Ten Years After – Rock & Roll Music to the World (1972) [AFZ 24 KT + Gold CD, 2012]

There would only be one more studio recording from Ten Years After following the 1972 release of Rock & Roll Music to the World. This album was a favorite in the early 70’s and the catchy rockin’ title track gained quite a lot of radio play. While the content of the songs is inspired by the blues, the music is rock & roll, cleanly played with power and finesse. The band sounds tight and relaxed. Chick Churchill plays some interesting combination of synthesizer and organ lines, Ric Lee’s pounding drums and Leo Lyons’ bass work drive the powerful backbeat.

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Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet – Walk, Love, Sleep (2012)

There may not be a more creative group of artists anywhere within the boundaries of any art form than those within the Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet. These are individuals that comprehensively understand their responsibility to art and it is only through this level of integrity and creativity that art can, and will continue to move forward. Thus, it is completely mystifying and disheartening that this group of brilliant artists from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Chicago and New York remain relatively unknown outside of avant-garde circles. They have created their own dimensions of sound, their own sonority of power and intensity, with shapes of silence that collide and separate at varying levels of speed and measurements of time. They have not introduced a new language as much as they invent new universes within fields of time and space through intellect, passion and importantly, attitude.

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Tom Brosseau – Cavalier (2007)

Tom Brosseau’s second full-length for Fat Cat records is a jawdropper. Cavalier music CDs Finding his folk roots among such castaways of the tradition as John Jacob Niles, Charlie Feathers, and Michael Hurley, Brosseau has a voice and delivery that clutch like a death grip, and the material to go along with them. “Committed to Memory” and “My Heart Belongs to the Sea” are just two of the many instant classics, both featuring a childlike vocal tremble, spacious instrumentation, and haunting lyrics drenched in reverb Cavalier songs. The end result makes for the perfect marriage of heartbreak and left-of-center beauty Cavalier album. Freak-folk wannabes the world over: you’ve been served Cavalier CD music. Amazing.

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Peter Buck – Peter Buck (2012)

R.E.M. split, guitarist Peter Buck, a great sideman who had intimated that he’d never become a frontman, is unexpectedly first out of the gate with a self-titled solo debut. It’s a curious thing: a vinyl-only release on Portland’s Mississippi Records, which specializes in old blues and folk reissues. Limited to 2,000 copies, the album is sold exclusively through independent record stores and online retailers, although there are rumors of a digital release sometime in the future.

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Diane Cluck – Fall. Tour. Songs. (2012)

“I recorded these songs with cellist Isabel Castellvi in preparation for our fall tour. Some of them were written as part of my current Song-of-the-Week project ( dianecluck.info/song-of-the-week ). Versions on the EP (with the exception of “trophies”) are different than those released through the project.–Diane

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The Okee Dokee Brothers – Can You Canoe ? (2012)

The Okee Dokee Brothers, we have found out, are two guys from Denver, Justin and Joe, who have been friends since they were three.  A year ago they canoed down the Mississippi River from its beginning at Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota to St. Louis, MO, composing songs as they traveled.  From their trip, they created the CD: Can You Canoe? They sing about their love for the outdoors in a slew of creative melodies and tempos as they strum their banjo and guitar.

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