Al Perry & Dan Stuart – Retronuevo (1993)

Ex-singer of GREEN ON RED, Dan Stuart met in 1992 after a long stay in Madrid in his native Tucson / Arizona, the blues guitarist Al Perry. After several pub crawls of dragged him to his house and showed him his country & blues record collection. Inspired by the ancient Heroes attacked both spontaneously and the guitars came out a traditional rhythm and blues album, revived with the various current covers the roots of rock and roll. Pearls can be discovered only after repeated listening!

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Kimberly Murray – Another Day Of Lonely (2011)

From the snippets on site this is how real country should sound. Its a 21st century take on traditional honky tonk the likes of Bob Wills Ray Price Moe Bandy and hundreds more churned out back in the day and thats no bad thing when you hear the noise Nashville assaults our ears with now. Vocally Kim sounds up there with the best of ’em. Only the Becky Hobbs infectious dynamic is missing otherwise this girl could be massive with the breaks and right record deal.

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Ruby Dee – North of Bakersfield (2012)

Seattle’s Ruby Dee & the Snake Handlers offers up sweet alt-country Americana-Rockabilly a la Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, the Derailers & X. The band has made a name for themselves in their Pacific Northwest home as a group that delivers as soon as the lights go down. Produced by Conrad Uno, their debut full-length CD “North Of Bakersfield” will blast out of your hi-fi player like a lit bottle rocket!

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VA – The Inner Flame: A Rainer Ptacek Tribute (Bonus Tracks – Reissue 2012)

1. Giant Sand & Rainer Ptacek – The Inner Flame (5:35)
2. Lucinda Williams – The Farm (5:36)
3. Robert Plant & Jimmy Page – Rude World (3:49)
4. Emmylou Harris – The Good Book (4:00)
5. John Wesley Harding – Story Teller (4:18)
6. Evan Dando – Rudy With A Flashlight (2:38)
7. Victoria Williams & Mark Olson – Something’s Gotta Be Done (3:41)
8. Grandaddy – Junkpile (3:48)
9. PJ Harvey, John Parish & Eric Drew Feldman – Losin’ Ground (3:12)
10. Chuck Prophet – Limit To It (4:16)
11. Vic Chesnutt & Tina Chesnutt – Where’s That At? (3:28)
12. Madeleine Peyroux – Life Is Fine (3:13)
13. Robert Plant & Rainer Ptacek – 21 Years (5:12)
14. Chris Whitley – Powderkeg (5:25)
15. Jonathan Richman – Broken Promises (4:15)
16. Kris McKay – One Man Crusade (4:17)
17. Howe Gelb – Broken Promises (3:15)
18. Joey Burns, John Convertino & Rainer Ptacek – Be Prepared (3:35)

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