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Day: August 26, 2012

Linda Thompson is a meticulous craftswoman, seemingly incapable of putting out music that’s any less than spectacular. She follows up her spectacular comeback album, 2002’s Fashionably Late, with this stunning collection of ballads, proving to all that her creative fire remains undiminished. There are a few tunes by other writers. Rufus Wainwright contributes “Beauty,” a poignant tune that Thompson delivers with her understated majesty, while her reading of the Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan protest song “Day After Tomorrow” is positively heartrending. The song is written as a letter home from a young man in Iraq, praying that he’ll live to see his 21st birthday; Thompson’s vocal here is haunting, brimming over with raw longing and an almost fatal resignation. As good as those songs are, they’re merely appetizers for the main course, eight new Thompson tunes, some written in collaboration with her son Teddy, and a new song by her daughter Kamila, “Nice Cars.” On “Do Your Best for Rock ‘n Roll,” Linda and Teddy channel the ghost of Hank Williams, Sr. The tune suggests “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” but moves in its own unique direction, with Thompson’s weary country vocal laying out her broken but still beating heart for all to see. It’s a wrenching performance, with James Walbourne’s guitar mixed to produce a blue-tinged, larger-than-life-size twang. “Give Me a Sad Song,” another country weeper, co-written with Betsy Cook, uses the usual images of booze, country music, and remorse, with a quavering vocal by Thompson that wouldn’t sound out of place on anything coming out of Nashville. “Blue & Gold” is written as an English folk song, using the language of fairy tales to explore the ups and downs of love. “Whiskey, Bob Copper and Me” is another new traditional-sounding British folk song, a tribute to Bob Copper, the A.P. Carter of British traditional music. It’s another song of bereavement with Eliza Carthy supplying the poignant harmony vocals. Thompson’s heart may be versatile, but her forte is her ability to imbue songs of remorse, loss, and frustrated desire with a soulful beauty and an implied state of grace. Every album is deeper, more sensitive, and more inspiring than the last — and this one is no exception.

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Patterson Hood, one return with his third solo album, Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance, due out in September 2012. The songs on the album began in the form of a novel Hood was working on, a fictional but semi-autobiographical account of a dark time in the singer’s late twenties. The book remained unfinished, but the characters and events he began chronicling in written form translated well into song. Hood is joined by all the other members of Drive-By Truckers on the album, as well as members of Centro-Matic; songwriter Kelly Hogan; and Hood’s father, David Hood, onetime Muscle Shoals bass player.

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“This record is by my favorite singer-songwriter in all of New York City. I”m so happy to be alive at the same time she is because i get to see her perform. It”s her and guitar or her and piano or her and harmonium. Her lyrics are so good, when i play this for people they stop doing everything and are quiet for hours after.” – Devendra Banhart

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When sliding the new opus of St. Augustine in the drive, the anxiety seemed to be more legitimate. Three years have passed since the aptly named Changing Plans and dust came revolutionize the concept of “folk music”. At the same time respectful of his elders, Dylan and Drake head, and listen to the nineties revival has revived the days checkered shirt with Will Oldham and Jason Molina were still figureheads, François-Régis Croisier through a remarkable work, was able to unite and overcome these inspirations to bring originality to his compositions almost pop that made it stand out from similar productions wanting. St. Augustine and behold enthroned “North Star” of the constellation Kütu Folk, Clermont label grouping within it a number of stars brighter than each other (Evening Hymns, Zak Laughed, Garciaphone, The Delano Orchestra, Hospital Ships, Kim Novak …). With this status, we expect the course to turn. But the (talented) young man we had partly reassured us with one last year June, A Maze EP that, even if it wanted decidedly more crude in terms of orchestration and production reached a point view melodic at the height of his predecessor. What directions for the Soldiers? A return to a more refined folk or further research to test the folk-pop like?

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Brand New World songs Ernie spent many years building his reputation in the Bluegrass music field, and at the same time, honing his vocal abilities, to include other styles. Brand New World album Drawing on such influences as Tony Bennett, Ray Price, and Mac Wiseman, Sykes presents a set of smooth country ballads and shuffles, to satisfy the most discriminating country fan.Each song features Ernies rich, warm, vocals, along with great instrumental support from his band.

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