June 19, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 19, 2012

Fans of Texas madman Omar Kent Dykes have been waiting the better part of a decade now for a new Omar & the Howlers album. Fret no more, o’ ye faithful, for on June 19th, 2012 Dykes’ own Big Guitar Music will release I’m Gone, the first all-new studio album by Omar and his houserockin’ Howlers since 2004’s Boogie Man. To top it off, I’m Gone celebrates Dykes’ 50th anniversary of music-making.

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That good fortune and success can be short lived and transitory has been rarely illustrated better than by the awful circumstances that befell the Allman Brother Band in 1971 and 1972. The group s debut and sophomore albums, released in 1969 and 1970 respectively, had achieved relatively low sales outside of the southern states, but reviews were generally positive and American critics, particularly those writing for the by then almost biblical Rolling Stone, had come out in favour of the Allmans. But it was to be the marvellous live set recorded at New York s Fillmore East in March of 71 that would provide for the commercial breakthrough that turned the group from local curios into national treasures. The album, simply titled At Fillmore East, went on general release in July and both the critical reception and the sales were phenomenal. The road was where the Allmans had paid their dues and built up their core audience, and it was this same platform upon which the band and their managers knew they must now promote both band and record in the wake of their new found celebrity. So, back in New York a month after the release of Fillmore East, The Allman Brothers Band pulled up outside the city s A & R Studio on August 26th, to perform a show but one not just for the enjoyment of those fortunate enough to secure a ticket, but also for those within earshot of NYC s legendary radio station WPLJ FM, who were lined up to transmit proceedings live across the airwaves. The resultant broadcast is presented on this CD, available legitimately for the first time. A favourite of many tape and rarities collectors, the quality, dynamic performance and ambience encompassed herein all at once make for a quite staggering sonic experience, one that fans of this legendary act in its original line-up will relish alongside the group s other essential releases. Two months after this remarkable show went out, Brother Duane Allman, one of the world s finest ever rock and blues guitarists, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. Little more than another year on, in November of 1973, ABB bassist Berry Oakley sustained a similar fate in a separate crash, just three blocks from Duane s fatal accident spot. This release showcases one of the final appearances of the original Allmans line up and remains not just a delightful listening experience but additionally serves as a fitting tribute and historical document to the legacy of this iconic American rock group.

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The Wellington folk duo wrote and recorded their 3rd album whilst on a writing residency at Lake Tarawera in 2010, through the Dept of Conservation’s ‘Wild Creations’ Artist In Residence Program and Creative NZ.The songs are mysterious and evocative, mythic and everyday, funny and sad, richly melodic and wrapped in beautiful harmonies. What Gillian Welch and David Rawlings do for Americana, RTT do for New Zealand’s songwriting traditions.

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Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys has played a big part in Hacienda’s story to date — he discovered the San Antonio-based band when they passed him a demo CD at a club gig, he produced their first two albums, and recruited them to serve as his backing band for a solo tour. But while musicians usually step away from their protégés and give them some breathing room with the passage of time, Auerbach has done just the opposite on Hacienda’s third album, Shakedown. This time, Auerbach not only produced the sessions, he co-wrote the songs with the members of Hacienda, and while the band’s retro-pop vision and Southwestern soul came through loud and clear on their early recordings, all of that’s a bit muffled on Shakedown. To the surprise of no one, Shakedown recalls nothing as much as the Black Keys, especially in the thick, distorted bottom end and the funkier, blues-based melodic figures that dominate many of the tunes, while the band’s fascination with the Beach Boys has faded into the background. Of course, Auerbach knows a talented band when he hears one, and there’s no arguing that Hacienda have made a solid album under his direction; on songs like “Let Me Go,” “Savage,” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” Hacienda may make like the Black Keys, but they sound more subtle and limber than Auerbach’s own version of this sound. Abraham Villanueva’s keyboards and Dante Schwebel’s guitar are sweet, passionate, and full of heart, while bassist Rene Villanueva and drummer Jaime Villanueva are a rock-solid and soulful rhythm section. And when Hacienda’s own personality shines through on “Natural Life,” “You Just Don’t Know,” and “Pilot in the Sky,” they sound just as satisfying as they did on their first two albums. Hacienda have certainly benefited from having a famous and talented friend in their corner, but as good as Shakedown is, it suggests that it’s high time these guys found another producer — or maybe started doing studio work by themselves while they still have ideas of their own.

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The Hooten Hallers are a two-piece rock band from Columbia, MO. They have become loved country wide as a blues-drenched rock & roll speedwagon. It’s no secret that an evening with the two is prone to leaving spectators overjoyed and hardly sober. John narrates rock & roll with a razor sharp guitar and Andy paints his drum-set with destruction. (Andy also contains rock music’s finest falsetto, which maniacally compliments John’s growl.) This is a machine built on hillbilly soul, libation, and the apocalyptic creativity that can only be found in a place as crazy as Missouri.The bulk of this album is a live, in-studio performance. They set ‘em up and knocked ‘em down in between whiskey pulls. The album is rounded out with guest musicians (Ryan Koenig on harp and fiddle, Chris Baricevic on piano, Paul Weber on harp) that the band uses to dip into country and jumpy, mountain gospel, which the Hooten Hallers play as well as they do rock & roll. An hour of original music, made with pride in Misery, USA!

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Truckstop Darlin’ is working hard to make you think differently about country music. Instead of relying on fiddles, steel pedal guitars, and predictable lyrics, this band delivers pure heart-pounding Rock N’ Roll that will leave you dead in your tracks.On June 5th, Truckstop Darlin’ releases their newest album, “Hope and the Heart It Breaks.” The 10 heartfelt, hard-driving tracks, reminiscent of Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, and Drive-By Truckers.

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