Syd Arthur – On An On (2012)

The first thing that hits you about Canterbury band Syd Arthur, is how comfortably recognisable they are. Although the quartet describe themselves as producing ‘psychedelic funk rock’, it requires a big stretch of the imagination to find any basis for the implied edgy, bohemian sound. Instead, debut On An On features Liam Magill (guitar, vocals), Raven Bush (violin), Fred Rother (drums), and Joel Magill (bass), using a cacophony of different instruments, to create an overall package that resembles the love child of David Gray and Jamie Cullum more than Jimi Hendrix or Talking Heads.

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The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (2012)

Tomorrow Never Knows is being released exclusively on iTunes. The set contains 14 of the Fab Four’s “most powerful rock songs,” from “Paperback Writer” and “Back in the USSR” to “It’s All Too Much” and “Savoy Truffle.”

01. Revolution
02. Paperback Writer
03. And Your Bird Can Sing
04. Helter Skelter
05. Savoy Truffle
06. I’m Down
07. I’ve Got a Feeling (Naked Version)
08. Back In the U.S.S.R.
09. You Can’t Do That
10. It’s All Too Much
11. She Said She Said
12. Hey Bulldog
13. Tomorrow Never Knows
14. The End (Anthology 3 Version)

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Neil Young – Austin City Limits (1984)


01. Are you ready for the country
02. Hawks & doves
03. Comes a time
04. Bound for glory
05. Let your fingers do the walking
06. Are there any more real cowboys
07. Heart of gold
08. Roll another number
09. Southern pacific
10. Needle and the damage done
11. Helples
12. California sunset
13. It might have been
14. Get back to the country
15. Field of opportunity
16. Get back to the country

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