Lovely Dark – Territories (2012)

Lovely Dark is a six-piece indie rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. They released their debut studio album “Territories” on April 28th, 2012 at Hell’s Kitcken with Speed’s the Name, Nice Purse and Big Lake.What began as a bedroom recording project for Travis and Sonia Even has blossomed into a dynamic live act bearing the distinct stamp of each of its members, which hail from such diverse bands as Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Buildings, Self-Evident, Power of 2, Spaghetti Western String Co., Clair De Lune, Torra! Torra! Torrance! and Young Brides.The music itself is a unique take on folk-inflected percussive indie rock, drawing influence from many eclectic sources – from modern Canadian folk-rock group The Acorn, to Kate Bush, from Faraquet to Florence and the Machine, from The Dismemberment Plan to Tinariwen. Haunting, windswept harmonies combine with dual percussion create a soundscape that calls to mind the pounding of raindrops and scattering autumn leaves.

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Crosby,Stills & Nash – CSN 2012 (2012)

This 2-disc CD set includes many of the trio’s classic hits as well as new songs, “Radio”, “Almost Gone”, and “Girl From The North Country” (a cover of Bob Dylan’s 1963 release).

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Brigitte Demeyer – Rose of Jericho (2011)

Draw an imaginary equilateral triangle, move the points or the name of Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne and Sheryl Crowe and write in the focal plane of the name Brigitte Demeyer. A sharper delineation of where the music of the latter can be situated, you can not make my opinion. Although this classification is possible but again limited to Rose Of Jericho Demeyers brand new fifth album, musically places.Two years ago, Brigitte Demeyer confirmed all the good that they Something After All (2006) had heard of The Red River Flower, a sublime picture that offered a tasty cocktail of folk and roots music. On Rose Of Jericho pushes the daughter of Belgian-German immigrants, the focus quite sophisticated but unmistakably to gospel, New Orleans jazz and blues. A design which is as logical as it is adventurous.

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