May 29, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: May 29, 2012

Nadler six full-length albums has shown she has a special gift for crafting portraits within her songs. Five of The Sister‘s eight songs are about a clearly defined character. In addition to the burnout rock singer of “Constantine”, there’s the sad soul of “Christine” (“I find you deep inside your den/a home to your bones, and then/escort you to court you but you’re firmly dying, instead”). In the past, overemphasized instrumentals might have distracted from the figure central to “Love Again, There Is a Fire” (“Mary, Mary, never died/like we thought she would”), but here there’s only a subtle piano supplementing her words. With its feet firmly planted in the minimalist end of the folk pool, this album gives Nadler’s lyrics extra room to stretch out and breathe, and her sorrowful characters have the opportunity to come to life.

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Rufus Thomas’ first album following Stax’s break from the Atlantic had “Do the Funky Chicken” as its centerpiece, so the emphasis upon good-humored dance tunes was unsurprising. There were some weird moments, particularly the down-and-bestial seven-minute update of “Sixty Minute Man” (on which Rufus sounds like he’s singing in tongues), a remake of “Bear Cat,” and a two-part version of “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” Still, the slightly goofy uptempo arrangements can get a little tiresome, and since his best hits from the period are better than the album-only tracks, almost everyone should just stick with a compilation. Some editions add seven bonus tracks from 1968-1974 singles, which are OK but not essential; Eddie Floyd’s “Funky Mississippi” (from 1968) is about the best.

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The Virtual Campfire, a group who honed their craft amongst the tree stumps and burning embers at hundreds of campsites worldwide. The “VC” breaks the mold of traditional campfire music, singing their original tunes about the naked pregnant women on the moon, the benefits of eating tomorrow’s sandwich today, their brave attempt to reunite North and South Dakota, the angst of being the kid brother of Jesus, and how nothing in this world is as happy and carefree as singing F this BS called Life. And many fun songs about death.

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