Laneway – Turn Your Love Up (2012)

It’s been over three years since the release of their acclaimed debut album, If You Don’t Need It Let It  Go.  Now, after two years of pioneering and playing music from their sub-tropical abode in the southeast Queensland rainforest of Natural Bridge, Laneway have crafted a stunning new release entitled, Turn Your Love Up.Featuring a superb collection of ten original songs penned by the duo, Turn Your Love Up displays strong and striking roomy guitars both gritty and delicate, reflecting light and shade, with haunted, floating vocals and diverse compositions.

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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Tribute – A Box Full Of Versions (2012)

01 I am trying to break your heart (Fernando Bernardino )
02 Kamera (Gru )
03 Radio cure (Harmada )
04 War on war (Josephines )
05 Jesus, etc. (The Prom Queen)
06 Ashes of american flags (Foppa )
07 Heavy metal drummer (The Sorry Shop)
08 I’m the man who loves you (Trend)
09 Pot kettle black (Benjamins)
10 Poor places (Lestics )
11 Reservations (Giancarlo Rufatto & Wilco Country Club)

mp3 192 kbps | 105 MB | UJ | UL