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Day: August 27, 2012

From performing alongside the likes of Doyle Lawson, Ricky Skaggs and Vern Gosdin, Lou Reid has shared the stage with some of the best in bluegrass and country music. Today, in addition to being a member of the Seldom Scene, Lou fronts his own band, Lou Reid and Carolina. Their latest album, Callin’ Me Back Home, hit shelves in April and promises to be a great addition to the band’s catalog.The ten-song album features superior musicianship from the four members of the band: Lou on guitar and mandolin, Shannon Slaughter on guitar, Trevor Watson on banjo, and Lou’s wife Christy Reid on acoustic bass. In addition, several special guest musicians add to the album’s sound, including Neil Worf (drums), Mike Auldridge (pedal steel), Ron Stewart (fiddle), Rob Ickes (dobro), and Tony Rice (lead and rhythm guitar). Several of these instruments help to create a more modern, country sound, especially on the album’s closing tune, Big Old Red Guitar, which features drums, pedal steel, and Rice on lead guitar.

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Hailing from London, The See See have taken the jangle of  the obvious (The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Love), a dash of early ’90’s Creation Records and filtered these excellent influences through their own creativity and excellent musicianship and vocal prowess. The album starts off with the vibe setting ‘Waltz”, which quickly gives way to “Open Up Your Door”, a song that could have easily fit on “The Notorious Byrd Brothers”. Gorgeous harmonies float above song craft that is genuinely on the level of the ’60’s greats; best of all, it’s a standard which continues for the entire record.

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Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez are, in many ways, birds of a feather. While it’s true that Jimenez came from a lineage of great musicians, he and Fender spent their formative years scuffling in the cantinas on the Texas/Mexico border, playing the old songs, singing and laughing, and no doubt sometimes crying for chump change before they got breaks, hit the big time, laid down hits, won Grammy awards, and played with superstars. Dos Amigos is the joyous result of this pair going back to the first steps on the long bumpy road that made them living legends. These 14 songs are the old songs, the popular hits of the day nearly 50 years ago, and they are the ancient songs, the traditional polkas, corridos, and sons that every entertainer cut his teeth on. Recorded live in the studio, Fender and Jimenez are accompanied only by Max Baca on bajo sexto and percussionist Gabriel Zavala. The tape is rolling — there is discussion, much laughter, and above all the free-flowing passion of men in close camaraderie having a fine time. But this isn’t a record that merely evokes nostalgia. Hardly. In fact, it is the sound of love: love for the music, love for the tradition, and the sheer love of playing together. The music is raw, genuine, effortless, and also loose, free-flowing, alive. The tunes themselves don’t matter except to those who know them. It is the sheer joy of the performance that does. And it is here in abundance, full of passion, pathos, happiness, and that bittersweet twinge in the heart that comes from reliving the art of memory. This is an utterly necessary offering, one that transcends time and space and cultural barriers, one that offers hard — yet freewheeling and rollicking — evidence that music is a universal language.

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Palindrome Hunches, his third solo project — self-described as “a little darker” — Halstead recruited producer Nick Holton and the Wallingford, Oxfordshire musical collective Band of Hope as his backing band, a like-minded outfit of rustic English folk/rockers.Halstead’s sandy textured vocals are the icing on the proverbial cake, a John Martyn-styled gentleness and melancholy that draws you into the shadowy undercurrents below the serene surface.

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