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Day: November 9, 2012

The Pilgrim Travelers were Specialty’s most prolific group, recording more than any their other ensemble in any style. They were versatile enough to be sensational as an a cappella unit, and almost as magnificent with instrumental accompaniment. The 28 cuts from this most recent anthology shows them adjusting to instrumental support, as lead vocalists Kylo Turner and Keith Barber effectively duel and contrast against organs, keyboards, bass and drums. The collection also contains 13 previously unissued songs, most of them incredible unaccompamied performances. The Pilgrim Travelers weren’t far behind The Soul Stirrers in greatness. (Ron Wynn, Allmusic)

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Sean Rowe recently released his fourth album, The Salesman and The Shark, which follows on the heels of the critically acclaimed Magic.The lyrical strength of Magicearned him comparisons to Leonard Cohen and other lyrical and vocal legends, something that Rowe appreciates, but has taken in stride. “It’s natural to want to compare something we’ve never experienced with something we already know,” said Rowe. “They are all artists I have identified with over the years, but of course there are many more. I think the real key is absorbing what you can from others, mix it with your own energy and then develop your own voice.”That point is clear on songs like “Joe’s Cult.” With its Tom Waits-ian qualities, it sounds right at home on an Anti- recording. “A lot of that sound was producer Woody Jackson’s influence,” said Rowe. “I love the way that one came out. I think we recorded three drum sets at once to get the boom that it has.”

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01. “The Rules Of Summer” – Alex Body
02. “Strange City” – Brooks Strause
03. “Summer Sun” – Greg Brown
04. “Help Thy Brother’s Boat Across” – David Zollo & The Body Electric
05. “Doesn’t Take Long” – Pieta Brown
06. “Run Johnny Run” – William Elliott Whitmore
07. “A Short Walk” – Rene Hell
08. “Up The Street From You” – Sam Knutson / Milk & Eggs
09. “So It Goes” – Caroline Smith & Jesse Schuster
10. “No Place Like Home” – Bo Ramsey
11. “Death Buggy” (House Of Large Sizes cover) – Samuel Locke Ward
12. “Old Capital City” – The Poison Control Center
13. “Strings” – Emperors Club
14. “The North Dodge Alley” – Wet Hair
15. “Drought” – Cuticle
16. “We’re So Lonely” – Christopher The Conquered
17. “Gasoline” – The Feralings
18. “Unsteady Youth” – Alexis Stevens
19. “Ashtray” – The Lonelyhearts
20. “A Town of Tin Crowns” – Lwa

21. “Two Leather Boots” – Awful Purdies
22, “Hourglass” – Chasing Shade
23. “Water Changes Plans” – Tallgrass
24. “Mississippi River Town Blues” – We Shave
25. “Speak To Us Of Love” – Skye Carrasco
26. “Handle With Care” – John Svec
27. “Wish I Could” – Flannel
28. “Iowa City, Make Love To Me” – Pete Balestrieri
29. “Max Yocum’s Blues” – Liberty Leg
30. “The Sky Is Our Mountains” – Mumford’s
31. “Corn Thrust” – The Tanks

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When Morrison and West released their debut The Holy Coming of The Storm in early 2011 it received almost universal acclaim and ended up in many a top ten album list at the end of the year. Their unique blend of studied antiquity with their songwriting skills and superb picking and singing struck a chord with listeners and they topped it off with a triumphant Celtic Connections appearance.18 months later and we have the follow up, Our Lady of the Tall Trees, an album that continues in much the same vein as its predecessor which is tantamount to saying that it’s essential listening. Morrison continues to write the bulk of the material here with one traditional song offered up. However this time around there are three contemporary cover versions included, the very familiar Townes Van Zandt’s Loretta, Norman Blake’s Church St. Blues and closing the album Garry Harrison’s Red prairie Dawn, a nice touch as it serves to pay tribute to Harrison, an Illinois fiddler and lover of old time music who sadly died earlier this year.

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ESSENTIAL OILS is available now with 36 tracks on 2CD’s it is the most extensive Midnight Oil collection ever and spans their legendary career.
As Jim Moginie puts it; “For this collection, we put our most definitive songs in chronological timeline, so listening feels like a turbo boosted journey at light speed through 25 years of being in Midnight Oil”.

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