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The 15th album of original material by the Blues Rock veterans. Rooster Rag is the band’s first album of all new studio material since 20003’s Kickin’ It At The Barn. Four of the songs were written by former Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter in collaboration with keyboard player Bill Payne now the only musician to have played with every line-up of the group.

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Take Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, and Bon Iver, mix it all up, and there you have it- the debut album of singer/songwriter Joshua Baez. Blending poetic lyrics of the inner psyche, the fears of oneself, and the insecurities one must learn to conquer, Joshua Baez brings everything out in a force of musical composition and beautiful poetry.

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A collection of songs by The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed and some other stuff played by Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls).


01 – Attempt to Sing a Birthday Song,Lou Reed Misgivings
02 – Satellite of Love
03 – Walk on the Wild Side
04 – Another Birthday Song Attempt in Another Theater
05 – I’m Waiting For The Man
06 – I’ll Be My Mirror (8 in
07 – Vancouver Birthday Song Attempt
08 – I’ll Be Your Mirror
09 – Sad Little Portland Birthday Song Attempt
10 – Caroline Says II
11 – Blake Says
12 – I’m Sticking With You
13 – Perfect Day (Intro)
14 – Perfect Day

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Personnel: Becca Stevens: vocals, guitar, ukulele, charango; Liam Robinson: accordion, piano, harmonium, chamberlin, vocals; Chris Tordini: bass, vocals; Jordan Perlson: drums, percussion; Gretchen Parlato: vocals (10); Larry Campbell: guitar, cittem (2, 4-6,11).

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The 11 songs on this memorable collection are taken from four of Griffith’s albums on Blix Street. Three tracks-”Ripples in the Rockpools/Kiss of the Fiddle,” “Song of the Seals” and “Sailing/Ships Are Sailing”-first appeared on SIREN SONG (1995), an album recorded during her years with the Celtic-influenced group Connemara. Seven tracks are from her solo works: “Wondering Where The Lions Are,” “Bound By The Beauty” and “Swallow Song” were originally presented on MINSTREL SONG (2000); “Shape Of My Heart,” “My Life,” and “The Cuckoo” appeared on MY LIFE (2006), her most recent solo effort; and “Carry You” is from SANDS OF TIME (2003). The independently-released JOURNEYS (1990), which she recorded with Susan Graham White as Hazlewood, is the source for the final track, “The Last Leviathan.”

“The goal,” says Bill Straw, founder and president of the Seattle-based independent Blix Street Records who compiled and sequenced SAILING, “was to create a super album that, much like Eva Cassidy’s SONGBIRD (also on Blix Street), would elevate a relatively unknown artist to her rightful place among her peers. No one deserves it more than Grace Griffith.” Straw has had a deep respect for Griffith and her talent, as well as an appreciation for her musical taste for many years. He signed her to Blix Street Records in 1995 after first hearing EVERY HUE AND SHADE, her solo debut which earned her one of her now multiple WAMMIEs, presented by the Washington Area Music Association. Subsequently, it was Griffith who first brought the music of her friend Eva Cassidy to Straw’s attention.

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Broken Halo is the new solo acoustic release by Too Slim and the Taildraggers founder, band leader and BMA nominee Tim ‘Too Slim’ Langford. Broken Halo was recorded in Seattle at Egg Studios with Conrad Uno of PopLlama Records fame. Too Slim’s last solo release was his 1999 release Pint Store Blues which received rave reviews. Broken Halo contains 11 original tunes by Tim ‘Too Slim’ Langford and features a fusion of Blues, Folk, and Americana influences. Too Slim and the Taildraggers’ 2011 release Shiver was nominated for 2012 Rock Blues album of the year by the Blues Foundations BMA Awards in Memphis TN. Too Slim’s last four studio releases have all charted in the top 10 on Billboard Top Blues Album Charts, and Heat Seeker Charts.

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Ryan O’Keefe- Vocals, Guitar, Bells
Halli Anderson- Vocals, Violin, Bells
Alex McWalters- Drums
Matt Rossino- Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Vocals

Contributing Talents Include:

Colin Agnew- Percussion
Michelle Cobley- Harp
Ashley Cofield- Viola
Lindsay Pruett- Violin
Melissa Hyman- Cello
Paul Moore- Accordion

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The first new Blasters release since 2005! This release has all the original members except for Keith Wyatt replacing Dave Alvin on guitar. The Blasters have included more blues on this release than any of their other previous releases, and still get some rockabilly, country, bluegrass and even mariachi songs in the mix. Phil Alvin sings a duet with Exene Cervenka on the Johnny and June Cash classic Jackson.

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The Tarnished Gold is the work of the classic Beachwood Sparks lineup: singer/guitarist Chris Gunst, singer/bassist Brent Rademaker, singer/multi-instrumentalist Farmer Dave Scher, and drummer Aaron Sperske, with invaluable support from guitarist and longtime friend Ben Knight (The Tyde). For the sessions, the band expanded to seven pieces, with guitarists Knight and Neal Casal (solo artist and former member of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals), with Dan Dan Horne on pedal steel in place of Scher, who opted to play organ, key, flying V guitar and electrified melodica. Also lending a hand were Gunst’s wife Jen Cohen, Sparks’ very first drummer Jimi Hey, Brent’s brother Darren (leader of The Tyde) and L.A. indie-rock maestro Ariel Pink. Once We Were Trees producer Thom Monahan returned to his familiar spot behind the console.

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More than a decade after her 2000 debut,
Nanahally River, singer-songwriter Chelle Rose delivers a sophomore set of gritty country blues and rock. The raw power of her voice brings to mind the early recordings of Lissie, but with a swampy backwoods feel that brings to mind Lucinda Williams, Bobbie Gentry and Holly Golightly. Rose is a child of Appalachia and the Smoky Mountains, but her music is touched more by blues than bluegrass. Her songs are rooted in the rural experience of mountain men, snakes in the road (both literal and figurative), impending doom and haunting memories of untimely death. She adds husk to the addictive desire of Julie Miller’s “I Need You” and tears her ex- a new one as she reestablishes her music career in “Alimony.” Of the latter she’s said “I tried to quit music, but it just wouldn’t quit me.” The album closes with Elizabeth Cook adding a harmony vocal an acoustic song of a mother’s loss and faith, “Wild Violets Pretty.” The last really shows how deeply Rose is willing (and able) to dig into herself for a lyric. Producer Ray Wylie Hubbard provides support with dripping gothic blues, rowdy country rock, atmospheric folk and Memphis soul, a mélange that Rose calls “Appalachian rock ‘n’ roll.” After hearing her out, you’re not likely to argue.

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Vincas are a psyched-out trio from Athens, Georgia and Blood Bleeds is their debut LP.The album comes 11 tracks deep for just over a half-hours worth of material, mashing up a commendable blend of both pulsing post-punk and scorching psychedelic rock that will have you begging for mercy. Each new track is just as pounding as the last, making up a feverishly punishing psych-punk sound that will flatten you into the dirt.

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