Johnny Cash – Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits (2012)


01. I Walk The Line – By Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two
02. Guess Things Happen That Way
03. Give My Love To Rose
04. Folsom Prison Blues – By Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two
05. Home Of The Blues
06. Wreck of the Old 97
07. Next In Line
08. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
09. The Hills of Mexico
10. Train of Love

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Marion James – Northside Soul (2012)

Marion James – Vocals
Ivan Appelrouth – Guitar
Steve Bassett – Piano, Organ
Tom Ellsworth – Bass
Brad Ellsworth, Dysty Simon – Drums
with Horn Section
Ronnie Owens – Harmonica

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Paula Frazer – Now It’s Time (2007)

After nearly a decade, classic 4AD band Tarnation, led by the angelic Paula Frazer, returns with a brand new studio album. Inspired by events that happened during one summer in San Francisco, August’s Song is a heartbreaking, beautiful testament to love and loss, with a touch of redemption at the end. Like classic Tarnation, Frazer blends alternative country roots with dark, psychedelic tones and warm instrumental accompaniments that perfectly frame her ethereal voice. August’s Song is a return to form for those who miss Tarnation, and an incredible starter for beginners.

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Stan Ridgway – Mr. Trouble (2012)

Mr. Trouble is here.  6 new Songs. + 4 live tracks.The musicians here include Stan Ridgway: electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, keyboards, electronics, vocals / Pietra Wexstun: keyboards, electronics, optigon, farfisa organ, vocals, melodica / Rick King: electric and acoustic guitar, bottleneck guitar, elec. bass / Bruce Zelesnik: drums, electronics, tympani, metal breakdrums, percussion / Ralph Carney: saxophones and woodwinds, trumpet / Enrico Deiro: accordion / Lazlo Vickers: violin, viola / Tommy Arizona: pedal steel guitar / Jerome Kelly: acoustic bass.

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