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Day: November 12, 2012

Her third release, 2012′s Deer Creek Canyon, she strikes a lovely balance between the resonance of classic country and folk and the more outgoing approach of contemporary roots music. Six years may have separated Sera’s Sub Pop debut Only as the Day Is Long and this follow up, but this music never sounds like it was worried over for too long — if the songs and recordings were clearly crafted with care, they also sound spontaneous and organic, and Cahoone’s vocals seem as natural as conversation but with a silky, richly textured beauty that’s subtly enchanting.

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The musical merger of Habib Koité and Eric Bibb brings together two soulful histories into a never-before heard guitar sound that is passionate and ebullient. Growing up in Mali, West Africa, Koité is heir to an ancestral knowledge set to song that places him among the most influential voices of contemporary Africa, while Bibb’s lineage in the traditional blues sound has produced an earthy mix of folk and gospel dating back to the work songs of the deep south. Forging a bridge across the Atlantic, Bibb and Koité are two talents too exhilarating to ignore.

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Disc 1
1. Good Times Bad Times 3:11
2. Ramble On 5:44
3. Black Dog 5:53
4. In My Time of Dying 11:10
5. For Your Life 6:40
6. Trampled Under Foot 6:19
7. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 6:43
8. No Quarter 9:21

Disc 2
1. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7:52
2. Dazed And Confused 11:44
3. Stairway To Heaven 8:49
4. Song Remains The Same 5:46
5. Misty Mountain Hop 5:08
6. Kashmir 9:06
7. Whole Lotta Love 7:26
8. Rock And Roll 4:34

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Taken from the final two nights of The Fire Meets The Fury Tour , during which Vaughan was paired with British guitar legend Jeff Beck for a 28 date run, and as part of his wider In Step Tour arranged to promote what was to be the maestro s final solo studio record, both sets offer a widely diverse song selection that span the entirety of Vaughan s recording career. With Stevie sadly passing on just eight months after these two gigs, they remain amongst the last recorded performances given by this guitar virtuoso, and accordingly, provide an historic document as well as a hugely enjoyable listening experience for the man s millions of fans still flying the flag for the finest rock guitarist to emerge in the final quarter of the twentieth century.

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