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Day: August 20, 2012

Mystic Pinball, Hiatt 21st studio album, he turned to producer Kevin ‘Caveman’ Shirley (Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Joe Bonamassa). Shirley also produced Hiatt’s highly praised Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, which the New York Times declared was “…his best since 1995.”Hiatt relies on the exceptional musical skills of Doug Lancio (electric guitar, mandolin, Dobro), Kenneth Blevins (drums and percussion) and Patrick O’Hearn (bass) to play with him on the record.

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01 – ZZTop – Igotsta Get Paid
02 – The Darkness – Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us
03 – Cory Branan – Survivor Blues
04 – Tremonti – Leave It Alone
05 – Howlin’ Rain – Strange Thunder
06 – Def Leppard – It’s All About Believin’
07 – Phantom Limb – Gravy Train
08 – Von Hertzen Brothers – Let Thy Will Be Done
09 – Squackett – Stormchaser
10 – Joe Bonamassa – Too Much Ain’t Enough Love ( Feat Jimmy Barnes)
11 – The Treatment – Run Run Run
12 – Fang Island – Asunder (radio edit)
13 – We Are Agustines – Juarez
14 – The Night Flight Orchestra – Siberian Queen
15 – Asia – Face On The Bridge

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Four years on from When the Haar Rolls In — the East Fife, Scotland-born artist’s previous album of self-penned material — I Was a Cat from a Book finds the creative and ever exploratory James Yorkston in pensive mood following his young daughter’s recovery from a serious illness. Named after her description of a vivid dream, it contains some of Yorkston’s most honest and soul-searching lyrics to date and directly follows the ten-year anniversary of his acclaimed debut, 2002’s Moving Up Country. While the journey from Country to Haar saw him develop from a tentative but assured bedsit romantic to the accomplished Dylanesque lyricist of the latter album’s title track, here it’s Yorkston’s controlled and masterful lightness of touch which helps him deal with topics that could have felt overly intense in the hands of others. Recorded — like each of his previous long-players — at the familiar Bryn Derwen Studios, his North Wales studio of choice, on this release he is joined by a new cast of musicians including Lamb’s Jon Thorne on double-bass and the Cinematic Orchestra’s Luke Flowers on drums. When these two players effortlessly lock in with John Ellis’ piano on the tender opener “Catch,” it’s clear that the trio are more than comfortable in each other’s company. There’s a timeless quality to the instrumental breaks of this track in particular that recalls Island Records’ folk-meets-jazz albums of the early ‘70s such as Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter. However, by the time you’ve heard the brooding Kathryn Williams collaboration — the functionally titled “Kath with Rhodes” — and the breakneck-speed “Border Song” — it’s also clear that you’re listening to an artist who is willing to take risks. There’s a thread of anger that runs through these songs, but this is curtailed and tempered by the many lyrical declarations of fear that arise on tracks such as the Jill O’Sullivan duet “Just as Scared” and the understandably claustrophobic “The Fire and the Flames.” In turn, these ruminations are never overbearing for the listener, as even the gentle, seemingly self-analytical gem “A Short Blues” is instilled with imagery of hope and “nothing but the sun.” Ultimately, in I Was a Cat from a Book, Yorkston has delivered a measured, wise, and life-affirming record, which has the power to inspire.

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In January 1972 a newly formed grassroots band The Flatlanders (comprised of the nucleus of Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock) travelled to Tommy Allsup s Odessa, TX studio at the urging of a local radio DJ. The 14 songs recorded on reel-to-reel tape arguably marked the birth of alternative country music. In celebration of their 40th anniversary together, the esteemed founding fathers of Americana will release a collection of these recordings as The Odessa Tapes via New West Records.

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Continuing on a long standing American folk music tradition, The Coyote Bandits fuse old sounds with new energy bringing forth a Frankenstein of music. Touching on the blues and Springsteen-esque rock they’re sure to have a little bit of something for everyone. As a bonus, all of the band is really good looking. Have you ever heard a lion fighting a hurricane? This is better. For real you should hear it.

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Dennis Crommett’s In the Buffalo Surround is a startlingly beautiful set of eleven songs that explores nature, love, transformation, and the exhilaration of coming into one’s own – ‘Reading about the Sioux and their respect for animals and nature, their value of ritual, especially as related to growing into adulthood, struck a chord with me,’ Crommett explains.In the Buffalo Surround is bound to be a riveting discovery for fans of Neil Young, Wilco, Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) orThe Innocence Mission.On his new album features notable western Massachusetts musicians Ray Mason (bass), Dave Chalfant (lap steel), Ken Maiuri (keyboards/accordion), and Brian Akey (mandolin), with Beale on drums and Dennis on guitars and vocals. Most of the record was made during the weekends throughout 2010, when Dennis would drive down to the area where he grew up, adding some emotional and nostalgic fuel to the recording fire.

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