June 14, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 14, 2012

“Love and Other Mysteries” by KEN HENSLEY is the result of three years spent in the studio, crafting an intensely personal album. Known by many from his days as a writer and member of URIAH HEEP, the writer of such classics as “Lady in Black” and “July Morning” has created his deepest work to date. He explains; “No-one is free from emotion and its effects. No one. I am a poet and songwriter with the dreams and ambitions of an 11-year-old boy still running rampant in my heart. The songs on this CD came to me as naturally as breathing, from the source I have always believed in and in which I now believe more strongly than ever. I think this CD represents a very positive shift in my musical focus and for me it is exciting to travel new and unexplored territory. It must be every songwriter´s dream to be able to make a record in this way! I know it was mine. The lyrics are the single most important thing on this album and it is these words that were permitted to produce and guide the direction of the album”. “Love and Other Mysteries” sees Ken joined by guest vocalists including Glenn Hughes, Santra Salkova, Sarah Rope, Irene Forniciari & Roberto Tiranti – All of whom compliment a record that is fulfilling and sincere in its message.

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There is a beauty to acoustic music.  When it is stripped down, each element finds a home.  Stories begin to unfold in a heartfelt and honest way.  It is a great tradition of Americana and folk music to express emotion and paint a picture.  Matt Harlan has delivered an exceptional example with his latest album, Bow and Be Simple.  Each song plays like the inner dialogue to a person’s mind; slow and contemplative.  Everyone questions life and ponders how their’s came to be.  Harlan expresses these thoughts through rich melodies and powerful storytelling lyrics.

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“Prone To Lean” is Donnie Fritts’ first solo album. Though he is not that well know as a performer, plenty people will know songs he’s written throughout his career. Many Soul and Country artists have performed Fritts’ songs, and he’s been linked to the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. Donnie Fritts was also responsible for a great contribution to the Muscle Shoals Sound.

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It’s 16 years since multi-instrumentalist Neal Casal released his first solo album. His new record Sweeten The Distance marks his tenth solo outing and owes a small debt to Casal’s time with the Cardinals as he expands his sound. While it’s a perfectly functional singer-songwriter affair, there’s no doubting that Casal fails to quite reach the highs of some of his earlier work here.Predominantly a laid back alt-country album, Casal uses organs and slide guitars to bring occasional colour to these eleven songs about love, loss and nostalgia. The title track is memorable for it’s honey-coated chorus, “Sweeten the distance between me and you, it’s alright”. It also sounds like a distant cousin of Fleetwood Mac with drums stomping away in the background, while guitar harmonies ebb and flow under the vocals.

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