November 10, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: November 10, 2012

2012 album from the Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Taking cues from the sounds of Humble Pie, The Faces, The Black Crowes, Led Zep and The Stones, My Dynamite draws a healthy respect for the greats and turns it into a contemporary and irresistible sound with a firm focus on getting the party started. Be assured, My Dynamite is more Rock stomp that boot scoot, having already built a solid following by conquering some of Australia’s toughest and most loved venues.

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It may upset folks rooting for Howler that they continuously get compared to the Strokes, but it’s not like the band doesn’t deserve it. After all, these affable Minnesotans offer the sort of spry and strummy “no bullshit” rock music that made tons of folks spring for the more expensive and less tastefully covered version of Is This It more than 10 years ago. That Howler’s transformation from local faves to darlings of the international music press was aided by favorable write-ups in both The New York Times and the NME, as well as the breathless, semi-mythic pursuit of Rough Trade Records– the storied UK label reportedly flew overseas to sign the band based on its unsolicited demo– only help strengthen the spiritual bond between these two groups.It also helps (or hurts) that Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith often offers his thoughts about love and loneliness in the same sort of laconic faux-macho groan that Julian Casablancas should’ve trademarked. But while Gatesmith, at the ripe age of 19, isn’t much younger than Casablancas was when the ink dried on the Strokes’ first contract, he’s not nearly as comfortable striking the same disaffected poses. If anything, Howler suffer the more Gatesmith resembles Casablancas, partially because he’s not pitching the same kind of game. Howler’s hearts are firmly affixed on their sleeves, right below a magic-marker version of the Weezer “flying W.” When Gatesmith’s yawp collides with Howler’s more sensitive sentiments– for example, his shirt-rending complaints about necking on “Wailing (Making Out)”– it’s not a good look. Howler are better off when Gatesmith veers towards flattering another New York City music icon, Joey Ramone (as on “This One’s Different”), or simply making sure that he doesn’t get too excited.

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Accordion – Reagan Smith
Banjo – Reagan Smith
Cello – Amber Shirah
Viola – Matthew Hagerman
Additional vocals – Matthew Hagerman, Victorio Marisigan, Anthony Ramirez, Reagan Smith, Zack Wiggs, Montana Wood

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A brand new album of Jim Ruiz Set, formerly known as the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, “Mount Curve Avenue” is now available via Korda Records and Allen Clapp‘s Mystery Lawn Music. “Mount Curve Avenue” is the first release in 14 years by the legendary Jim Ruiz.

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Neil Finn’s solo debut carries much the same style and tone of his work with Crowded House–the intimate vocal delivery, the undeniably intelligent pop approach. What Try Whistling This lacks is a couple of cuts to break up the tastefulness that washes over everything; there’s no noise like “Locked Out,” no full-on heartbreak like “Better Be Home Soon.” That’s no reason for fans of the singer/songwriter not to buy this, but it’s hard to see how it’ll win many new listeners over to this occasional genius’s side.

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