November 21, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: November 21, 2012

After a very successful debut album and a largely appreciated 7-incher, THREE SEASONS are now working on a new full-length LP! The album is a twisting and turning mixture going to many different places while at the same time never leaving the sound of Three Seasons – the grooving, hard-hitting drumming and dynamic bass married with characteristic lead vocals and a most wicked guitar sound. It’s a strong foundation of an original band, who clearly have developed and found their sound! Here you’ll find folky grooves, Hendrixian guitar leads, rock-solid riffing, and more still… These Swedes deliver yet another amazing release you’ll have to get your hands on ASAP! An essential record for anyone into LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX, DEEP PURPLE, THE DOORS or bands similar.

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‘the taxidermist’ brings together the spoils of a handful of experimental recording sessions which took place earlier this year, featuring some of the uk’s most eminent jazz talents on the current scene; on hearing the resulting material, nostalgia 77’s label tru thoughts snapped it up for an album release. this set of cinematic instrumentals ranges from serene to sinister, searching to sanguine. an expanded line up with two keyboards harnessed the prodigious power of piano man mathew bourne and organ grinder ross stanley. james allsopp and fulvio sigurta on reeds and trumpet are both jekyll and hyde. all four are held secure by the engine room of tim giles drums and riaan vosloo’s bass.

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It’s hardly news for an English artist to take root in American blues tradition — Zeppelin and the Stones nearly dried that well four decades ago. And yet, after 20 years making music, London-born Holly Golightly continues to find interesting avenues to explore in raw, stripped-down blues rock on Sunday Run Me Over, her seventh album with collaborator Lawyer Dave, and 17th album overall. There’s nothing particularly complicated or unorthodox about the manner in which Golightly and Dave strum or stomp out blues nuggets and country ballads. These 12 songs are as simple as it gets — just two musicians harmonizing and plucking away, making up in soul and pure joy what they lack in overstuffed arrangements. And damned if it doesn’t sound like they’re having a good time doing it, howling “We need a whole lot less of Jesus and a lot more rock and roll” on the bluegrass standout “A Whole Lot More…”, and cranking classic Delta blues sounds up a few notches on the fiery “Goddamn Holy Roll.” There’s certainly no shortage of blues-rock albums out there, and Sunday Run Me Over, for all its winks and chuckles, is a pretty faithful take on some well-worn sounds. But when those sounds come packaged with this much spirit and conviction, sometimes that’s all you need.

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