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Day: August 7, 2012

After two acclaimed albums for the wonderful Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records, and several successful tours ep five Turin churn out a concept album, as it was used once, or make too many heavy metal bands. The story of “Son of the Dust” revolves around three characters: a ostraniero, a priest and a peasant. The farmer is the son of the dry powder in a wild west imagery, in a village which is undergoing a tremendous drought. In codesto village comes a stranger who says that the only way to end the drought is to throw the gold statue of the saint of Cold Stone Road in the well, to propitiate the water. The clever stranger takes apart a farmer and told him he could be the one chosen to make the sacrifice. Obviously the farmer contrati despite the opinions of the priest and his wife does the infamous gesture. He escapes and is desperate for the incident, the rain will come and kill the farmer’s wife, who will remain alone and defeated. The Movie Star Junkies told with music and poignant story of a damned dirty lives defeat, despair and loneliness. The music is beautiful, though less sharp-edged discs of the past, a rock in the style of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, sound harsh and very vital, as only the Movie Star Junkies can do. I imagine them playing in the saloon of bad lives, where they meet all the outcasts to hear something that they can redeem. The disc was recorded live in an old barn in the Cuneo area, only to be mixed at ‘Outside Inside Studio by Emanuele Barter with the help of Massimiliano Moccia.

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This album is a wonderful blend of musical styles and genres, from swampy blues with electric guitars, saxophone and B3 organ, to country and cajun with fiddles and accordion, to 60s psychedelic with flute and sitar.

Lee Hollowell: “This album is my first solo release and it is a culmination of a lifetime of enjoying and making music. My first band played Stones and Animals covers in the 60’s. In the 70’s I got into country, bluegrass and swing, and in the 80’s I rediscovered my blues roots by delving into the classic recordings of Wolf, Muddy, Albert and B.B. and many other blues artists from the delta, Texas and Chicago. I have found that the blues well is very deep and very refreshing. I never tire of listening to these musical masters, who changed the whole landscape of popular music without most of us knowing it.”

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It’s been over three years since the release of their acclaimed debut album, If You Don’t Need It Let It  Go.  Now, after two years of pioneering and playing music from their sub-tropical abode in the southeast Queensland rainforest of Natural Bridge, Laneway have crafted a stunning new release entitled, Turn Your Love Up.Featuring a superb collection of ten original songs penned by the duo, Turn Your Love Up displays strong and striking roomy guitars both gritty and delicate, reflecting light and shade, with haunted, floating vocals and diverse compositions.

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01 I am trying to break your heart (Fernando Bernardino )
02 Kamera (Gru )
03 Radio cure (Harmada )
04 War on war (Josephines )
05 Jesus, etc. (The Prom Queen)
06 Ashes of american flags (Foppa )
07 Heavy metal drummer (The Sorry Shop)
08 I’m the man who loves you (Trend)
09 Pot kettle black (Benjamins)
10 Poor places (Lestics )
11 Reservations (Giancarlo Rufatto & Wilco Country Club)

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