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Day: August 24, 2012

Rosie Thomas has once again succeeded in producing the most accessible record ever to bear the SubPop insignia. The Seattle-based singer/songwriter’s 2002 and 2003 releases for the label were studies in introspective D.I.Y. simplicity, relying on the artists’ fragile but expressive voice multi-tracked over winsome pianos, guitars, and xylophones. On her third offering, the equally introspective If Songs Could Be Held, Thomas has crafted a set of songs that wouldn’t sound out of place spilling from the ceiling of an extremely popular coffeehouse chain. Armed with amorous string sections, lazy electric piano, and acoustic guitar, If Songs Could Be Held is like a rainy summer afternoon in a bottle. Thomas’ voice can be a thing of wonder, especially when she allows it to navigate a melody rather than recite it — both the austere “Clear as a Bell” and the captivating “Pretty Dress” are peerless examples. While her lyrics are relentless in their wistful self-absorption and romantic second-guessing, the role of the confessional singer/songwriter is aptly fulfilled, resulting in a lovely collection of Sunday morning melancholy that’s as gentle as it is weary.

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The Railways have taken the train off the tracks with a thrilling new brand of Blues-Rock. This album is contemporary and fresh with a vibe that harkens back to the soul-dripping influences of Bobby “Blue” Bland and the raw rock power of Led Zeppelin.

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Carry Me Out This Way is the debut album from bluegrass music sensation The New Old Cavalry. The quintet is headed to Colorado bringing their brand of country blues, murder ballads, and sweaty ragegrass to the Rocky Mountains.
While maintaining the format of a traditional string band, NOC sends astral bodies of loose psychedelia and jazz inspired improvisation crashing like an asteroid into the mountains of Appalachian harmonies and traditional bluegrass.
This tobacco chewin’, whiskey snortin’ act may be young, but they’ve got the piss and vinegar of an act that’s been around twice as long. Chris Dollar heads up the group on acoustic guitar and vocals, with support from Alex Wukmer on dobro, and banjo plucker Justin Hughey. Brandon Lee holds down mandolin duties, with Brian Chomka rounding out the quintet on the upright bass. These boys don’t tire, never stop playing, and never leave a room without getting everybody on the floor, dancing, and raisin’ a ruckus.The New Old Cavalry is on a trajectory for success. Whether you’re a fan of traditional, neo-traditional, or non-traditional music, these boys will stir your heart and move your feet.

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