June 2, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 2, 2012

As a major player during the height of the Muscle Shoals scene, Fritts held a quiet presence, writing, playing keys, and producing for those artists who came down to soak up the uncanny mix of soul, pop and country produced there. While songs like “Breakfast in Bed” and “We Had It All” have been covered widely for over three decades, One Foot in the Groove is only the third album he’s fronted as a vocalist since 1974, and the first since 1997. His warbling, down-home pleading falls somewhere south of Randy Newman’s, but his good humor and sincerity, flavorfully backed by his old pals, shine through, whether he’s enthusing over a homely trailer park gal and country cookin’ or hanging onto his last blues and gospel thread..

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Tracklist CD1

01 John Peel Intro (0:28)
02 The Embryo (10:42)
03 Fat Old Sun (5:51)
04 Green Is The Colour (3:22)
05 Careful With That Axe, Eugene (8:27)
06 If (5:48)
07 Atom Heart Mother (with John Alldis Choir and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble) (25:04)

Tracklist CD2

01 John Peel Intro (0:42)
02 Fat Old Sun (14:59)
03 One Of These Days (7:42)
04 The Embryo (10:46)
05 Echoes (26:29)
06 Blues (4:57)

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