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Day: November 17, 2012

With an unclassifiable sound like the grandchild of a spaghetti western,the Canterbury scene, melancholic trip-hop, and krautrock quirky UK quartet GTB s third album OC DC marks a more mature, exploratory sound from their previous punk jazz excursions.Drummer Clive Deamer also plays in popular rock group Radiohead, and he & bassist Jim Barr are long-serving members of the British trip-hop group Portishead.Features guest vocals from legendary British jazz vocalist Robert Wyatt on Americano Meccano.

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Jason McNiff is a London based singer/songwriter of Irish/Polish descent. He has made four original albums of what is loosely described as folk or Americana, though there is something very British about him. As Time Out attests, “McNiff’s quiet, intimate, fragile-sounding vocals draw you into his world– a melancholy, almost timeless place, through which he drifts, a romantic loner, a dreamer, at home with the blues.

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“State Of Grace” is a record that covers love, loss, leaving and the confusion of time. It features collaborations with such luminaries and modern mavericks as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Eric Chenaux , Chris Cundy (Guillemots, Cold Specks) and Jordan Hunt (The Irrepressibles, The Hidden Cameras).

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Bob Wills’ name will forever be associated with Western swing. Although he did not invent the genre single handedly, he did popularize the genre and changed its rules. In the process, he reinvented the rules of popular music. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys were a dance band with a country string section that played pop songs as if they were jazz numbers. Their music expanded and erased boundaries between genres. It was also some of the most popular music of its era. Throughout the ’40s, the band was one of the most popular groups in the country and the musicians in the Playboys were among the finest of their era. As the popularity of Western swing declined Wills’ influence became immeasurable. From the first honky tonkers to Western swing revivalists, generations of country artists owe him a significant debt, as do certain rock and jazz musicians. Bob Wills was a maverick and his spirit infused American popular music of the 20th century with a renegade, virtuosic flair.

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