Tony Booth – Old School (2012)

Old School is a Jim Loessburg production with the HOTR ‘A’ Team of musicians, and includes a duet with Willie Nelson on How Long Is Forever. The album also features a couple of choice covers, including the Jim Reeves’ classic Little Ole Dime, and Cowboy Copas’ Signed Sealed And Delivered.

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Heart Attack Alley – Living In Hell (2012)

Heart Attack Alley is a 3 piece from Auckland New Zealand, born of a love of blues, an obsession with death, and an addiction to playing live. Deceptively simple, emotionally and sonically raw, and sporting tough, original songwriting, the combination of Dr. Karl Steven’s unstoppable “voodoo harmonica”, Kristal G’s pulsating rhythm guitar, and Caoimhe Macfehin’s unrestrained, immediate vocals – like the “demon child of Polly Harvey and Screamin Jay Hawkins” – has won the band a reputation for performing “the original devil’s music; seductive and psychotic” (Cheese On Toast Review; Trixie LaRue Music Review).

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VA – Delta Swamp Rock, Vol. 2: More Sounds From the South 1968-75: At the Crossroads of Rock, Country and Soul (2012)


01. Area Code 615 — Ruby
02. Captain Beyond — Sufficiently Breathless
03. Bobbie Gentry — Touch ‘Em With Love
04. Cowboy — Houston
05. Marshall Tucker Band — Fire On The Mountain
06. Cher — For What It’s Worth
07. Bobby Lance — Somewhere In Between
08. Tony Joe White — Who’s Making Love
09. Barefoot Jerry — The Minstrel Is Free At Last
10. Gregg Allman — Midnight Rider
11. Bobbie Gentry — Something In The Way He Moves
12. Area Code 615 — Devil Weed And Me
13. Chet Atkins And Jerry Reed — Tennessee Stud
14. Joe South — No Fence Around Me
15. Cowboy — Road Gravy Chase
16. Lynyrd Skynyrd — Free Bird
17. Grinderswitch — Let The South Wind Blow
18. Captain Beyond — Thousand Days Of Yesterdays
19. The Box Tops — Deep In Kentucky
20. Earl Scruggs — Lonesome And A Long Way From Home

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Jake Leg Stompers – Hill Country Hoodoo (2010)

The Jake Leg Stompers headed from their Bucksnort home to the northern Mississippi hill country last summer to spend two days in a recording studio with musician-producer Jimbo Mathus. The result of that travel and that music-making may be heard on Hill Country Hoodoo, the Stompers’ rollicking and greasy new album.Hill Country Hoodoo finds the Stompers playing washboards, kazoos, jugs, spoons and other instruments popular in the pre-war south, and collaborating with guests including Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars, Sharde Thomas (granddaughter of fife man Otha Turner), Rev. John Wilkins and others.

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Various Artists – Zydeco Party (2006)

19 track collection features Lynn August, Sam Brothers Five, Clifton Chenier, Boozoo Chavis, Rockin’ Sidney, Rockin’ Dopsie, Zydeco Brothers, John Delafose and others.

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Gob Iron – Death Songs for the Living (2006)

Gob Iron is the pairing of Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt founder Jay Farrar with Anders Parker of Varnaline. They have updated a range of American folk songs, adapting lyrics, slowing tempos, combining parts of two different numbers, and in general fully celebrating one of the defining characteristics of folk music: that it is kept alive in the guise of whoever is its current vessel, reflecting their character as well as those of their predecessors. A number of tracks on Death Songs for the Living illustrate this concept of “the folk process.” “Silicosis Blues” combines the titular lyric with the melody from another song, “Paul and Silas in Jail.” Elsewhere, there are numbers by the Reverend J.M. Gates, Stephen Foster, and the Stanley Brothers. Nine brief instrumentals separate each of the ten songs, the final one a new Farrar original, “Buzz and Grind,” which ups the wattage for their ride off into the sunset.

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Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown – Live From Austin TX (2012)

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown (vocals, guitar, fiddle, viola)
Eric Demmer (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Dennis Taylor (tenor saxophone)
Bill “Foots” Samuel (baritone saxophone)
Terry Townson (trumpet)
Chris Belleau (trombone)
Joe Krown (Hammond b-3 organ, keyboards)
David Peters (drums)

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Bobby Bare – Darker Than Light (2012)

Returning to the legendary RCA Studio B — the same place he cut many of his earliest sides — with producer Don Cusic in tow, Bare tackles folk chestnuts with the support of a band of pros anchored by guitarists Buddy Miller and Randy Scruggs, musicians who match Bare’s well-weathered but hardly worn-out growl. Strictly speaking, not every song here is a folk tune — he revives U2′s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” which is now close to a standard, and he covers Alejandro Escovedo’s “I Was Drunk,” plus he sets the Shel Silverstein poem “The Devil and Billy Markham” to music, thereby making an important connection to his classic ’70s albums, which were heavy on Silverstein tunes. Still, the core of the album lies in these imaginatively reworked folk tunes, with Bare digging into such sturdy standards as “John Hardy” and “Shenandoah,” finding new wrinkles within these overly familiar tunes. Bare doesn’t turn the songs inside out so much as expand them, so “Boll Weevil” winds up grooving on a back-porch stomp and “House of the Rising Sun” rolls out on a floating sense of sorrow. Through it all, Bare’s voice retains its casual power and grace, and he’s clearly invigorated by the ace musicians who surround him. He may be pushing 80, but Bobby Bare never seems old; he sounds like a man in full, happy to be where he is, singing songs he’s always loved.

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Bobby Bare – As Is / Ain’t Got Nothin’ to Lose (2012)


01. Dollar pool fool
02. Learning to live again
03. Call me the breeze
04. Take me as i am (or let me go)
05. Let him roll
06. New cut road
07. She is gone
08. Dropping out of sight
09. Summer wages
10. White freight liner blues
11. If you ain’t got nothin’ (you ain’t got nothin’ to lose)
12. (i’m not) a candle in the wind
13. (they covered up) the old swimmin’ hole
14. Isn’t that just like love?
15. Goodnight irene
16. Golden memories
17. I’ve been rained on too
18. Cold day in hell
19. So good to so bad
20. Praise the lord and send me the money
21. Three legged man
22. Drinkin’ from the bottle (singin’ from the heart)
23. Stacy brown got two
24. Time

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Becky Lee And Drunkfoot – Hello Black Halo (2012)

Hello Black Halo rolls in with  dark clouds of betrayal, death, and lust, as. Becky Lee abuses the hell out of her guitar using the drums only to drive the song into the open country of your speakers and her voice strikes with the power of lightning.  In “Killer Mouse”, she breaks from the beating drum into a small lead that proves Lee understands how a song needs to break down for the words or music to have the desired power.The tracks that follow are all great and enjoyable, but the track that stands out is “Hip Kids”, a suburban summer lament. In this track, Lee channels the Shondells in a 1950′s dirge about being finished with the posturing multitudes who are too cool to do anything loose or reckless (or even treat a woman right). “Hip Kids” is a song  never knew could be written. It manages to be sad, rebellious, and angry, in the same four minutes.

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The Steel Drivers – Hammer Down (2012)

The SteelDrivers are back! The three time Grammy® nominated bluegrass-meets-soul band has threaded the roots of bluegrass music with the distinctive threads of their own design, bringing together country and soul to create their own unapologetic hybrid of new music with the old feeling. Hammer Down, their third release on Rounder Records.

“They’re a blues, country, bluegrass, swagger band and they are brilliant.” ~ Adele

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The Revivalists – City of Sound (2012)

The Revivalists seem to be the next up-and-coming rock ‘n’ roll band from the Crescent City. Their live shows have an inviting energy, and they have a new recording, City of Sound, that combines the energy of their concerts with studio touches courtesy of the band and producer Ben Ellman (Galactic, Trombone Shorty, Gypsyphonic Disko, New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars). The album has a dirty sound to it, with a grungy distortion in the tracks that gives them a greater power and depth. It allows instruments to sound like things they aren’t, with horns sounding like synthesizers and vice versa. Is it live or looping when the lead track, “When I’m Able,” features a repeated single-note guitar riff and four-note horn riff?There are great rock moments when the band raves up a song with extended guitar freak-outs, but it’s not afraid to slow down or quiet down. The eerie “Pretty Photo” is ethereal, and “Upright” is ominously desperate, and they reflect the modus operandi of this fine album. City of Sound is full of ethereal moments but it remains energetic, down and dirty.

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Freakwater – Thinking of You (2005)

Surprises abound on the first release in six years from Chicago’s Freakwater. Though the Appalachian-style harmonies of Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean remain the heart of the band’s sound, Thinking of You extends the sonic range well beyond purism or revivalism. With the backing of labelmates Califone and an eclectic group of supporting musicians, the arrangements employ everything from a bass clarinet solo on “Buckets of Oil” to a musical saw on “Jack the Knife” (no relation to Mack) to a pump organ on the country waltz of “Cricket vs. Ant.” While “Jewel” sounds like it might have come from the early songbook of Dolly Parton, the closing “Hi Ho Silver” could pass as a druggy ballad from the ’70s Rolling Stones. Following solo albums by Irwin and Bean, both singer-songwriters have brought strong material (maybe their strongest to date) and fresh inspiration back to the Freakwater table.

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Ex- Cult – Ex-Cult (2012)

2012 release from the Memphis Indie Punk rockers. In early 2011, five people joined forces to start a Punk Rock band. They each came from different scenes: Hardcore, Psychedelic, and various flavors of Indie Pop. Following the release of two killer singles under the name Sex Cult, they were faced with a lawsuit from a similarly named and very aggressive techno label in New York City. So Sex Cult became Ex-Cult. Playing a series of house parties and gigs in dive bars, Ex-Cult honed their sound: a Punk Rock sweet spot that incorporates angular Post-Punk, flying saucer fuzz guitar, snotty vocals and bash-your-head-in energy. A show at SXSW caught the attention of indie wonderkind Ty Segall, and the two began making plans to record in San Francisco. This is the end result: a debut album that takes the living energy of their show and crams it onto the grooves of an LP.

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Mud Morganfield – Son of the Seventh Son (2012)

Severn Records presents Mud Morganfield’s Son Of The Seventh Son, the first national release by the eldest son of Muddy Waters. Mud Morganfield proves to be a chip off the old block with a powerful 12 song set of mostly original tunes in the classic Chicago blues style. Joining Mud are a top notch cast of backing musicians that includes Billy Flynn, Rick Kreher, Barrelhouse Chuck, E. G. McDaniel, Kenny Smith, Harmonica Hinds and producer/harp Bob Corritore. Mud’s powerful voice can summon up the spirit in a way that is all but lost in today’s contemporary blues world, and he and his powerful band will make you remember why you fell in love with the blues in the first place.

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