June 15, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 15, 2012

“Little John the Conqueror” is a superbly crafted story, a sonic “On the Road,” rich in romanticism and evocative lyricism. The Rev runs the listener through the gamut of emotions a modern day Ulysses encounters out in the great American expanse. The 11-part odyssey is a cohesive narrative thats grows, swells and booms, delivered with the ideal company of acoustic, electric and steel, steel, steel guitar.

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The full-length follow-up to her 2011 debut EP Sister Wife, 2012’s King Con features more of singer/songwriter Alex Winston’s buoyant, technicolor psych and folk-influenced pop. A opera-trained vocalist, the Michigan-born Winston came off as a kind of cherubic indie rock Kate Bush on Sister Wife, and King Con does nothing if not reinforce this notion. These are meticulously crafted, gargantuanly melodic songs that frame Winston’s fairy siren of a voice with swirling, sparkling productions (via the Knocks) rife with bells and keyboards, shimmering guitar bits, and veritable marching bands of rhythm. While a few tracks carry over from Sister Wife, including the title track, the ’60s girl group-sounding “Choice Notes,” and the yearning “Locomotive,” listeners also get more than few hummable, immediately catchy numbers like the swoony “Velvet Elvis” and the wide-eyed and cinematic “Medicine.” While the album title suggests that Winston’s talents may be less than genuine, King Con is never anything less than truly inspired.

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