lush harmonies of Tim Woodall and Chris Hill combine for a heartfelt version of Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In The Wind and Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart sounds as if it could have been a bluegrass song from the 1950’s. Two gospel songs compliment this 13 song offering.

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Cabinet – Leap (2012)

cabComprised of JP Biondo (mandolin/vocals), Mickey Coviello (guitar), Pappy Biondo (banjo/vocals), Dylan Skursky (bass), Todd Kopec (fiddle) and Jami Novak (drums), the band reworked many classic tunes that hard core fans will recognize from tour rotation, as well as unleashed some songs not previously performed before. A jam juggernaut, part bluegrass, rock and country, Cabinet features a distinct variety of lasting flavors that even the most distinguished music connoisseur will find something new in their sound. Leap is an assemblage of quality songs that harken back to the older times, where each song’s monster melody and gyrating groove segues into the next, leaving one consistently satiated after each cut.Although naturally compared to similar acts in the genre like Yonder Mountain String Band, Railroad Earth and Cornmeal, Cabinet’s music jumps out with a flair and texture all its own. Intricate fast tempo and toe-tapping tracks like Susquehanna Breakdown and Eleanor further establish Cabinet as possessors of impressive instrumental chops that they weave among layers of distinctly professional musicianship. The songs are filled with luscious harmonies, grand and euphoric in scope and sound, the depth of which are accentuated with the powerful banjo picking by Pappy and finesse fiddle mastery by Kopec. With descriptive and soulful lyrics delivered with the exquisitely clear and comfortably haunting voice of JP Biondi, a world of moonshine and playful mayhem develops from track to track.

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Jehro – Cantina Paradise (2011)

jehroContinuing to develop the Latin and Caribbean-inspired acoustic pop sound that earned him a Prix Constantin nomination for his 2006 self-titled second album, Marseilles singer/songwriter Jérôme Cotta, aka Jehro, delves into the worlds of reggae, calypso, bossa nova, and beachside folk-pop on his summery third solo effort, Cantina Paradise, which features nine English and two Spanish-language tracks (“Venga,” “Caminando”), including lead single “Tonight Tonight.”

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The Black Lillies – 100 Miles of Wreckage (2011)

blThe Black Lillies turn this to their advantage on their second album, 100 Years of Wreckage, a stunningly crafted and often inspired tour through country, bluegrass, folk, blues, and soft rock that largely ignores genre distinction in favor of top-notch performances and understated professionalism.

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The Moons – Fables of History (2012)

moons copySounds of the ’60s and ’70s never seem to fade despite pundits quickly writing off many a band’s failed attempts to emulate said era. Last year saw Toy Horses pull it off and this year it looks like The Moons could do just that. Despite their first album, Life On Earth, sliding under the radar somewhat more than it deserved, Andy Croft’s band returns with their second ’60s possessed studio LP Fables Of History produced by Stan Kybert, whose previous work with Oasis is apparent on a number of tracks.
Having already been previewed as Bradley Wiggins’ personal soundtrack to his Tour de France victory and road tested supporting Beady Eye, the listener can expect a more than refined recording. The Moons evoke ’60s psychedelia as soon as the opening track fires up and they’re proud of it. Andy asserted “We look to our icons to craft the perfect story.” The album is a tough monkey to identify as it dabbles its toes in both the vintage and contemporary, but if you mix equal portions of The Arctic Monkeys, The Kinks, Kaiser Chiefs, The Beatles and Paul Weller then you’re not far off the mark. This may sound as though they’ve overdone it with the earmarking but they pulled off each track, making each and every one their own.

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Pigbag – Year Of The Pigbag (2013)

PIGPigbag, the short-lived U.K. funk-infused post-punk act best known for its jam “Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag,” returns this March with Year of the Pigbag, the first new record in three decades from the newly reformulated act.The genre-straddling band, originally active from 1980 to 1983, reunited in 2011 with a new lineup featuring original members Chris Lee (trumpet), Ollie Moore (saxes) and Kofi Adu (drums) for a one-off show in London. The trio, supplemented by five new members “who shared their vision of fusing African grooves, jazz, Latin, funk and dance beats into a heady new cocktail,” have now recorded their third album.
The nine-track Year of the Pigbag will be released March 25 on Sugar Shack Records. The label calls the record “a nonstop dance party of the highest order with echoes of the JBs, Fela Kuti and Sun Ra’s Arkestra yet entirely different and their own unique creation.”

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Tamara Kaboutchek – Full Moon Doll (2010)


01.The Fly And The Ant
02.I Won’t Tell You
03.Between Two Fires
04.Deep Inside The Mind
05.Save Your Skin
06.Heaven Inside
07.Tiny Funny Phobias
08.Some Crazy Things
09.Full Moon Doll
10.My Own Galaxy
11.Follow The Crow
12.Glass Of Wine
13.Suave Mama

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Merle Haggard & Leona Williams – Old Loves Never Die (2001)

lThis superb release is an album in two halves, the first ten tracks feature both Leona Williams and Merle Haggard performing duets and the remaining eighteen are just Leona.Bear Family Records have done their usual excellent production job with Old Loves Never Die, showcasing the broad talents of two of country music’s most talented artistes and also giving the listener plenty of information within the sleeve notes.
Having been married during the period 1978 to 1984 had brought these two great song writers and performers together, indeed during that period Leona was to write two superb songs that were to become massive hits for Merle Haggard, Someday When Things Are Good and You Take Me For Granted, both of which are included on this release.
Old Loves Never Die is an album for country music fans young and old, quite simply a master class in how to compose and deliver traditional country music. A mammoth twenty-eight tracks of pure pleasure.

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Joe Giddings – All Themes Considered (2012)

jJoe Giddings is a producing, arranging, song/jingle writing, film scoring musician. He has a CD out in 2003 on Notlame records called “All the People Some of the Time” under the moniker ‘The JTG Implosion’. It too is power-pop/pomp å la The Raspberries, Jellyfish, Queen, Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, The Beatles, and his previous band, Star Collector- from Atlanta.

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Josh Slone – Josh Slone & Coaltown (2011)



• Cruz Hardwick – Tenor (Vocal)
• Gerald Evans – Fiddle
• John Vandiver – Mandolin
• Josh Sloane & Coaltown – Guitar, Producer, Vocals
• Kim Gardner – Dobro
• Kris Rasnake – Banjo
• Matt DeSpain – Dobro
• Ollie Risner – Banjo
• Otis Lynn Dillon – Baritone (Vocal), Mixing
• Robert Maynard – Bass, Mixing
• Ron Stewart – Fiddle
• Thomas Patrick – Tenor (Vocal), Vocal Harmony

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