Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) – Totem and Taboo (2012)

Incredibly, it’s been 22 years since Hugh Cornwell left The Stranglers. With his former band he released 10 studio albums in 14 years.Hugh has always been an intellectual, often ignored in his punk roots, and has an urbanity and eccentricity about him akin to David Byrne, so it’s no surprise that Totem and Taboo is a reference to a collection of essays by Sigmund Freud. Cornwell appears to be saying that he walks a different walk, that he sees things differently, that what he enjoys we would revile at. With such a strong claim one might expect the music to be difficult and experimental, but the sound is classic guitar, bass and drums. It has the sound of a 60s band; the bass is, at times, as rumbling as anything JJ Burnel ever put down between grooves and Hugh’s guitar work has always been interesting and individual. In keeping with the 60s sound, ”˜Stuck in Daily Mail Land’ sounds like a Ray Davies number and ”˜God is a Woman’ has a bass line straight from Cream’s ”˜Badge’.Cornwell’s song writing has often revolved around well known phrases and this album is no different, with song titles like: ”˜I Want One of Those’, ”˜Bad Vibrations’, ”˜Love Me Slender’ and ”˜In the Dead of the Night’. But where once his lyrics were mysterious and open to interpretation, now they all too often banal; take this from The Face: “Amongst the faithful there was Paul/he shook my hand in the hall”.

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Michelle Nixon & Drive – A Place I Belong (2011)

Three Time SPBGMA Female Vocalist of the Year… Winner of 2 IBMA Awards…… Michelle and the best version of “Drive” you’ve ever heard are back and everyone’s talking. Here is the perfect blend of bluegrass and “real” country you will ever find.

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The Guru – Go Easy (2012)

The Guru return triumphantly with their new album “Go Easy” and it expands on the promise of last years “Native Sun” in a whole bunch of ways!The title track opens the album and what a track! It stands out as a sleek radio single ripe with top notch pop sensibility but nothing is quite like the surprisingly tasteful saxophone on this track. It hints at a campy attitude but is still played expertly and extravagantly over this song. This is a party song all over the place and is sure to cause tons of involuntary head bopping no matter where it ends up.

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Calexico – Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011 (2011)

Selections from Road Atlas: 1998-2011 is another example of how much care and thought Calexico take in presenting their music to their fans. A distillation of the limited-edition vinyl set of eight tour-only releases — itself a project the band embarked on because fans requested it — it plays like a travelogue through Calexico’s lesser-known musical territory, since many of these songs were never released anywhere else. The whispery, thoughtful Americana of “Half a Smidge” and “Griptape,” culled from 2005’s The Book and the Canal, share a link with the official Calexico albums surrounding it, Feast of Wire and Garden Ruin; the flamenco-surf of “Glowing Heart of the World,” from 98-99 Road Map, evokes the band’s earliest days. The collection favors one of the finest tour releases, Aerocalexico, including four tracks from it, including fan favorites such as the holiday song “Gift X-Change,” the hypnotic take on the traditional “All the Pretty Horses,” and the original version of “Crystal Frontier.” However, none of the tracks here could be called predictable; the version of “Lost in Space” (from Scraping) finds the band rocking out, while “Detroit Steam” (from Tool Box) could be from a blaxploitation movie soundtrack. Selections from Road Atlas: 1998-2011 does its job well: not only will it have fans who haven’t heard all of the tour albums hankering for more, it also reaffirms what a prolific, and consistent, bunch Joey Burns, John Convertino, and company are.

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Martin Sexton – Live at the Fillmore (2012)


01 – Intro
02 – Candy
03 – Serenity Prayer
04 – Diner
05 – Happy
06 – Failure
07 – Thought I Knew Ya
08 – Angeline
09 – Elephant’s Memory Reprise
10 – A Day In The Life
11 – Glory Bound
12 – Purple Rain
13 – America

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