John Nelson – Vagabond (2012)

John Nelson producer, songwriter, performer combines all his skills on this CD. John plays guitars, bass, mandolin, lap steel, resonator, harmonium, harmonica, keyboards, percussion and wrote the string arrangements. Other notable musicians join him: Jon Parry and Barbara Lamb on fiddle; and on the classical side, Nicola Reilly and Erica Johansen on violin; and Jennifer Ellison on cello. Doug Jernigan plays pedal steel and dobro; Chris Leighton plays drums; and the backing voices are Jane Milford and Tammy Frost. The title track ‘Vagabond’ is soulful and poetic, “He’s still waiting on that ghost train, the refuge of the road. Someday he’ll find his peace, and fate will lead him home.” Next, sounding very much like an old Elvis tune, through smoky reverb, John belts out ‘There’s No Right Way To Do Me Wrong’. ‘By The Light Of The Moon’ is ragged with pain. “That was, many years ago, and now sister is gone, Father too, but the wisdom of his words like a talisman, lives on and on.” There are harmonies but without great precision – this gives it ‘live’ effect. ‘Medicine Creek’ begins with Native American flute played by Gentle Thunder.

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