August 15, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: August 15, 2012

Composing on both sitar and guitar, and inspired by the Sacred Harp tradition, Wilson’s music bursts with fresh sounds and vivid engagement with one of America’s oldest musical traditions and with a deeply felt spirituality. She has cut her own path through the wilderness, through the rocky corridors of Philly women’s safe havens (audible in songs like “Royalene”) or the woods and streams of the rural South.Joined by instruments from the Chinese erhu fiddle to the hurdy gurdy, along with a full Sacred Harp-style vocal ensemble, Wilson’s lush, second full-length album ebbs and flows, united by her delicate yet urgent voice and straightforward, poetic lyrical visions. In complex, globally inflected songs, she chronicles nature’s vivid outbursts, our shared struggles for hope and connection, and the paradoxes that birth real joy.

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01. I’m A Little Airplane
02. The Morning Of Our Lives
03. In The Checkout Line
04. Try This Brand New Dance
05. Theme From The Moulin Rouge
06. And That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
07. Ancient And Long Ago
08. The Fenway
09. Not Yet Three
10. Stop This Car
11. Shirin And Fahrad
12. Walter Johnson
13. Five Year Old Feeling

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New release from the veteran Australian Country artist. With iconic Australian songs such as ‘True Blue’, ‘Cootamundra Wattle’, ‘Salisbury Street,’ ‘Galleries of Pink Galah’s’, ‘Raining On The Rock’ and ‘Rip Rip Woodchip’ to his name, John Williamson is one of Australia’s greatest musicians and is considered a legend within the industry. The Big Red will resonate with Australians all over and continue to showcase John Williamson’s ability to capture the land, characters and spirit in song.

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With ‘What Comes After the Blues,’ we enter a new era with Jason Molina. After seven full-length studio albums in as many years – each recorded using a revolving cast of players under the name Songs: Ohia – Molina has retired the name as well as his wayward days and settled in with a new, consistent cast of players. He has named this group Magnolia Electric Co., after his final Songs: Ohia album. Why now? Surely moving to Southern Indiana and finding a once-in-a-career band consisting of Pete Schreiner, Jason Groth, Mark Rice and Mike Kapinus had something to do with it.Sonically, this isn’t a huge departure from where Songs: Ohia was headed these past few years. The steel howls hauntedly, the guitars soar and crunch with verve, and the songs resonate with timelessness. Steve Albini’s live-in-a-room, captured-as-it-was-played engineering technique is still a crucial player. Where we find the marked difference is in their confidence, as afforded by experience and trust in one another. These guys are talented, hardworking, and actually enjoy playing with one another – and you can hear it in their songs. As on the limited edition live album Trials & Errors, Magnolia Electric Co. know exactly what they are shooting for and hit it dead center with every attempt. This is not indie rock anymore. Magnolia Electric Co. have made a no-bullshit album that is both rocking and full of life…a fist-pumper that manages to hit great depths of beauty.

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