August 17, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: August 17, 2012

Massively potent set of multi-track psychedelic string wrangling privately-pressed by Willie Lane himself: Lane remains one of the most unique string thinkers to come out of the creative tumult of North Eastern USA, forging links with Matthew Valentine and Erika Elder (whose Child Of Microtones imprint released his classic Recliner Ragas as a limited CD-R), Joshua Burkett, Steve Gunn and Grant Acker from Un, with whom he shares the Slurp Dogs duo. But the solo setting is invariably the one to get your head spinning and this beautifully packaged solo album, the follow-up to his earlier Known Quantity LP, is just ass-flatteningly great. Lane has an odd, skewered vision of the potential for endlessly over-dubbed steel strings to open up new vectors of sound and thought, and here he lays down weird, repeat chord sequences and then bisects them with screaming lead guitar and odd, melancholy night-time movements that will have you pulling out Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack and Misato Minami’s 1971 side The Tropics, cut with Mizutani from Rallizes, in order to get a better fix on the string co-ordinates. As with all of Lane’s material there’s a subtle humour in the titles, “Imaginary Labelmate”, “Spaghetti Eastern”, “Rare Psych For Wayne” but the overall atmosphere is lugubrious, haunted, seemingly bled straight to four-track in the early hours and with a stunning, fuzzy/personal fidelity that Lane claims “listeners with an ear for the veil of haze that clouds-up certain Impossible Recordworks will embrace”. Indeed, the set almost feels like a Japanese cousin of Matthew Valentine’s experiments in Spectrasound, with a tone that matches the raging iconoclasm of Masayuki Takayanagi and Takashi Mizutani while wrapping the whole thing up in a form of supremely lonesome blues and hermetic tone poetry that has little parallel outside of weirdo one-shots like US Saucer’s classic My Company Is Misery album or some of the foggier Loren Connors material. Throw in a couple of sly nods to “Swastika Girls”-era Fripp & Eno and you have all the ingredients for a classic private press LP and a guaranteed future monster. Hand-numbered edition of 350 copies with Folkways-style wraparound paste-on sleeves and pro-printed labels, very highly recommended!

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Bob Mould is set to release his first new album in three years in less than a month, and Merge Records  this morning offered up the first taste of Silver Age in the form of lead single “The Descent,” which, perhaps not surprisingly, is very reminiscent of Mould’s ’90s work with Sugar.  Which means the new material should fit in well when Mould’s band plays it alongside Copper Blue  on his fall U.S. tour.

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Honeysuckle Dog is the title of a recording by Chris Smither, originally recorded in 1973 for United Artists Records but it was never released as around the same time the record label was purchased by Transamerica, which culled over half the UA roster of artists (including Smither) shortly before putting the label out of business altogether. Despite being dropped from the record label, Smither continued to tour, becoming a fixture in the New England folk clubs

Chris Smither – vocals, guitar
Eric Kaz – piano, harmonica
Dr. John – piano
Lowell George – guitar
David Holland – bass
Patti Austin – background vocals
Hilda Harris – background vocals
Maretha Stewart – background vocals
Robin Kenyatta – flute
Jackie Lomax – bass
Ray Lucas – drums
Bill Payne – piano
Pat Rebillot – piano, organ
Perry Robinson – clarinet
Mike Mainieri – vibraphone
Chris Parker – drums
Richard Anthony Davis – bass

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This fiery, unfettered, full tilt assault on country music strikes that perfect chord of being both inescapably familiar yet remarkably fresh. Johnny Cash on cocaine may be the most appropriate description. More Memphis than Nashville, more madness than melancholy. But moreover, Bad Juju is just one hell of a good time.

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